Home Sweet Home on a Budget: Spring Cleaning!

After being cooped up in the house all winter, it really is good to throw open the windows and air things out when the first warm, sunny day comes along.  Something about that fresh air and sunshine coming in through the window really makes me stop and take a look around.  The same thing happens every spring, I look around as if I’m seeing my house for the first time in months and exclaim, “This place is filthy!  We can’t keep living like this.”  And that’s how spring cleaning begins, at our house. 

If spring cleaning is something on your agenda in the coming weeks, I’ve found some great resources for you.  And, I’m hoping that you’ll be willing to share some of your own expertise with us in the Spring Cleaning Linkup!  (Scroll down to the end of this post for the linky button.)

Spring Cleaning Tips

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Check out these great ideas for spring cleaning:

Pink Pistachio spring cleaning tips

Plenty of useful tips for spring cleaning in this list at Pink Pistachio.

A Bowl Full of Lemons cleaning plan

Some of us like to get all of our cleaning done in a day, some like to attack it over several days.  For those of you in the second category, here are some great tips from A Bowl Full of Lemons for planning out your cleaning days in advance.

Imperfect Homemaking cleaning checklist

The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking offers a detailedchecklist of spring cleaning chores, if you need some guidance.

Clover lane 40 days clutter free

Great idea:  Clover Lane preps for spring cleaning by collecting 40 garbage bags of household clutter over 40 days.   This can lead to empty drawers!

Lowe's how to clean grout

Grout–it can be a total pain, especially on countertops.  Learn how to clean and seal it at Lowe’s Creative Ideas.

Homemaker's Challenge oven cleaning

Homemaker’s Challenge offers help for another dreaded chore: oven cleaning.

Inspiration for Moms cleaning pillows

Pillows can–and need to–be washed.  Learn how at Inspiration for Moms.

Make it Do mattress cleaning

Make it Do shares how you can clean your mattresses, too.

Inspiration for Moms cleaning baseboards

Baseboards are such dust catchers!  Inspiration for Moms has handy tips for making them look great.

Real Simple cleaning ceiling fans

Since it’s hard to see the top of ceiling fan blades, sometimes it’s hard to remember they need to be cleaned, too.  Real Simple offers dusting tips for fans.

A Bowl Full of Lemons cleaning mixer

Got a baking habit and a stand mixer to go with it?  You’ll want these cleaning directions for your mixer at A Bowl Full of Lemons.

Domesticability blog cleaning

Domesticability reminds us that even blogs can be tidied up!  Check out a few tips for spring cleaning your blog.

Impact Thrift Stores chore wars

If you are dreading the chore of a big household cleaning…check out these ideas for making cleaning fun at Impact Thrift Stores.

Okay, friends, time to share your spring cleaning tips with us!!  You can share anything from your own  spring cleaning tips to the little (or big) projects you are working on to make your home more clean and organized.  Feel free to pin the picture below to spread the word about this linkup, or add a button to your blog post so that your readers can join in the fun.



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  1. I need to spring clean everything in my house. I shouldn’t even call it Spring clean because there are things that haven’t been cleaned in the whole year and a half we’ve lived here. “HolyCanoli Has This House Ever Seen A Broom” cleaning is more like it. THanks for the tips.