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So, I have this secret weapon, a secret DIY weapon if you will!  Like a karate chop to your project.  It’s caulk.  Oh wait?  You’ve heard of caulk before!?!

Well, okay, I still think that it is my secret weapon, it makes all the difference between perfect and meh…

How to Caulk Moldings | Remodelaholic

I thought it would be fun today to tell you how to caulk, or rather, how I caulk.  And I can tell you, I’ve done a LOT of caulking in my years.  In fact, in my first house I wouldn’t be surprised if I used twice my weight in caulk.  In one room alone I went through 15 tubes of caulk (the house was 100 years old, and I don’t like spider hidey holes!  I wore my nails down to nubs and my skin was RAW but the end result was worth it!


** I should mention that Dap has an interesting caulking instruction sheet too, but after 10 years of caulking experience, I have my own way of doing things, and it works so I am happy with it.


The best thing about caulk it that if you are not yet totally skilled in molding installation, for example, caulk- DONE RIGHT, can make it look like you totally know what you are doing.


befroe caulk  caluking makes a difference


When I caulk there are three “tools” that I use:

A bowl of hot water

A rag

Caulking gun

(and your hand nice and trimmed nails- meaning at lest your pointer finger need to have a short nail!)



Caulk -DAP ALEX PLUS is America’s number one selling brand of caulk. It is a superior quality, all-purpose acrylic latex caulk that can be used both indoors and out.

A DAP CAP™ in case you have left over calk, for storage.



base moldings caulked



Project instructions:

1.  Be sure to read the entire package to ensure you have all materials the job will require and to budget for dry times in your project. Carefully review all safety precautions on the package


2. Clean and dry the surface you will be caulking to ensure it is free of all dirt, dust, grease, old caulk and debris. (To remove old caulk, use DAP® Caulk Be Gone® for latex caulks or DAP® Silicone Be Gone® for silicone caulks; or a utility knife or a caulk removal tool. Once completely removed, wipe away any debris. Use a rag to wipe the joint surface with rubbing alcohol or an over-the-counter disinfecting spray, rinse thoroughly with water, and dry.)


3. I rarely cut off more than an 1/8 inch opening at a 45 degree angle.  Or the smallest mark on the nozzle of the caulking tube.  This just helps me to control the amount of caulk that comes out.  But you can also read the instructions of your selected product for instructions on cutting the nozzle. Some nozzles have an inner-foil lining that needs to be punctured or a removable nozzle covering an inner plastic seal that also needs to be cut.  I like the caulking guns with a nozzle trimmer, also most caulking guns have a little metal stick that will puncture the tube lining for you.


4.  Load the cartridge into the caulking gun. Applying steady pressure to the trigger, ensuring the nozzle is pressed closely against the surrounding surfaces so the caulk can reach the back of the joint.


5. Working in 3 of 4 ft. lengths, apply the caulk to the joint you are working on.  I then wet my finger and smooth the bead into the gap, removing the excess.  I know there are tools for this, but I like the control I have with me own hand.   Be sure that it looks good, and that all ridges and excess is removed or smoothed, because once dried, it is not fun to remove.  Which is why I work in small segments.


6. For base moldings, I have found that it is best to paint over the caulk after you are done, OR you will have dirt stick to the caulk more than the other nearby painted surfaces, and the caulk seem will be very visible.  And your moldings will appear old and dirty very quickly.


caulk after


Do you have a project that you need some extra cash for?  How about $100?  Thanks to Dap Alex Plus for helping me with my project and offering this great giveaway to my readers!


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GOOD LUCK the giveaway is open until 5/21/12.  I will announce the winner soon after!


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  1. says

    Funny you should post this! I literally just texted my husband and told him we need to caulk the house! We moved into this house last year and discovered in the Spring and Fall it has an ant problem. After some detective work I discovered that the baseboards in all of the additions (one garage converted to bedroom, a large media room add on and a bathroom turned from 1/2 bath to full) were not properly installed or sealed. All of the add on rooms have ants and they are coming in from the baseboards! We desperately need caulk!

