Are you tired of your bland, boring bedroom? Or do you have a guest room that you would be embarrassed to offer to your guests?? Turn that guest room into a space you’d love to show off! 

25 Awesome Built-In Beds and Bed Nooks

 Mix up that so often standard and uninspiring space with some of these fun and creative ideas. Add a built-in bed and cabinets, or create a cozy bed nook in your attic.

 A nook in this elegant bedroom allows for plenty of space for a sitting area. Carter and Company Interior Design

 Love the utilization of this space beneath the stairs from Homemade in Heaven.

 The built-in beds in this sunny shared bedroom provide unique storage solutions as well as style! Better Homes and Gardens

 What better way to cordon off a bed nook and create privacy than with curtains? AP 903

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