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Here is another sweet light from Yanet at 3 Sunkissed boys.  I love these old blue mason jars!  Here is what she had to say:

I’ve had this hideous light over my kitchen sink for way too long.
I wanted something unique in that spot and since my love affair with mason jars continues, I decided to make a pendant lamp with one.  I used a similar procedure that I did for the Anthropologie inspired lamp.  Here are the things you will need for this project.


I always forget something when I’m taking the things-you-will-need pictures.  I sprayed painted the white parts of the pendant with Rusteoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze but I realized later that I really didn’t need to because you can’t see them.
It is much easier if you get a metal drill bit the circumference of the socket.  

I didn’t have one so I jiggered it got creative.

I know, it looks sloppy.  But you can’t tell once it’s put together.  See?!
Once this part is done, install the pendant following package instructions.  Put in a lightbulb, then screw on the jar.
This is what the space looked like before.


Here’s after.

I took away the wreath because I thought it would take away from the pendant.

I love how unique it is!


Now I need your help.  With or without curtains? 


Won’t you please leave me a Sunny Note letting me know which one you think looks best? I’ll let you know what I decide on a future post.


When working over a kitchen sink, be sure to cover the drain (especially if there’s a garbage disposal). I didn’t and now there’s a screw stuck in the garbage disposal.

Update (06/30/10):

Just wanted to let yall know that I’ve decided to take the little curtain off. I think it showcases the lamp more. In the future, I want to perhaps put a bamboo curtain but for right now, it’s naked!! Thank you all for your suggestions. BTW, I had to have a plumber come out and take out the screw from the garbage disposal. I was not happy about that. So PLEASE follow my You-Can-Learn-a-Lot-from-a-Dummy-Tip!!!!

Isn’t that a great way to give yourself a fun pendant light?

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  1. Thirty-Six Ten says

    >I love that! I'd love to hear that it doesn't overheat and break the glass. I would have assumed that would happen without some ventilation. Yes? It's safe to leave on?

    Sooo cute!

  2. Christina says

    >Great job! I agree with "Melinda" about light and gauzy curtains…or leave it without. Those clouds look beautiful :)

  3. allison @ says

    >I LOVE this idea soo much! There's something so vintage-y about canning jars. It adds such an unexpected touch to your kitchen!

  4. Tina Peterson says

    >That's the kind of light I've had over my sink too! The new wirly lights don't let you put the cover back on so you have to have it open. It's awful! Unfortunately I rent so I can't change out my light fixture.

    The new pendant is really neat. Very country looking!

  5. Tiffany says

    >How neat! I would agree – the current curtain takes away from the light, but a sheer or light-weight curtain would be neat!

  6. Darlene says

    Love it! What wattage bulb do you have in it? Like the other poster I’m worried about overheating. Could it take a 60w bulb? Guess a larger jar would mean less heat, maybe….

  7. Wendy says

    love the look! I’m going to try to do several jars on one base to hang over my table and another fixture with rectangular base for my kitchen island. Regarding the window treatments, I highly recommend white 2-inch faux wood plantation blinds (not shutters). They’re fairly inexpensive (~$25 if you have standard-shaped windows, or custom order them at http://www.HomeDepot for ~$35). You can open them for good light, close them when the sun is too bright. The blue glass against the white blinds would look nice and tie into your kitchen. Also, Ikea has a cord set for making your own pendant for $4 at

  8. Dawn di Donato says

    I made one of these & I love mine. I DO suggest a LOW watt bulb!! I used a 60 watt bulb 1st & it exploded inside the jar. I now have a 25 watt & it is doing fine. I love these lights & I agree, some gauzey curtains would be fab:)

  9. sparkles pederson says

    Love the look!
    WARNING: was advised by a worker in the Home Depot electrical dept that this light can get very hot and even burst from the heat. Pendant lights are usually open on the bottom, allowing the air to circulate. he is also an electrician and said a small hole should be drilled in the bottom of the jar to release the heat.
    be careful

  10. Susan says

    Love this idea! I would go with a prairie curtain. I think it would “frame” your light, while at the same time letting plenty of sunlight in during the day. I hope to try it myself!

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