    • shelia says

      Hi Jade, saw your post about the ants, we had an ant problem and tried caulk, they ate thru it and came in anyway! We had to do some serious exterminating to get rid of them. Good luck!

      • Joan says

        Grant’s Ant Stakes have worked really well for us in killing off ant nests. You just have to be patient and allow them to dine on the poison and let them take it back to the nest.

  2. Katie says

    We’re heading into massive painting project that covers our entire first floor, plus ripping out an replacing an old fireplace surround and stair rail. I could certainly use some cash for that.

  3. says

    We’re working on a remaking a closet into a pantry…which means redoing baseboards and a doorway.we could totally use $100! And we use DAP and Alex Plus all the time!

  4. Melissa says

    Believe it or not I am about to tackle our Master Bathroom…we have not made any changes to it since we moved into our new home about 4 years ago…somebody made a horrible “patch” of a towel bar that was probably inadverdently pulled out of the wall…so that needs to be fixed – everything needs to be “caulked” good and then painted a beautiful taupe…so I could definitely use the $100.00.

    THANK YOU for the opportunity to win!


  5. sydney85 says

    My husband and I are selling our home of 27 years and even though we have kept up with maintenance we do need to caulk the windows and window sills throughout the house before we paint. I love your instructions and these will definitely help us through our project.

  6. says

    I’ve got about a half dozen projects that I’m working on simultaneously, but I could use $100 towards lumber for a hutch we’re building. Thanks for all the tips and for hosting this terrific giveaway!

  7. Tabitha says

    I am currently working on some backyard landscaping and will need to eventually finish my laundry room too.

  8. Tara says

    We’re working on chair rail throughout our first floor…which involves caulking. Thanks for the tips!

  9. Ruth says

    We are getting ready to put up picture frame molding in the hallway and some money and caulk will be needed.

  10. Beth says

    We are updating our 40 year old kitchen on a pretty tight budget. $100 sure would help!

  11. says

    I have a huge Master Bath/closet project that I am working on right now. The money would definitely help. Close to 5000 grand out of pocket expense as we speak. Thanks for opportunity to win! Jamie

  12. Laura says

    Projects for us right now include flower beds and staining the back deck. Then onto basement finishing, powder room tiling and then the mack-daddy…the kitchen!

  13. Carly Delise says

    What project am I NOT working on! We just bought our first home, and every room is currently a project! I need to caulk around my kitchen cabinets, caulk around the ceilings where we painted and the previous owners painted onto the ceiling. My dining room table needs to be refinished. All the trim needs to be re-painted. I could go on and on!

  14. Andrea A says

    I’m currently installing wooden shelving in our pantry to replace the single cheap metal one in there. $100 would help quite a bit!

  15. Dee in NH says

    Oooooh! I’m just working on finishing up my new craftroom so $100 would be awesome!! I still need to get it all trimmed out!

  16. says

    My husband and I are building our own home, and are actually caulking THIS week! We could use $100 anywhere in our new home, we still have painting to do, (probably some more caulk!), and then all the flooring etc.

  17. Rachelle says

    We’ll be redoing the bathroom in our 1930’s home soon. Some extra cash would come in really handy!

  18. says

    I’ve repinned this post…found it through your pins! It was a good refresher as I haven’t caulked for a bit. :)

  19. Ashley says

    I’m going to be building some built-ins. Definitely going to use caulk and could really use $100!

  20. says

    I have lots of projects going on simultaneously and I could use $100 to buy some paint and paintbrushes. I take very, very, extrmemly good care of my paint brushes but sometimes I just need a new one. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  21. Sarah says

    100 bucks would make a pretty good dent in my current project, which is a from-scratch bathroom renovation. Lots of tiling and caulking in my future!

  22. says

    I’m working on creating 4 rooms in my 1 50-foot square space (approx size). Any help would be sooo good! I have a small “mud room”, my husband’s office, living room and dining room all in this one area. I’m always looking for ways I can save space and make the most of the room we have.

  23. elle says

    We need to move the door to the master bedroom so I see a lot of caulking in my future! Nothing makes a project look more complete than caulk though!

