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  1. hi there – where did you acquire the leather ottoman in the picture? i looked in your curated collection and it was not there…thanks

  2. Hi, Just wondering where you found the runner in your entrance? I am looking for a similar rug and having no luck 🙁

    1. Chantelle, I got that on Overstock, but I might have purchased one of the last ones. I love overstock as a source for rugs, but as a word of warning read the comments to be sure you know what the colors of the rug you are purchasing actually look like. Often the pictures are really off (for example once I almost bought a lime green rug, cuz in the picture it looks sea green)

  3. Hi Cassity,
    I’m not sure you will remember me or not but years ago we were in the married student ward with you when you were renovating (probably your first house). I was looking at Joss & Main and saw your picture. I’m so happy for you! You have an amazing talent & I hope you and your family are doing well!
    Lindsay Jensen

    1. Lindsay, of course I remember you and your beautiful family! (Justin used to help out at your dad or your father in law’s, edging his lawn every few weeks) I hope you guys are doing well! Thanks for writing to me! It is so good to hear from you!

  4. I just love all your work! I was wondering where you picked up your beautiful rug in your living room? I love the bold flowers.

    1. I painted it! I still need to post about it! It was just a wood chair, but I painted it with yellow rustoleum spray paint, (after priming) and recovered the chair with some fabric I found at Joanns!