Barn doors are a big trend right now (see this post), thanks to the rise of farmhouse style and the fact that sliding barn doors offer the space-saving features of a pocket door but with an easier installation.

How to Turn Bypass Closet Doors into Faux Barn Doors

2 years ago I purchased my home…complete with a very ominous colored ‘no-tell-motel’ dresser set up flanked by two small closets.

Painting helped a bit, but still, offered no extra closet space. Some projects you really have to think through! I designed the barn door pattern and G-man got to work measuring, mitering and muttering. 

Framing the opening was the next step.  2×4’s were cut and screwed around the existing opening to accommodate the doors. G-man installed the by pass track and we painted the doors white.

The doors were hung and with just a few adjustments, slid effortlessly!  G-man did his magic and installed the casing and trim.

Since he’s a certified tin knocker, he decided to fabricate a piece of steel that would mimic the metal header above a real barn door.  He also fabricated the steel faux hinges.

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