  24. says

    We are re-doing my fiance’s house (just as soon as we get his mother moved into her MIL apartment. We’ll be ripping apart and reconstructing all kinds of things, so $100 in caulk will be just about the ticket! Thanks!

  25. Diane says

    I could use $100 to caulk and paint my trim, actually. We just moved in to a house with very beat up trim. It needs some love!

  26. Linda Badeen says

    I’m working on my kitchen…repainting cabinets. Going slowly because life is getting in the way.

  27. AmandaT says

    I’m putting crown molding and wainscotting in my powder room to prove to my husband I can do it *and* it can look good. Caulk is a must!!

  28. Trisha Brown says

    Actually I have been wanting to caulk around all my windows because they really need it. I hope to get to it really soon.

  29. dave krajewski says

    I just bought a home built in the 1830s… I am guessing there is no need to say anything more! Ha!

  30. Deborah says

    We are putting up moulding in our dining room to make it look like paneled walls. Definitely needed to tutorial on using the caulk. Never thought about the painting bit, since it is whitle caulk. Thanks

  31. Debbie W says

    We’re slowly painting our house, room by room, and could use the $100 for that. We’re adding new baseboards after each room is painted AND crown moulding! Oh…and hubby has a wood floor to install in my craft room and upstairs hallway, since we’re getting rid of the carpet in those 2 areas. (The flooring is sitting in our garage until my craft room is painted and crown moulding added)

  32. Sarah says

    We’re slowing working on repainting all the moldings and adding trim/moldings on the windows! It’s amazing how the small things pop!

  33. Allison M says

    Found you from pinterest…now following your board!

    My husband is king of starting projects and following them through ALMOST to completion but forgets about the final details (like caulking!). In the last 3 years we have replaced baseboards in 3 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, the kitchen, and 1 bedroom and could seriously use some caulk on all of them so the projects can be Finished! $100 could be the perfect kick in the pants to get these items off our list (or the kick in the pants I need to just forget asking him to do it and do it myself!)

  34. April D. says

    Perfect post because this is exactly what I’m working on right now— replacing all the baseboards in the house.

  35. says

    We are replacing all the exterior window sills! Rain has not been nice to the outside of our house… We will definitely be going through a lot of caulk for that!

  36. says

    When we return home in a few weeks, we’re going to dive right in to finishing out renovations! I think first we’ll work on the enclosed front porch since it’s been insulated and had the duct work put in. I think it’d make a perfect craft room…
    -Rachael from The Rehomesteaders

  37. Tonya says

    We have been living without baseboards in our kitchen for almost a year after staining our concrete floors. I could definitely use $100 for that!

  38. Erin says

    We’re hopefully closing this week on a new to us house (built in 1969) and could use $100 to put towards all the updating – paint, floors, baseboards, etc.!

  39. Kristin says

    I have an antique birds-eye Maple dresser that I use as a sideboard in my dining room. A number of years ago, a potted plant leaked onto it and warped it – it is unsandable because it’s warped all the way through. $100 bucks would give us the ability to purchase a new top for it, along with stain and poly (many, many coats)! :)

  40. Kristin says

    Plus, I pinned this post from today! So helpful. I’ve always relied on my hubby to caulk and there is so much more I could do now that I know the tips.

  41. says

    I am finishing the redo of my master bedroom with a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling bookshelf/shoe closet/window seat! :)

  42. Emily says

    My insurance company called for some “necessary repairs” outdoors today. I sure could use $100 for carport doors that aren’t crumbling from preexisting water damage.

  43. SalBug says

    I am just starting on my laundry room (painting cabinets, new rug, new wall art) and could use all the help I can get!!

  44. Callie B. says

    I am about to tackle our Master Bedroom…we have not made any changes to it since we moved into our new place over 3 years ago and let’s just say someone was stuck in the 70’s that’s for sure!!!…so I could definitely use the $100.00.

    THANK YOU for the opportunity to win!

  45. shelia says

    Need to start on ripping out wallpaper in master bath and painting, $100 bucks would be a great help for paint and caulk! thanks

  46. shelia says

    Now a follower on pinterest, don’t you just love it, I get lost in there for hours!

