Laundry Closet Redo

Laundry Closet Redo

No more waiting!
The reveal is finally here!!

I’ve been dying to show you guys the finished room 🙂
I showed you a quick peek with the Italian Inspired Chalkboard
and hopefully put you in a laundry glam mood with the fun printable I shared yesterday!

So now onto the whole dealio!!

Remember my before picture?
It’s pretty awful…

The previous owners half-painted it.
(They liked to do that a lot apparantly…you should see the garage…)
As in…not clean lines either.
Splotches. Yuck.
I think they just decided to use the leftover paint from the rest of the house and slap it on…

And I went with it until I couldn’t stand it anymore.

That and the open shelving just made things messsssy…
hard to organize nicely when you see everything.

First step was cleaning everything out and getting the monstrous machines out.
This was before the washing machine decided to launch it’s attack on the house.
So we were on good terms then.
I painted the entire room in a glossy white I got from Habitat for five bucks.
It was perfect.
Although I had it in my hair for days…
Next I printed out a quatrefoil stencil I found online (just google it)
and carefully cut it out.
The most tedious part of this whole thing was standing on top of the washer and dryer to stencil this puppy.
You should have seen me all scrunched up into that closet…
my back didn’t like me much that week 🙂
I used Sherwin Williams ‘Krypton’ which I adore to paint the pattern.
I only did the back upper wall with the stencil and going around that detector in the wall was NOT my favorite part… just in case you were wondering.
I was so proud of that first little bit…
and then I did more and more and more…
Looking better already, huh?
After I had enough of painting, I whipped up some fun cabinet door signs for the spaces above the washer and dryer.
Seriously easy.
I started with a plain white cabinet door and painted it in espresso brown.
Printed the words on white vinyl. Stuck em on.
Presto Chango.
Oh, and I sanded it just a bit.
I love these little signs.
Super easy and made a big difference.
Are you ready to see the whole thing??
Alrighty then…
Not bad for a closet, huh?
Of course, the Brinks box is fabulous 🙂
Here’s my little sign and chalkboard making acquantances.
And my little yellow wooden bowls for catching loose change.
I took the plain Walmart storage box from the before pictures and added some scrapbook paper to the drawers.
Just measure, cut and modpodge them into the inside of the drawers.
No more mess and it’s cute to boot 🙂
It all looks so much fresher with a coat of white paint…
And it is so much more functional.
I’m not paralyzed by the ugliness of it all anymore 🙂
I kept some brown and white baskets up there for storage.
Since there aren’t cabinets I had to find creative ways to store things without making it look too cluttered.
The under cabinet shelves from the Container Store help corral things like dryer sheets and dog shampoo 🙂
These little brown baskets are from Michaels and I glammed them up with a couple of small frames
(also from Michaels) and just printed labels to go in them.
“B’ for bathroom supplies and “A” for all-purpose.
This cute jar I got from Hobby Lobby when I decided the Tide Bleach Box no longer matched my decor 🙂
Wouldn’t Tide look better in blue and white?
I cut out some brown vinyl with my cricut and it was instant glam.
I threw a little scoop in too.
The regular detergents sit on a blue tray I’ve had for a while.
Keeps them in their place!

Originally, we had these awful laminate peel and stick tiles down.

The wood floor in here looks sooo much better 🙂
Here’s a couple side by side before and afters…
What do you think?
Not bad for a Laundry closet?
It may just make me actually want to do laundry…maybe.
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