Modern Bathroom Update

Do you have an older style, painfully outdated or just plain BLAH bathroom? If you’ve been dreaming of transforming it into something modern and beautiful, then we’ve got the post for you today! Check out the before and after of our guest’s modern bathroom update:

modern bathroom update before and after

Amazing, right?!? If you think this is a one-in-a-million makeover (and okay, it kind of really is), you need to check out these other amazing modern bathroom makeovers:

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Inspired? I thought so. (If you need more, check out these great bathroom makeovers.) Now, here’s Sarah with all the details of her newly-updated modern bathroom!

Modern Bathroom Update
by Sarah of An Inviting Home

modern bathroom update before and after

It is so good to be back at Remodelaholic. I just can’t get enough of all of the inspiration here! Last time we met I shared our No Barista Needed, Coffee Bar with you. Since that time I’ve been busy over at An Inviting Home giving tips on how I do laundry for our family of seven in less than ONE hour per week, how we make laundry detergent for $.98 cents per month for said family and how we just celebrated TWO years as a family of seven! I’m determined to live life to the fullest…and figure out time saving, frugal tips that keep this momma inspired along the way!

During the past few months we also remodeled our main level bathroom. Craziness! One bathroom for seven people…need I say more? We took it from its 1950’s original state to a more modern & functional update.

modern and functional bathroom update, An Inviting Home on Remodelaholic

We did all of the labor ourselves along with my dad’s help & expertise.  We replaced the window, added an exhaust fan, added lighting in the ceiling, re-drywalled the entire room, added new flooring, trim, toilet, cabinets & sink and managed to survive it all! No joke, my husband got a serious infection from a small cut on his hand during demolition that slowed us down by a week! The whole process ended up taking about 4 weeks and the materials came in just under two thousand dollars.

modern bathroom demo, An Inviting Home on Remodelaholic

One of my absolute favorite things are the floors. They are porcelain tiles that look like wood. Do you see that handle in the picture below? That is a little bonus surprise that my dad created. I wish that I had taken pictures of the process along the way to walk you step by step on how to create one of these…forgive me.

bathroom vanity with step stool, An Inviting Home on Remodelaholic

He took the IKEA cabinet that we bought and built the custom toe kick base. While doing that he built a custom pullout step stool that hides inside. Our youngest recently mastered potty training and pulls this thing out like it’s his job. I think it even helps him remember to wash his hands! 🙂

Here are two of our other kids testing it out. 
modern bathroom with built-in vanity step stool, An Inviting Home on Remodelaholic

We also decided to go with this trough style sink from IKEA. Our space was limited, but by using this long sink two kids are able to wash their hands at once (which comes in really handy before meals). Since this is our guest bathroom/hand washing station we really haven’t missed not having a counter top.
modern bathroom update, An Inviting Home on Remodelaholic

In fact, there is a small ledge that runs along the back of the sink that works great for holding soap or other things you might want to temporarily set down. Not to mention that the sink itself works as a great counter space when the water isn’t needed. 
glass tile backsplash and IKEA trough sink, An Inviting Home on Remodelaholic
We updated the toilet to a taller height to make it easier for our guests to use. Our previous one seemed strangely low.
modern bathroom update with porcelain wood tiles, An Inviting Home on Remodelaholic
We wanted to create a space that would be neutral in color and design but where we could then add pops of color with decor. When it comes down to it…probably anything that we pick everybody is going to hate in 20 years…so we went for finishes that would be neutral but would also bring a smile to our face. 🙂
mason jar vase, An Inviting Home on Remodelaholic
The cabinet contains the perfect amount of space to organize all of our bathroom essentials.
IKEA vanity inside storage, An Inviting Home on Remodelaholic
The mirror/shelf unit is also from IKEA and has amazing storage space inside. 
IKEA mirror with storage, An Inviting Home on Remodelaholic
When picking out the paint color I narrowed down a few tips to selecting the right gray. We went with Benjamin Moore’s Silver Lake in a matte finish.
modern bathroom in Silver Lake, An Inviting Home on Remodelaholic

From the towel hooks to the back splash to the mini-covered garbage can we tried to bring everything together in this small space that would not only look beautiful but would function well for our large family and friends who come into our home.

beautiful and functional modern family bathroom, An Inviting Home on Remodelaholic

I hope that this project inspires you. Doing a project like this can be draining while you are in the midst of the remodel but I just kept telling myself that we will NEVER have to remodel this bathroom again! 

Source List

6 x 24 Porcelain Tile Floor – Timber Traditional (in gray) from Menards
Toilet – Stratus HET Tall Height Elongated from Mendards
Window – 24×42 Vinyl Single Hung from Menards
Cabinet – Lillangen Sink Base from IKEA
Sink – Lillangen Sink from IKEA
Faucet – Dalskar Chrome Plated from IKEA
Medicine Cabinet – Lillangen Mirror Cabinet from IKEA
Hanging Shelf – Lillangen End Unit from IKEA
Tile Back Splash – Malco Stria from The Tile Store
Wall Color – Benjamin Moore “Silver Lake” in Matte Finish


Amazing work, Sarah! Thanks for visiting with us again!

If you want to read more about how Sarah thrives as a busy mom of 5, check out An Inviting Home for time- and sanity-saving tips and more great home projects like turning a coat closet into a mudroom!

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