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This may be a little off topic, but I just had to share.

Modest Barbie Swimming suits with Nail polish

A couple years ago while surfing around Pinterest, I saw this idea and though genius!  A mother, like myself who was sick of seeing unclad barbies lying around willy nillly, took a sharpie and well… here is the result.

modest barbies idea

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We only had one barbie at the time, and call me a prude if you must, but you better believe I got my sharpie out and drew on that cute little suit.  Well, I wasn’t totally happy with the results.  Mine had pen marks and when I tried to go over the same spot it lifted off the first layer instead of darkening it. So, while it was better than nothing I still didn’t love it.

Fast forward a year or so.  We now have more than one Barbie and I really wanted to fix the problem (which is my girls know how to take the clothes off, but not get them back on)… enter nail polish.  That is when it hit me, I could not only cover up these immodest dolls, I could make it SUPER cute and totally colorful!

Modest Barbie swimming suits with nail polish-14a

If you love this idea, please share it!!!

 And of course I am going to show you how I did it…. (just in time for Christmas… yes, I just said the “C” word before Halloween, I am a rebel like that!)  So I bought some brand new Disney princess dolls to demonstrate how easy this is.

Modest Barbie Swimming suits with Nail polish

Here they all are fresh out of the box, with their hair all pristine and their dresses still in place.  Live it up girls, that is the last time you will look this good!!!  (it only takes one tiny 2 year old to change that REALLY quickly!)

Modest Barbie Swimming suits with Nail polish

And about 3 minutes later…Modest Barbie Swimming suits with Nail polish

Goodness, I love this little mini girl!!!

Okay, so the process is really easy.  Just lift the doll’s arms out of the way and start with the top line.  I usually do a sweetheart neck line in front,  and carry the line diagonally down the side and joining it in the back, then just fill the body portion of the doll below.  Move the legs as necessary, just watch out, because sometimes when you move the leg it will hit the body.  You can do as many coats as you need, and you can re-coat as necessary.  Also, if you mess up at all you can remove the spot with some remover on a q-tip.

Modest Barbie Swimming suits with Nail polish Modest Barbie Swimming suits with Nail polish Modest Barbie Swimming suits with Nail polish

 Between coats, they can practice a little yoga in the sunlight as they dry out.

Modest Barbie Swimming suits with Nail polish

  Give them a good hour to cure, if you do more than one coat, you don’t want ugly smudges! The best part is all the color choices you have!  And this is what you get front and back:

Modest Barbie Swimming suits with Nail polish Modest Barbie Swimming suits with Nail polish

Hey everyone!  It looks like a MODEST pool party on the roof of the Barbie Dream house!

Modest Barbie Swimming suits with Nail polish

Modest Barbie Swimming suits with Nail polish

So what do you think?  So excited about having modest Barbies around in between outfit changes!  If you like this idea please share it!  Thanks guys!

 EDIT:  So apparently people are ticked that I painted nail polish bathing suits on my barbies… so here is my response.  I should explain that it is hard for me to express this without being passionate after the lash out that I have received in the last couple days.   So forgive me for my somewhat passionate and defensive response. 

I wrote the post more as just a fun way to not have naked Barbies lying around all over my house.   My children are young enough that they have a hard time putting the dresses they take off, back on.   
But I now know, that apparently people believe that the only way to teach a child to love their bodies is to show them naked dolls?  Are you kidding me?  This teaching approach  is careless and shows people’s lack of commitment to teach any sort of morals to their children.
I believe that bodies are of the upmost importance and are a sacred gift from God.  So, I talk to my daughters about the sacred importance and beauty of their bodies.  I tell them daily how beautiful they are, and I answer any questions they have straight forward and honestly.  Even if it might seem strange to explain to a four or two year old.  I don’t hide my naked body from them, if they see me naked, then that is fine.  If they ask me questions about my naked body, I answer them.  Also, I explain why I dress modestly to them, and I teach them about what modesty in dress is.
I asked my daughter this morning what she thought about her body and she told me “It is so special”. 
Just because I painted a swimming suit on my daughters dolls does NOT mean I am a prude, that is afraid to answer questions about important topics.   It is quite the opposite, I talk to them daily about the important things.   I don’t expect a naked doll to do the teaching in my house, I take care of that myself, one on one with my children.


