Free Printable Blank Coupon Template for Handmade Gifts or Personalized Experiences

Make an easy heartfelt and last minute gift with this fun and free printable blank coupon template, personalized for your gift and recipient. Give an “I Owe You” gift certificate for a future service or event, or download our customizable PDF blank coupon book template to send a voucher for a handmade gift that isn’t quite finished yet.

You’ll also like these quick printable last-minute gift ideas plus easy printable personalized gifts for moms, dads, and grads.

Printable IOU Coupon Free Digital Download For Handmade Gifts Or Experiences Or A Gift That Is Lost In The Mail Remodelaholic
Use this easy free printable blank coupon template to give a DIY gift that’s not *quite* finished yet

Free Printable Blank Coupon Template

We’ve shared our favorite gift guides and DIY gift ideas plenty — but we also know that sometimes the best gifts are experiences or acts of service.

We also know that sometimes a really great handmade gift just isn’t quite ready in time for the holiday, whether that’s Christmas morning, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday, or just a “thinking of you” gift.

So whether you’re thoughtful like that, or forgetful (or lacking time management skills) like that or just a procrastinator who needs a gift quick — we’ve got your perfect DIY gift idea with these free printable blank coupon templates!

Free Printable IOU Coupon For Paying Back A Friend Or Giving A Gift Remodelaholic
printable coupon template for an “I owe you”

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What’s an IOU? What are IOU coupons?

IOU is a phonetic acronym of the words “I owe you”. So an IOU coupon is a paper saying that you, the giver, owe the recipient something. “I owe you” is often used in casual speech for small money loans or favors with a friend or family member lender. You can even buy packs of sticky note printed gift certificates for things like repaying cash, drinks, dinner, etc.

These free printable blank coupons make an easy sentimental gift idea or a “rain check” for an event, activity, service, or a handmade gift that isn’t completed yet. Without any strain on your wallet!

Free Printable Iou Blank Gift Coupon Customizable PDF Digital Download Remodelaholic
customizable printable blank coupons — fill in the PDF or print and write it in

3 Blank Printable Coupon Templates

Just for our favorite Remodelaholics (that’s you!) we’re offering up a free printable blank coupon book template with 3 coupon designs, all customizable to personalize for your recipient and gift:

  1. A printable blank coupon for an unfinished handmade gift
  2. A printable blank coupon for an experience, act of service, or whatever you’d like to give a coupon for
  3. A printable blank coupon booklet and front cover with many personalized coupons for experiences, acts of service, etc.

Download Printable Blank Coupon Templates

This customizable PDF allows you to enter in the to/from names, the gift, and more, right in the PDF.* You can also just print the blank coupons and write the names in by hand if you prefer.

Download Free Printable Blank Coupons

*For best results, use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader from a computer.

Preview images contain watermarks; the PDF digital download does not. For personal use only.

Printable Blank Coupon Template for a Handmade Gift That’s Not Finished

Use our free printable blank coupon to gift a voucher for not-yet-finished woodworking project (or knitting, crochet, sewing, or other handmade project).

You can enter your own gift coupon text right in the PDF for the recipient and gifter’s names and gift item — plus tell the recipient how close to finished you are with the project and when you’ll deliver it!

Printable IOU Coupon Free Digital Download For Handmade Gifts Or Experiences Or A Gift That Is Lost In The Mail Remodelaholic

You can customize this DIY printable gift coupon with

  • To: Recipient’s Name and From: Your Name
  • What the handmade gift will be
  • Whether the gift is almost finished, in progress, or on your list (#remodelaholic)
  • When you’ll deliver the gift — such as, when the finish cures, when it’s warm enough to build it, when you finish it — or when pigs fly, if you’re feeling salty and/or want a gag gift.

BONUS: Print the first page of any of our printable woodworking plans to give a photo and description along with the DIY printable coupon!

Woodworking Plan First Page With Printable IOU Coupon
Customizable Printable IOU Voucher For A Handmade Gift That Isnt Ready Remodelaholic

Printable Blank Coupon Template for an Event / Service / Gift

Give one-on-one time, a donation made in the recipient’s name, tickets to a concert or place of your choice, a home-cooked meal, or a great big bear hug.

This is also a great option for a voucher for a physical product gift that you ordered online that hasn’t arrived yet!

Enter your own personalized gift coupon text for

  • To and From Names
  • Gift
  • Redemption conditions (i.e., when the package arrives, event date, before an expiration date, etc)

Page 2 of the PDf download is best for gifting one item, as the printable coupon template includes to/from — for multiple items, print page 3-4 to make a printable coupon booklet.

See below for a list of “I Owe You” voucher ideas.

Free Printable Custom IOU Coupon Book For Kids Gift Remodelaholic

Printable Blank Coupon Book Template

When you heart is bursting (and/or your wallet is empty), a printable coupon book is a FREE gift that’s heartfelt and appreciated now, and when it’s redeemed in the future.