  47. Keriann says

    I have used caulk many times for the same sort of projects! It works wonders! As for the $100 bucks…I would start to tackle my livingrom redo projects. I want to paint, hang curtains, recover an ugly old recliner and eventually paint the piano. I am having family for the weekend in a month, paint and curtains would make me one happy host!

  48. Joyce says

    I am moving next month and will have lots of new projects to do. What a great giveaway! Thank you.

  49. Joyce Layton says

    Fixing up my garage. Plan to paint the pegboard wall, paint the workbench and add new hardware, re-install lighting (not sure why we took it down), address the floor (paint vs cover up)and reorganize storage. Looking for ideas/inspiration/how-to’s now…

  50. says

    The next job I am planning is to enlarge the patio to our very small outdoor area and add a temporary cover for it since we live in a rental.The $100 would come in handy.I enjoy your Pinterest boards.

  51. johna derosier says

    Our project for the week is our pantry, We are renovating our entire house (3 years of renovating and going strong) LOL

  52. Caryn says

    I would love to recaulk my bathroom around the tub and baseboards where we redid it but I guess didn’t use the right stuff….maybe I dont need caulk. I need help I know that ool! Trying to get the house on the market to cut a long commute down!

  53. Susan Salerno says

    We have a really big front porch that is really unappealing. We are working on making it look like a living space, more inviting.

  54. says

    I could use $100 on updating my bedroom… I painted it blue when we moved in 5 years ago, and I’m ready for a change!!

  55. says

    We moved into this house that the previous owners did the bare minimum on everything. She told us this after we bought it …arrrgh. Anyhow, we don’t have ANY baseboards, let alone crown molding. The reason I found this site was because I was researching how to PROPERLY put down baseboards. This house has literally had 8 years (previous us) of no baseboards with little kids; you can imagine the gashes in the wall board. After two years I am still finding stuff in the gap between the floor and the wall boards! Slowly we are getting everything up to code. Did I mention that these same people thought it would be a good idea to use construction adhesive for ceramic tile to concrete and to use CAULKING for grout! Yikes! It would be a great help to get a little something extra to start on these baseboards. BTW,I am jealous of your baseboards….

  56. says

    Hi Cassity. It would be easier to tell you what project I’m not working on. But really I’m in the middle of prepping walls & baseboards for bedroom redo. We will also be adding trim molding to the newly painted laundry room & hall way too. Caulk is a must for all our trim projects. I hope I win so I can get my bedroom painted with that money.

    Thanks for letting me enter. I love you wall color btw.
    Hugs… Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

  57. Keli says

    We’re remodeling an entire house! I’m inheriting my grandmother’s house that was built in 1930 and has sat empty for ten years. I’m almost finished with demo so they can start re-wiring the house (we’re also re-plumbing, reflooring, and replacing!) $100 could go to the inside work or towards the bobcat we need to rent to load a dumpster we need to rent (the yard was a forest out front and in back.)

  58. Keli says

    I’m following you on Pinterest. Glad I found you because your boards look great!

  59. Keli says

    I found your blog through a pin that I re-pinned but I also found your butcher block tutorial.

    I am so glad that I found it because I really like butcher block but because cabinets are so expensive we were planning on keeping the original cabinets. Maybe now I can at least get some new counter tops!

  60. Linda says

    I would use the $100 to add railing to our front steps. We built new steps but still no railing.

  61. Aubrey says

    We are starting our master bathroom renovation and will need lots of caulk! $100 would help out a lot! =)

  62. Aubrey says

    I pinned this post on caulking – I need some serious help in that department! It’s definitely not my favorite home renovation job!

  63. Stacy says

    I’m actually working on several projects at once. I know that’s not the best idea out there, but I bought a forclosure. So much needs to be done. Its ok, because it’s mine. (my very first house & I purchased it completely by myself.)

  64. Sarah in Illinois says

    I am trying to replicate some wood trim in my 100+ year old farm house! Believe me, I will be using a LOT of caulk!