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      • Chrissy says

        I love this idea also! Just yesterday my 3 year old son was giggling about the naked barbies my boyfriends daughter had laying around and I was wishing she would leave the clothes on her dolls. I am not comfortable with my toddler looking at naked doll boobs. Hopefully she loves this idea as well.

      • Joni says

        I LOVE this idea – what a creative and colorful way to add a little modesty to the dolls. I wish I would have thought of this myself when my daughter was young and I really wonder why the toy companies haven’t thought of this?? The dolls look even better with the colorful bathing suit on them and it’s SO MUCH easier than wrestling with those impossible-to-pull-on Barbie swimsuits! Well done and keep the great ideas coming!! :)

      • Sheila says

        Hi, I so appreciate you posting the Barbie swimsuit idea. My neighbors have 9 children and the youngest is 6. She wanted to play Barbie with me, (I am 73). I thought is was great, but mom didn’t want the dolls naked with her other male children. Our Goodwill has a bag of Barbies for 5$, but trying to get one in a painted swimsuit is hard. I now own many, many Barbies. With your idea, I can do most of them with permanent swimsuits. How great is that!

  1. says

    Haha! That is genius! And muchly better. Having a son I was always faced with GI Joe’s and Star War troubles and most of their clothes were made on. Good thing. Nudie dolls make me uncomfortable. I don’t know why. I do know I would never have thought of this. You’re so smart!


  2. Daniela says

    How it is a problem having “naked” barbies, but it is NOT a problem giving your daughter those unrealistic female bodies to play with? What kind of message are you giving her? “a naked body is bad”? “an ideal body is one with the organs compressed, but covered up”? How is a naked body not modest!? except when we are protecting ourselves against the elements, everything that we put over our bare skin is just to stand out. Exactly the oposite to what modesty means!
    I’m not trolling, I’m honestly asking, what is the problem with a naked body?

    • says


      Thanks for sharing your opinion. The whole point of this post is not to cause controversy, it is that I am sick of naked dolls lying around, and this is what solved the problem. My daughters love their swimming suits.

      My daughters are comfortable and proud of their bodies, they are absolutely perfect, and I tell them that more than once a day. As far as the modesty thing goes, I believe our bodies our a sacred gift from God. We need to try to keep them healthy and beyond that, we do not need to show everything we have to every person. Just because the human body is the most beautiful creation on the planet, doesn’t mean we need to expose it.

      • Jo V says

        This is the PERFECT start for an easy and beautiful outfit! Since the bodice is already painted on all you have to do is make a skirt and accessorize! Why didn’t I think of this? Thanks for this great tip. I buy and make over old barbies and they are ALWAYS naked. I’m just so excited about this because I am a nail technician and I have a lot of old polishes that I can now use up in a great way.

        Thanks again.

    • jenny says

      A child does not understand that a doll has unrealistic proportions. They do not understand the human body so indepth that they think I need to be just like this. They see only what is the same, 2 arms 2 legs a head and a tummy. Children learn from society that size is in any way important. Models seen EVERYwhere idolizing petite blonde girls. Or parents telling them about what “fat” is. I, as a child, added my own undies to my dolls with masking tape. Because I wanted them to be like me.( I didn’t know enough then about bras) if you want your kids Barbie’s to remain bare then do that in your household please do just that and I in the process try and teach your children that everyone is going to do things a little, or a lot, different and that is the beauty of life. Next you will say “you only got princesses? What is that teaching?” Its not the object that reaches a child’s mind. That is just a tool. It is the parents who teach.