You might remember making a coupon booklet like this for your mom or grandma when you were in grade school — we promise she’ll appreciate it just as much now!

Customize the DIY printable coupon book front cover with the recipient’s name, and then use our editable coupon vouchers to add custom personalized coupons.

How to assemble a DIY printable coupon book and print your own coupons

  1. Download the PDF here and enter the text in the free printable blank coupon template pages. Or, print the pages and write in by hand.
    • For best results, use the most updated version of Adobe Reader from a computer. The Adobe Reader mobile app will also work well.
  2. Print on your home printer.
  3. Cut out and trim each coupon gift certificate with scissors or a paper cutter.
  4. Staple the front cover and coupons together. You could also
    • Clip with a bulldog clip or binder clip.
    • Punch a hole punch and use a book ring or rubber band to attach.
    • Punch 2 holes and bind with a piece of string or yarn.
    • Make a tear-off coupon using a perforation cutter tool

List of DIY Printable Coupon Ideas

Give a kind gift idea for a special occasion from Valentines Day to Father’s Day, Christmas, anniversaries, or a birthday.

Fun coupon book gift idea: Give a booklet of 12 DIY printable coupons, one every month for a year!

Free Printable Coupon Ideas That Only Cost Your Time

Giving of your time and service can bring pure joy to the recipient, and create memories for years to come! Add these ideas to your free printable coupon book.

  • A great big bear hug (grandparents love this one!)
  • One-on-one time doing an activity
  • An extra hour of hobby or screen time (kids love this!)
  • A sleep-in coupon (parents love this!)
  • A home-cooked meal
  • Do a chore for them, especially one they hate…. like scrubbing toilets (hint hint)
  • A neck massage or foot rub (from you)
  • An uninterrupted bubble bath
  • Movie marathon
  • Stargazing night (see our favorite apps and tips here)
  • Watch the sunrise together

Event or Experience DIY Printable Coupon Ideas

Gift an event or experience that you can do together, or give the gift of alone time in your printable coupon book.

  • A weekend getaway to a destination of your choice (great for a partner, or fun for a child and a parent, too!)
  • Breakfast / lunch / dinner out at the place of your choice
  • A movie or live show of your choice
  • A day at the museum / zoo / park
  • Time or money donation to a cause of your choice
  • At-home Redbox (or streaming) movie night with a grocery store trip for treats
  • One new outfit (great for tweens and teens who love clothes! or a friend shopping trip)
  • One day at the spa / golf course / hiking / etc
  • Take a class or online class together
  • Road trip!
  • Try a new place for breakfast / lunch / dinner / dessert

Printable Coupon Book Ideas for Kids from Parents

Kids spend a lot of their time doing what they’re told, when they’re told — let them break the mold and create their own day or do something backwards like dessert before dinner. They’ll love getting a DIY printable coupon book from you!

  • One blank coupon to fill in – you might be surprised what they *really* want!
  • A yes day, planned by the child
  • Skip chores for the day or Mom/Dad do one of your chores
  • One week of mom/dad making your bed
  • Pick any one item from the grocery store
  • One extra hour of screen time
  • Stay up an extra 30 minutes past bedtime
  • Eat dessert before dinner! (one scoop of ice cream is my kids’ favorite treat)
  • Meet for lunch at school
  • One extra bedtime story
  • Choose what’s for dinner
  • One-on-one time doing the activity of your choice
  • Breakfast in bed (seriously, kids love this one!)
  • Game night or video game time together
  • School skip day
  • Stop everything for a pillow fight or dance party
  • Build a fort (from blankets or snow)
  • Stay in your pajamas all day long
  • Double allowance for one week

DIY Printable Coupon Ideas for Siblings

Rather than doing a sibling gift exchange with toys, siblings can make a free printable coupon book full of experiences or service ideas!

  • Sibling makes your bed for a week
  • Sibling does one of your chores (like dishes or laundry!)
  • One-on-one time doing the activity of your choice
  • Make one homemade treat or snack of your choice
  • Read a book of play a game or video game together

DIY Printable Coupon Ideas for Couples (aka Love Coupons)

In case it needed said… do not offer any of these printable love coupons that you aren’t willing to actually fulfill when your partner redeems it!

  • Weekend getaway or day trip
  • A daytime date or night on the town
  • A quiet night in (your introvert will appreciate this!)
  • Breakfast in bed
  • A candlelight dinner (with takeout from your favorite restaurant)
  • One wish granted
  • Bonus foot massage
  • Get out of trouble, no questions asked
  • Ask me anything / tell me a secret
  • You choose our next TV series
  • Do one chore (like laundry, scrubbing toilets or picking up after the dog!)
  • One honey-do project
  • “I need a compliment right now”

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Free Printable IOU Blank Coupon Voucher Template PDF Remodelaholic
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