Entry and Staircase Makeover Reveal


Yesterday I showed you the entry and stair project review  And you can check out all the individual stair posts under my stair tag.  

Beautiful Staircase Makeover!

Stair Makeover removing carpet from stairs

Just a reminder of the before:

Stair Makeover removing carpet from stairs

Stair Makeover removing carpet from stairs


Stair Makeover removing carpet from stairs Stair Makeover removing carpet from stairs

So let’s just let the pictures tell the story. Hope you enjoy!

The view from above:

Stair Makeover removing carpet from stairs Stair Makeover removing carpet from stairs custom newel posts

Stair Makeover removing carpet from stairs custom newel posts

Some of the architectural and decorating details of the space.
Stair Makeover removing carpet from stairs custom newel posts Stair Makeover removing carpet from stairs custom newel posts
IMG_6721 IMG_6724
IMG_6713 IMG_6718

Overall view of the space:

Stair Makeover removing carpet from stairs custom newel posts Stair Makeover removing carpet from stairs custom newel posts

  Stair Makeover removing carpet from stairs custom newel post plans

So finally this is the staircase makeover reveal, I hope you like it!!!  (the occasion calls for three exclamation marks for sure)

And if you do check out the kitchen makeover and dining room reveal in our park house… more rooms to come soon!  I’d love to hear what you think!

EDIT  * I’ve had a lot of emails asking about the flooring we used.  

I posted all about it in the living room floor installation  post. Hope that helps!

If you are wondering about the blue artwork in the hall the tutorial to make that is at the link!

 I’ve had a LOT of questions about the paint it is Fortress Grey in the Dutchboy line..  I used left over paint that I had from an upstairs bath.  I bought the paint at Walmart a few years ago.  Here is the label, they accidentally only added enough for a quart the first time, so they did it four times.  How is that for confusing… but here you go!

Fortress Grey paint label

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  1. says

    Brilliant! I love the way it turned out. We did a very similar sort of overhaul on our stairs (the post is actually the most visited on my blog!) and I, too, hug my newel posts! Enjoy it.

  2. Michelle says

    You two did amazing things with your Texas house!!! I love all the architectural detail you added and the stairs look fabulous!!

  3. says

    I was looking at the before and after pictures and I was like wow that is amazing. I could not even tell that it was even the same house unless those before and after pictures where side by side.

    • says

      YAY! You will be SO happy when you do it, I am always surprised by these seemingly small projects and the difference they make in my different homes!!

  4. angela says

    This is simply stunning. I have followed all of your remodels and this is by far my favorite. You guys are top notch! Its so pretty and professional looking.
    Do you miss that house? We had a similar situation where we fixed up a house, had a baby, and then missed our family that lived 12 hours away. Soon after we moved back to our home state and had to start all over again renting. So sad. I still think about all the hard work we put into that house, but we are so much happier having moved closer to our family.

  5. Missy says

    Your staircase is beautiful! I love the moldings. I hope you don’t mind if I copy it in my house! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • says

      Terri, All told was under $150 in monetary investment because we reused almost everything and only had to buy two new stair treads(less than $40), the newel posts (less than $60), a few misc moldings and paint etc, but it took a LOT of time!! (can’t lie to you about that!) So if you have the time and access to the right tools, then you can do it for cheap!

  6. HeatherE says

    Love the reveal! I really like your turquoise painting on your flight of stairs. Where did u get it? Keep up the great work! Amazing!

  7. Amanda says

    Well, that is just inspirational. I love it all. Where did you get that great 6-compartment wall storage thing? That is just lovely.

    • says

      Anna, if you click on the park house stairs link, it will show you all the posts that we have written on the stairs project. It was such a big project that we had to break it up into many posts. I hope that this will help you see how we did it all.

  8. says

    Seriously you guys, that is AWESOME!! I kept looking at the before pictures thinking HOW in the world is that the same house??? Is this Justin’s new full time job? LOL :-) I love the wood floor too cause it looks just like mine (good minds think alike – right?) we choose the engineered wood and it already looks “beat up” so I don’t worry about dog nails and rowdy kids.

  9. Cindy Eddins says

    Love this update! What color is the wall color in entry? Love it! I want to change from the taupe wall color to something more refreshing. Thanks so much! Cindy Lynn

  10. Cindy Eddins says

    Beautiful finished project!! What is the wall color? I’m wanting to change from the taupe we have & love this color. :) Cindy

  11. Amy Halvorson says

    GORGEOUS!!! What an amazing transformation! What bluish paint color is on the wall? Its exactly the right balance of neutral/ color that I’m looking for! Love your blog!!
    Alberta, Canada

  12. Sally says

    I am dying to know the color on the walls. I tried tracking it back as I know you used leftover from bathroom but can’t figure it out. Please let me know.

  13. Sally says

    This is BEYOND amazing. I waaaaant! What paint color do you put on hall walls? What white did you use for stairwell/woodwork? Just stunning…..

  14. Sherry says

    How high would you say that shelf is? I have a console table at the front door now but it seems too short. I am 5′ 10″ and my hubby is 6′ 3″…so we like things taller :)

    • says

      Sherry, I can’t totally say! We moved, so i can’t just go measure it, but i am 5’10 too and I had the shelf about waist high. So it was somewhere around 3 feet…. Hope that helps a little bit, sorry I can’t tell you exactly!

