I’ve dreamed of having concrete countertops, white backsplash, and white cabinets ever since we moved in three years ago.  We finished the countertops but the backsplash needed help.

How to Install a Faux Whitewashed Brick Backsplash

Prepping the Old Tile Backsplash

We wanted to make sure our existing tile backsplash was as clean as possible and free of cooking grease.

After the tile was completely dry from cleaning, I rubbed it all over with the 120 grit sandpaper to remove some of the glaze and give the tile some “tooth”.

Applying the Faux Brick Backsplash

We used a chalk line to make sure we cut the paneling perfectly straight with the circular saw.  If you have a table saw, this step would be even easier.

After we cut our section of paneling, we carried it inside and dry fit it.

Then, we measured for our outlet. And we cut out the place in the paneling for our outlet using a jigsaw.

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