Reuse old calendars as you put up the new with these amazing craft ideas! Recycle and reuse those pretty pictures to make something new.

Craft Ideas

1. Wrapping Paper

This is an especially great repurposing project for oversized calendars! 

2. Envelopes

Follow the simple tutorial for making envelopes and envelope liners from old calendar pages and start sending your mail in a more personal way. 

3. Coasters

 Some old tiles and Mod Podge will make your used calendar like new when you make these coasters from Pretty Prudent.

4. Boxes

Take a stab at this folded box made from old calendar pages with the instructions found on Scissors and Spoons.

5. Decorated tin cans

The creative minds at Fishtail Cottage simply mod-podged the images straight onto the cans.

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