  15. lara says

    Love the finished product! How did you guys build the arch? And what all did you do for the moldings throughout the space? I love the big chunky moldings and casings and whatnot!

    • says

      Lara, I am having Justin work on some tutorials right now. Hopefully we will have it all posted in the next couple weeks! You can check out all we’ve posted on the living room until then! Thanks for letting us know what you’d like to hear more about.

  16. Janet says

    This staircase makeover is more than amazing. You have done a beautiful job and certainly added tremendous value to your home. I am in awe.

    You both have a true eye for design and great talent in bringing your ideas to life. I hope you are wonderfully proud of your accomplishments. Wow. What a team!

    • says

      Janet! Thank you so much for all the wonderful praise! we are so happy we took the time for this project! It took forever, but we are glad it is done!

  17. Laurie says

    What a beautiful job! I absolutely love it. Of course I had to show the picture with the kitty in it to my husband, as we have four cats. :-)

    • says

      Oh Buddy! I miss him! He was such a beautiful cat, and such a good remodeling helper, he was always RIGHT there!! We now only have one cat, and we love her they are such funny little creatures. I hope I always have one or two!

  18. says

    If only builders wouldn’t install those cheap, ugly newel posts in the first place. A girl can dream, right? Your choices and workmanship are impeccable. I am a huge fan of architectural details, and when we built our Craftsman bungalow seven years ago, we installed a similar style to what you chose. I really like how you started the newel posts two steps up. Great job!

  19. says

    Stunning transformation! I started to peel carpet from my stairs over a year ago, pushed it back waiting for a the right time to tackle the project…..and, yeah well, haven’t started yet. But you have inspired to get my groove on!! It is so beautiful!

    • says

      It’s a slippery slope, once you start peeling that carpet away! Don’t let it drag out as long as I let it!!!! Get it done you will LOVE it!

    • says

      Megan, I finally found the paint label photograph it was Fortress grey from Walmart. I bought it for another project years ago at Walmart of all places. I added the image of the label to the post above! Hope it helps!

  20. joe says

    this has to be one of the best ,if not the best remodel I have seen diyer or pro. you guys really have outdone yourselves. I could go on but your beautiful makeover speaks for its self. thanks so much for sharing

  21. Dessie says

    I love the way your floors turned out. And I really love your rug you have down in the entry. Where is it from?

  22. mandi says

    Beautiful!! Question – the hand rails: Do you have a post on painting those? Any special prep work / sanding or paint used??

    • says

      I don’t, I didn’t even take pictures…! I didn’t do anything special. Just clean anything off your railing (they can get pretty dirty) Then, just a few coats of semi gloss black paint with a brush. I could have sanded, but I didn’t I figured I would touch it up if it ever became necessary. *Keep your brush clean, and free from globs of dry paint to avoid brush marks, I sometimes wash my brushes in the middle of projects and dry them with a rag. *Or if you want to use a foam roller over your brush marks, I sometimes do that to help smooth the paint after it has been brushed on.

  23. Cindy says

    I simply LOVE this! We are remodeling two of our staircases right now. This is right on time. Plus! I am a Realtor in Nashville, TN and one of my clients just discussed doing the same thing to her home after the purchase. Definitely sharing this one with her!! Love! Love! LOVE!!!!

  24. says

    Love the transformation!!! We are currently renovating a 4bed 2bath house we bought for pennies and love to watch other people taking on the DIY adventure! Can’t wait to check out your other projects!

  25. Justine says

    Wow – I have a DIY crush. The stairs are stunning. My husband is going to hate that I have found your site. Today he will come home from work to a surprise – I have already taken the carpet off our stairs!

  26. Courtney says

    Your color choices and contrasts are to die for! Also where is the runner from? I have been searching for a rug with thos exact colors!

  27. Tiffany L. says

    Do you have a tutorial on the shoe storage? I need something like this for behind my front door. Gorgeous room by the way!!

  28. Laura says

    I’m curious about the top of the stairs. Do you have wall to wall carpet up there? If so, what does the transition look like?

    • says

      Laura, there is a landing of wood flooring then the other stairs that go up are carpet still. So, it is a carpet to wood floor transition. Sorry I don’t have a picture.

  29. Janette says

    Amazing! So beautifully designed for the space. Thanks for the inspiration! I can’t wait to get started on our house!

  30. Tiffany P says

    Did you post anywhere how you did the archway and moldings down the sides anywhere? I love them and we are looking do an identical archway to separate our kitchen and livingroom. It is currently one huge room.

  31. June says

    I love your makeover but are your stairs slippery? I have had problems with this in the past with wood stairs, I don’t think the rack with the hats and mitts etc. fits the style, can the rack go on the inside of the closet door instead.?

    • says

      You do have to be careful wearing socks, because it is slippery, just like a wood floor. And the rack can hang on the back of a door if you would like. As long as there is the clearance for the bins.

  32. Pauline says

    I love it! Thank you so much for sharing. I have been wanting to re-do our stairs for a long time but thought it would be budget prohibitive. But you were able to do this very affordably. You’ve inspired me to give it a try. Thank you!

  33. liz says

    utterly gorgeous! i just worry the floating shelf will often get bumped into and the pretties will bite the dust!! hope not :)

  34. Victoria says

    Are the posts something u can put over ur old ones or so u have to remove the old and install new? I have the wood stairs and am definitely painting the stair faces white but would love to change the rail and posts without major work. Thanks!

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