  3. Jess Ziegler says

    I think this is absolutely an awesome idea. Unlike some others thinking it is unnecessary(nothing wrong if you do) but I think its not about it being wrong to be nude or that our bodies are bad its about the whole idea of having them sitting around and especially if you have boys in the house it is something that should be covered up. Like I said its not a matter of your body being bad its a matter of teaching little girls from the time they are young to honor their bodies. My reasons for why I would do this may be a little extreme but as a 14 year old this is what I think… :)

      • jen says

        I don’t get why people are getting so mad, it’s cute what’s the problem with that? I wish my barbies has cute swim suits like this and I will be doing this for my daughter too. Some people *facepalm* I LOVED your response though excellent haha

  4. Colleen says

    Great idea I also hate naked barbies laying around the house something doesn’t seem right about it my daughter and I might do this.

  5. says

    My mom did this for me when I was little–I had a Ken doll with outlines of underwear and it bugged her so much that she covered the underwear with nail polish too.

    My daughter has some Princess barbie type dolls, but they were made with colored areas already, so I haven’t had to do this yet. You can be sure I will do it when I have to. But first I would have to buy nail polish (if you can believe that!)

  6. says

    We did that with some of ours too, but I just went ahead and gave them straps too. We had some fun color combos too- one of them was really cool with a stripe down the side! :)

  7. Janette says

    YIPPEEEEEEEEE! Does that tell you how excited I am for this? I bought metalic sharpies just so I could cover up those naked barbies and fairies. Rubbed right off. I thought permanent ment it wouldn’t come off. Silly me. I am so excited to do this, I will be sharing with everyone I know! Thank you! Love your blog by the way.

    • says

      YAY! I am so glad you saw this too! I am getting raked over the coals on pinterest! But I think mothers with daughters who play with Barbies understand the annoyance! (p.s. the metallic nail polishes look the coolest like Tiana’s suit!… in my opinion!!)

  8. MelanieH says

    Thank you so much for this simple, great idea! I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who dislikes seeing naked dolls! lol!

  9. says

    This is so cute! I only have boys so I couldn’t even remember what Barbie looks like sans clothes, lol. I can see how that can be a bit disturbing. That is cute idea. I wonder if the nail polish pens would work, too? Maybe detailed Barbie underwear? Love the Barbie yoga!

    • says

      Sarah, We are working on the comment issue! I don’t know why they aren’t showing… but in the next month I am getting a redesign, so it might have to wait until then either way!!

      Anywho, about the swimming suits, I don’t know if you have girls but I have two and about 20 barbies, it just gets old seeing naked barbies laying around.

    • Cindy says

      Sarah, the Cyclist’s Wife: I think Cassity has already explained that she prefers NOT to have naked Barbie dolls because of their nudity. So, yes, the nakedness is offensive. She found a fabulous way to cover them that is creative & adorable. If others believe that the naked Barbie is ok, that is their opinion & they can keep their Barbies naked all they want, but some feel that it is more proper to “clothe” them. It is not meant to create a debate, but many still believe in teaching modesty to their children. Cassity: LOVE the idea! Barbie is too “developed” to be naked all over the house! lol

    • mamaof2 says

      Maybe it’s just me but whenever I see a pile of naked barbie dolls it’s so sad and depressing and it kinda reminds me of Schindler’s list or something (please no one get offended by that statement it’s just what it reminds me of). This keeps that sort of depressing scene from happening cause there is always at these the semblance of bright happy clothing. I’m super excited to apply it to our pile of dolls.

  10. says

    That’s just awesome. I have three boys and no Barbies, but I would be painting right now if I had any! Love the bright colors of their new ‘suits’!

  11. Beth says

    I’m laughing, but what a great idea! I’m past the Barbie stage (until Grandchildren), but I plan to remember this!

  12. Tammie says

    I have seen that before and yes, think it looks better, than naked dolls. The nail polish looks shiny, and really does look like swimsuits! Hey, the yoga poses are funny.

  13. Crystal says

    Genius!! When my girls were young, I used sharpies on both the male and female barbies. I wish I would have thought of fingernail polish. Awesome idea!!