  65. says

    I tore the carpet off my stairwell after your stairwell demolition last fall and haven’t gotten any further on it yet. I could use $100 to refinish/caulk/carpet my stairs. :) Looking forward to getting back to getting it done. Think I’ll go get started on it again now. THANKS for the inspiration!!!

  66. says

    So So thankful for this post right now! Over the past year we’ve replaced all the carpeting in our 2500 sq foot house with floating laminate flooring, but have not finished the trim work… I’m getting tired of sweeping out the edges so am planning to get working on that and could definitely use the $100 for trim to finish along with caulk! The flooring is beautiful and will only look better once finished up!

  67. says

    I am always doing projects around the house but the one that I am currently working on is the firepit area. Thank you for the info on caulking. Always good to review :)

  68. Shannon Roughgarden says

    Hello! I entered the giveaway via following you on Pintrest and also Liking your facebook page. Thanks so much for your hard work!

  69. Bibiana says

    My weekend project is a garage makeover. New paint, cabinets, bike and tool racks…$100 would help! :-)

  70. Bree says

    I could use $100 to spruce up our downstairs bathroom (remove wallpaper, paint, etc.)!

  71. Jen says

    Awesome tips! I could use the $100 towards a new floor in the entryway of our new house. It is currently peel and stick wood-look laminate!

  72. says

    We’re in the middle of a kitchen remodel at the moment (painting walls and cabinets, installing wainscoting, new sink, lighting, flooring and countertop) and could REALLY use an extra $100 for materials. Thanks so much for the great giveaway!

  73. Elizabeth says

    We have been in our house 2 years now and are just starting to make improvements. (Having a baby a few months after you move will do that) Now, we have another baby due soon and we are redoing our rooms for style and efficiency. $100 would really help get some of our extensive list done.

  74. Sally P says

    Being two teachers, my husband and I are about to embark on our summer house projects – completing new molding in the living room and laying wood floors in our bedroom. I could put that $100 to great use!! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway :)

  75. says

    SO happy I found your blog! Learning lots!

    We have several projects on our plate at the moment, and $100 would help with any of them! The “chore” project is the flooding in the backyard, which will require a french drain. My “fun” project is the dining room redesign! I’m going for an East Asian flare, and I’m really excited about it.

    I followed you on pinterest, and liked your facebook page.

  76. Gail B. says

    I had no idea you were supposed to caulk these! Maybe now they’ll stay on the stupid wall! LOL thanks! I guess my project is to caulk all the boards haha!

  77. says

    I am so excited to see this. We caulked the baseboards in one of our bathrooms after remodeling but we didn’t do it like you explained and it is probably more of a mess than if we’d just left them. Going to go show this to my husband RIGHT NOW! We’ve actually been waiting to put up the baseboards in our other bathroom since we hated so much how the other ones ended up. THANK YOU!!

  78. Josie says

    We could totally use $100 (and caulk) for a master bathroom remodel we’re working on.

  79. says

    Following on Pinterest. New to your blog and already loving. Great tip on the caulk but I really love that wall your shared, ALL of it. Thanks for sharing

    • Katee says

      I have several projects that I could use the 100 dollars for. We had a leak in our bathroom. I would put it towards remodeling the bathroom how I want it (on a small, small budget of course). Or maybe getting a room ready for my boys–putting new mouldings and baseboards on is a start, paiting the walls, etc…

  80. says

    My next project is actualy to put up some Board & Batten in the powder room. $100 (and some caulk!) would be a great help for this project! Thanks for the chance!

  81. Gina F says

    We just moved into our first house built in 1952. We need to do some caulking! Thanks!

  82. says

    We’re in the middle of a master bedroom makeover and I could definitely use $100 for crown molding (and caulk!)

  83. Nicole says

    We are getting ready to tackle a leaky shower in our bathroom. We will probably need $100 worth of caulk!

  84. says

    Amazing what a difference it makes! Everything you do is always so clean and finished looking! Thanks for linking up!

  85. Heather says

    I’ve had “caulk the windows” on the “To-do” list for over a year now! Yikes!!!! It’s time….