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Sometimes deadlines can be a good thing.  I started into my basement Craft Room reno slowly and thought I would do it over time.  But then Kelly at Eclectically Vintage  invited me to take part in their “Impossible Project” challenge.  It’s “due” today. {Doesn’t that sound like school??}

Oh, I love a good challenge with specific goals.  But, let me tell ya.  I had to kick this one into high gear.  You see, after I agreed to do this, I realized I only had 8 more days that I was physically home to work on it… (My husband and I were doing some travelling for work.)  24 hours of one of those days we had no power…  And some of the other days, Ihad no power!  (tee hee!)

So…in all honesty, the room isn’t quite finished yet.  I still have a few more projects and organizing to do.  But, in spite of all the finishing touches not being done, it’s nice to have the room functional and usable.  We tried to do it for the most part by recycling and reusing things we already had.

Here it was soon after we moved in:
laundry room before
And here it is today…
craft room in afternoon
During Reno:
craft room before
And Now:
craft room 4
Obviously, the unfinished ceiling is an eyesore, but that will have to wait for another time.
I got a new Pottery Barn catalogue last week, and after pouring over it, used it as inspiration for a lot of elements on the long wall.
beadboard gallery wall
It was fun to put to use things that have  been sitting around ~ like these rusty, antique drawer pulls (just hot glued onto the nail) and some little Ikea frames that have been sitting empty and unfinished for years!
imagine art
I loved Pottery Barn’s  picture of a rolling pin jute holder.  This one was my grandma’s.  (I have an identical one of my mom’s that I actually use!). I hung it up using an old glass electrical thingy-ma-bobs we found in the garage.
jute rolling pin holder
I found this printable on Pinterest and it made me smile…
beautiful things art
I’ll be doing some posts on the details and “how tos” of the wall features in the future.
inspire and paint brushes
How much did this cost?  {I know inquiring minds want to know!}  Here you go:

  • Beadboard wallpaper ~ on sale at Canadian Tire for $18.00
  • 2 Sheets of drywall ~ $24.00
  • Paint ~$40.00 (With leftover for further projects) (“Polar Bear” by Behr for the wall and untinted semi-gloss white for the dresser and cupboard)
  • Shelf from Thrift Store ~ $7.00

Total:  $89.00
crafting desk

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    I adore this remodel! The after effect is such a dramatic and beautiful improvement! It is so light and airy and most certainly doesn’t feel like a basement. GREAT WORK!!

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