  14. says

    I like it!! That is the most annoying thing about Barbies…they very rarely have clothes on with kids around and it just seems wrong somehow–they look so much cuter with pretty perma-swimsuits!

  15. says

    So I don’t have girls but if I did I would totally do this!
    To boy barbies and girl barbies (boys would get swim trunks of course.)
    I don’t loath naked barbies but I also don’t think they’re attractive at all.
    This is such a cute idea. Thank you pinterest!
    And thank you for sharing your revamp!

  16. says

    PERFECTION!!!!!!!! I recently packed up all my old barbies from my childhood home to save for my future children… needless to say they are all naked and in a box… I remembered how much fun it was to play with my moms retro strawberry blonde goddess and hope that some day my future little ones might get a kick out of them too. Thanks for the stellar tip. I will use it before they bare all 😉 to my visiting toy box lovers. I might add a little vintage black and white suit in there too. Thank you!!!!!!

  17. says

    This is such a funny post! Loved the yoga drying photo. I would have never thought to cover up Barbie, but it looks like a bathing suit for sure! Now if only my butt and boobs looked half as good as that one Barbie in the blue shiny suit . . .

  18. Piper says

    It’s very cute and well executed for sure, but I worry little girls will attach stigma to a woman’s naked body. It’s not something to be ashamed of as very few humans are born with swimsuits on, whether immodest or modest. Kindly, I’d feel a little less ick about it if Ken was shown to have been given the same treatment.

    • says

      I don’t own a Ken doll yet… that is the only reason he doesn’t have it! I have an edit on the post at the bottom if you want to hear a response from me about the stigma about our bodies.

  19. says

    I love this idea! It’s genius! I wish I had Barbies around the house, to try it on, but of course, my daughter has about 1,000 toy horses and no interest in Barbies :) Well done and thoughtful idea with the nail polish!

  20. Celeste says

    I freaking love you girl! You keep it up! I think that it’s so sad that people feel the need to criticize you for your choice to make something modest. I don’t understand why people feel the need to say that just because a person is modest, they are a prude. You keep on being an inspiration to us! I love reading your blogs seeing your beautiful daughters grow up in pictures!

  21. Autumn says

    I am so sorry to hear that people have lashed out at you and made egregious assumptions about your parenting because of this! I think it’s a fantastic idea! Those naked dolls don’t teach anything about anatomy anyway and the painted swimsuits are so pretty. These days modesty is under attack the way promiscuity was fifty years ago. People seem to think that if you are modest you hate your body, when really it is quite the opposite! Thanks for the idea and keep your chip up. There are others out there who totally “get it”, though it’s usually the naysayers who tend to be more vocal about their beliefs.

  22. Carlie says

    I love this! Kids always leave naked Barbies around and there’s no need to buy the Barbie swimsuit either. I’m logging this one away for when I have kids. Oh and sorry to hear about the negative backlash you got from this post. I think what you said was great. I’m a teacher and I have to say that if every parent followed your line of thought more closely it would help a lot of the issues I deal with at school.

  23. Cindy says

    I absolutely LOVE the idea of painting bathing suits on all those naked Barbies! I complelty agree I hate seeing them naked all over my house! I have a 4 and a 5 1/2 year olds that also can’t seem to redress the dolls yet. I also TOTALLY agree with your “edit”. Can’t believe anyone would give you negative comments for painting a Barbie…… Thanks for this great idea!!!!!

  24. Mikki says

    Damn straight! Sorry… I’m not much of a curser (cusser?) but some occasions call for it. I have to say, I don’t even know you and I’m just so proud of your edit responce. I couldn’t have said any of that better myself. I personally, am a fan of the covered Barbies/Dolls. Seriously, what’s the point in naked Barbies? In fact I remember some of my Barbies, growing up, having little texturizing over the bikini zones, to make it look like she was wearing underwear. …and sticking with the underwear theme – I don’t remember anyone getting their knickers in a twist over THAT.

