If you’re refinishing furniture, read below to learn how to paint it to look like wood stain, or follow this step-by-step wood refinishing tutorial. 

How to Faux Stain Anything Using Paint To Look Like Wood


If there are chips or rough spots, you’ll want to use wood filler and sandpaper or a sanding block to smooth those out before painting on the faux stain.

The first step is to identify the two paint colors that match the darkest and lightest tones of the stain you want to mimic.

Pick Your Paint 

Paint the Base Coat

Paint the piece of furniture completely in a base coat with the lightest paint color. I used the Behr enamel paint and only had to do 1 coat to cover the previously blue chair.

Paint on the Faux Wood Grain

Once the first layer is dry to the touch (I waited about 10 minutes), you’re ready for the second layer, the wood grain detail coat.

Top Coat

Once you’ve got it to your desired result then finish it off with a protective coat. Since my pieces were staying outside I used an outdoor polyurethane – clear spar urethane in satin.

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