Home Sweet Home for Christmas: Mantel Inspiration


I’ve been on a detour from the rooms I usually feature each Friday with the “Home Sweet Home on a Budget” series, so I can focus on the traditions and decorations that makes December such a special time to enjoy being in our own homes.  And this Christmas, thanks to our newly updated mantel, I’ve had mantels on the brain!

Cassitys mantel

A mantel is such a versatile surface.  It’s not too deep, so it’s easier to use 2-D elements on a mantel than, say, a tabletop.  Mantels are usually fairly wide, giving you the freedom to layer and group similar elements.  Unlike shelves, mantels aren’t too limited by height, so there is basically a lot of room to play around.  These things add up to mantels being much easier to decorate than most home spaces, so you can have a lot of fun with fireplace decor.  And holiday decor gives you ample opportunity to hang stockings or garlands from your mantel, which is a great way to add soft texture to the vignette.  

Looking for some holiday mantel inspiration?  Take a look at the mantels I’ve found that are perfect for Hanukkah, Christmas, or winter celebrations.

Holiday Mantel pin pic


Hanukkah Mantel with Glitter Dreidels from Felt So Cute

Pinned Image

Candles on the Mantel for Hanukkah from Better Homes & Gardens

Midwinter Lights

Midwinter Lights Mantel from Lowe’s Creative Ideas

Pinned Image

Miracles Hanukkah Mantel from Design Megillah

Blue Christmas Mantel from Traditional Home

Festive Blue Mantel from The Hunted Interior

Peace on Earth Mantel from Midwest Living

It’s a Wonderful Life Mantel from City Farmhouse

Fresh Greens and Burlap Mantel from The Butlers

Traditional Trimmings

DIY Traditional Mantel from Lowe’s Creative Ideas

Red and White Mantel from Giraffe Legs

O Come all Ye Faithful Mantle 2012 – take 1

Come All Ye Faithful Mantel from The House of Belonging

Snowflake Mantel from My Sister’s Suitcase

Red, Gold, and Lime Mantel from Positively Splendid

Joy to the Max

Merry and Bright Mantel from Lowe’s Creative Ideas

What’s on your mantel, this month?  What other things are you doing to decorate for the holidays?  Get ready to share those ideas with us next week on Friday, December 21 for the Holiday Project Linkup.

Featured and Pinterest friendly picture in this post from  Traditional Home

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  1. says

    Love it! I am so jealous, I don’t have a mantel right now. I have an ugly box of a fireplace in the wall with no mantel. I am praying that this will be remedied by this time next year.

  2. Amanda says

    Love these!

    I work a lot with fonts — do you mind telling me which font you put “Inspirations” in? It’s so super cute! :)


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