  25. says

    I for one am not put off by your post. Rather, I think it’s a brilliant idea. We too have a problem with naked Barbies in our house. Like you it’s not a problem because we have a problem with our children seeing a naked body, but rather because my husband and I just get tired of seeing naked Barbies laying everywhere. So thanks for sharing the idea and specifics on how you gave the Barbies such cute bathing suits!

  26. Sue says

    My girlfriend sent this to me knowing I absolutely detest naked barbie dolls laying around (and with three girls, there are a TON of them!!!!) and I think this a SUPER FANTASTIC WONDERFULLY BRILLIANT idea!!!! My oldest was standing over my shoulder as I was reading this and she said, “See! We’re not the only ones who have naked barbie dolls laying around!” and I said, “right, but the little girl on here is 2yrs old.. you’re 14!!!!” LOL Anyway… she also thinks it’s a great idea so I’m sure there will be some painting going on in our house soon!!!!

    Thank you!!!!

    And you reply to the disgruntled ya-hoo’s… PERFECT!


    • says

      That CRACKS me up! I think honestly the negative commenters, just don’t have naked barbies laying around the house or they would KNOW why I am doing it!!! Hope your girls have fun painting (oh and by the way another commenter said there are nail polish pens? That might be fun for making the suits more decorative, with patterns and such…?)

  27. says

    They look terrific! I especially like the ladies practicing their yoga poses! As far as loving our bodies, you are spot-on. It’s not necessary for us to show our bodies to the world in order to appreciate them! I’m going to have a swimsuit-adding party to my Barbies!

  28. La La says

    I don’t have any daughters, but I LOVE this idea (so many cool polishes out there these days)!
    I’m sorry about all the haters. I truly think you and I would be good friends. I’m the handi-person in our home and when we have the space, I’ll have that workshop I dream of…

  29. Caitlin says

    I am definitely not a prude, and speak openly with my family about everything from body parts to bodily functions, and I LOVE this idea!

  30. tiffany says

    Good for you! Sorry people are so willing to be hateful just because it is a virtual world. We are entitled to teach our kids how we feel best, so do what you must! I love your website and check it daily for great ideas!

  31. says

    I am TOTALLY with you- I don’t like to have naked Barbies all over the house! I just bought some pretty polish today, and my daughter’s dolls are getting their make-over tomorrow! Thanks! (and ignore those who say you have body issues- that’s just ridiculous!)

  32. Frances says

    I wish painting clothes on a Barbie is all anyone had to worry about. I didn’t see the comments but I can imagine from your post update they where not pretty. I agree naked barbies lying around are not fun to look at. And your solution seems like a cute idea to me..cheers and chin up. Haters gotta hate 😉 frances

  33. SandiB says

    I think this is a) hilarious, and b) fantastic and c) a great way to get all those darn nekky barbies off the floor, lol! Anyone who is bashing you for painting suits on barbies is waaay too concerned with how much affect a plastic doll has on a kid. Seriously. My kids see me unclothed when I change, and they have no shame in their own bodies, but man I get sick of seeing naked barbies all over the place! Personally, I think I’ll be lining up about 20 dolls tomorrow while the kids are at school and giving them new bathing suits! And those lucky ducks (the barbies) don’t even have to face the dressing room mirror! This is great, thanks for posting!!

  34. says

    I think is as an awesome idea! Kudos to you for taking the time to do it! :) I love your response to those rude comments people posted….having you teach your girls instead of the naked barbies is awesome! Love, love, love this post and am promoting on every social media I have! Have a great night!

  35. says

    What a great idea. I work in child care, for a before and after school program. So we have pre-K through 4th grade age children. I too did not like seeing naked Barbies and Kens laying around, with such an age range. So I gave them all permanent marker bathing suits. in a variety of colors. The girls sport modest 2 pieces and the boys shorts. The marker, although permanent seems to rub off on to other areas of the dolls, when in the storage box…. So next time I will try the nail polish to see if the transfer of color is less likely, and hopefully the bathing suits with hold up just as long. Thank you for the great idea. Oh, and the parent that felt that naked Barbies with their perfect unrealistic bodies, would somehow make a child feel better/more comfortable about their own body, hhhmmmmm think you are off your mark. Sure, play in the tub with naked Barbies/dolls, bathing suits optional lol, but, like the rest of the family, put some clothes/diaper on when you are running around the house, that goes for Barbie too.

