Upcycled Fruit Basket Centerpiece Planter

Turn a tiered fruit basket into a planter! Perfect for an outdoor living space like a patio. I never would have thought to upcycle a fruitbasket!

Hello! My name is Karisa visiting from Petite Modern Life, a blog about home remodeling, designing, and decor. Previously you’ve seen me around here sharing my DIY Concrete Island and Plus Sign Wall. I’m excited to be here again sharing this DIY upcycled fruit basket centerpiece! It’s just in time too for those warmer evening outdoor parties that are going to be starting up.

Now then, why I chose a fruit basket..

At the time I was getting married and getting my first apartment, I thought that tiered fruit baskets, wine racks, and table runners, among other things, were a definite necessity to any normal person’s registry. I didn’t consider, however, how much space things like that took up, and how much moving around they required to get the most out of my counter and table areas. So most of these objects eventually ended up under the bed, or post moving to a house, in a “thrift store pending” storage box.


It was only as I was planning my summer outdoor entertaining setup that I realized what this boring metal fruit basket could be used for. A sassy succulent planter!

How to Turn a Fruit Basket into a Centerpiece Planter

I set to work. First I coated the metal with Design Master 24 kt Gold spray paint. I love this paint! It goes on so so evenly and covers in one coat with the perfect gold hue. You can find it at your Michaels Craft Store.


Next I donned my safety glasses and used my Dremel metal cutting attachment to cut off the overarching bar. I could have left it, but wanted to take away a little of the fruit basket element (and try my metal cutting tool!)


Then I went to my home improvement store and grabbed 1 basket liner, 1 bag of rosy colored pebbles, and 4 plants of my choice! I thought that the gold would look amazing against some bright pink hues, so I grabbed that cute cactus and little leafed guy. This came out to $27.


Now you need to cut half of your basket liner into 2 quarters. Place the quarters in the top tier of basket and, using a sharpie, draw a line of where you need to trim the liner to fit the upper and lower inside of the basket. I wanted my top two rungs to show above the liner so I cut more off to make that happen. Once I felt I had the right fit, and not to bulky in the middle, I traced those pieces onto my remaining half of liner and cut it out.




Next came the part I was more worried about, getting the plants to fit in the shallow baskets. But I went in knowing succulents can do small spaces if held in well. The key item being the pebbles.


After breaking down the soil from the succulents, I used my pebbles brace them in place. It felt like a feat for the non-gardener that I am, and I’m relieved they’ve been contented to stay there!


Now I have a beautifully colorful centerpiece for all my outdoor entertaining this summer! (The fruit will just have to hang out in a bowl..) Commence mini outdoor fiesta!




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  1. AWESOME…..I have a 3 tier one that is for pies or plates of cookies or whatever that I am going to put plants in. Figure that the bowls will not really be deep enough so I might have to do something like this. Thanks for sharing