12 Love Notes For Your Valentine

‘Tis the season of love, my friendswhich means it’s time to step up your romance game. Not great at expressing your feelings? Kind of hate those corny valentine cards? Never fear! Here are 12 easy ways to write love notes for your valentine, now or any time of year!

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3×5 cards

Small enough that you don’t have to write much, 3×5 cards are perfect for short, sweet love notes. Write down a few things you love about your valentine on different cards and leave them in places you know they’ll be found.

The bathroom mirror

Lipstick on the mirror is romantic and makes a big statement, but cleaning it off can be a pain. Using your finger to write on a fogged-up mirror after a shower is sweet and spontaneous, but your message won’t be very easy to see. A dry-erase marker is a great middle ground: easy to see, easy to clean, and it definitely won’t go unnoticed.

Sidewalk chalk

This is another high impact, low effort way to write love notes. Draw some hearts on the walkway to your front door, leave a big cheesy message in the driveway, or write “I love you!” on the back patio for them to find later

Napkin notes

Write “I love you!” on a napkin and tuck it in your sweetheart’s lunch. Bonus points for including a couple chocolate kisses with their PB&J!


Hershey kisses, Sweet Tarts, and other candies make for easy love-related puns. Use your honey’s favorite candy to express your love. “I love you to (Reese’s) pieces!” or “You’re my favorite person in the Milky Way!” Get creative!

Fortune cookies  

Make your own fortune cookies using this tutorial, or order cookies with custom messages. Then treat your love to a Chinese feast–homemade or takeout–with a sweet surprise ending.

Magnetic poetry

When you only have certain words available, you have to get a little creative. This set is perfect for Valentine’s Day, but you can also write loves notes for your favorite geek, attempt to channel your inner Shakespeare, or even get a little risque with your poetry, if that’s how you roll!

Mix CD

Not good with words? Express your love through song and make a mix CD! You could include the songs you danced to at your wedding, hits from his or her favorite band, or compile the cheesiest 80’s ballads you can think of. Then slip it into their car for them to listen to on their morning commute.

Calendars & to-do lists

If they use a phone or tablet to keep track of their calendar, set up a reminder at a random time on a random day. When it pops up unexpectedly, they’ll find a sweet little message from you. For those who still use paper planners, write your note on a future date so they’ll find it in a week or two.

Computer desktop

I had a college roommate who loved to surprise me with notes like this. She’d scrawl a random message in Paint, save it, and replace my desktop image with her message. You can do the same thing in Photoshop or any other image-editing software to make it look a little more polished, and can use your image as a background for your valentine’s laptop, tablet, phone, or all of the above.

Social media or email

Send your significant other a quick “thinking of you” message via his or her favorite social media platform. Not comfortable with PDA? Even Instagram has private messaging now, so you can be as mushy as you want without worrying about who might read it. (Be careful when sending messages to work email accounts, though, as some employers have strict email policies. You don’t want to get anyone in trouble!)

Snail mail

Who doesn’t love getting actual mail in their mailbox? Send a handwritten love note via the good ol’ USPS, the way people did before all this technology made letters such a rare treat. Even the shortest letter feels extra special when it has a stamp on it.

Do you have a favorite way to leave love notes for your valentine? Share in the comments!


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