  36. Aimee says

    I was so happy to find your awesome idea for a well known problem with these dolls. I too teach my daughters modesty and don’t see the need for dolls to be naked. Lets face it they only wear those clothes for about 5% of their lives!! lol

  37. Julie Smith says

    I love this! I fully agree with your approach to how we show that we love our bodies. Naked barbies is not the answer. I think you’ve got it right! Thank you.

  38. says

    I wish the comments were viewable on the actual post, I’m only getting them via e-mail and I don’t think I’m getting them all. I’m reading there were some negative comments but I have not actually read anything that I thought was negative. I was very curious to know what others thought about this post. When this was initially posted I didn’t totally understand if the bathing suits were to “hide” the nudity from children or just because there were a bunch of naked Barbies floating around all the time. Personally, if the suits are being painted to “hide” nudity I think it sends the wrong message to girls about naked bodies, like it is a negative thing. That though, is my personal opinion and I do believe others are entitled to do whatever is right for them in their house. Like I said, I wish I could see all of the comments purely based on my own curiosity regarding other peoples thoughts and points on the subject. Any chance on getting that fixed soon?

    • says

      I guess you aren’t getting my responses? I think I’ve responded to you at least twice? I have had my tech guy trying to figure out the comment thing, but the truth is we are getting a whole site redesigned in a couple weeks, so I imagine it won’t be fixed til then. The negative comments I have received have mostly been on Facebook and Pinterest, not so much on the blog…

  39. Amanda says

    I think it’s a brilliant idea and I’m not even that modest of a person. But modesty is definitely a good value to teach our daughters. Barbie’s body is so unrealistic that if she were real, poor Barbie would be dead. Exposing our children to fully nude, unrealistic examples of a woman’s body should not be our approach to teaching them to love their own bodies. Ignore the naysayers. I will definitely be using this!

  40. says

    I LOVE the idea. I’m getting out the nail polish right now. As for all the negative attacks I can’t see on the website… Yes, we are screwing up our children by not letting them have naked Barbies. Really? Give me a break. Right now we only buy the ones that are already painted. And they do sell them like that. The ballerina ones and mermaid ones are often painted.

  41. the retired mama says

    What a brilliant idea! I have never understood why Barby needs to be naked, and I think the swimsuits are so pretty. Thanks for the ‘Duh- Why didn’t I think of that idea.’

  42. Melody Day says

    I think your post about the swim suit barbies is genius! I love it! Thank you so much for sharing and I loved your response to those that didn’t support you in your idea. Thank you for sharing and thank you for teaching modesty in a twisted culture. May the Lord bless your efforts and your family!

  43. says

    I ran across this post while looking at your other stuff. I am so sorry that you were lashed out at. I love this idea for the Barbies. We only have a few Barbie like dolls, and my 6 year old has a hard time getting the clothes back on, too. haha. They are so small. I think this is so clever and cute. I love your response to the lashers and I am sorry that you got mean comments. I hate that. I don’t really care to have naked dolls lying around to much, but why, when you can have cute suits on them. haha. I mean, we don’t lay around the house naked….why should our dolls!! I love that you said this in your reply…”I believe that bodies are of the upmost importance and are a sacred gift from God. So, I talk to my daughters about the sacred importance and beauty of their bodies. ” I totally agree and I do the same thing. I think that painting the suits on the naked dolls will help my 4 year old son, more than it will my daughter! When they play together with the dolls he asks more questions about why they are naked than my daughter does. I certainly don’t want him to think that is what a woman’s body SHOULD look like! :) Sorry about the haters.

  44. Misty says

    Such a cute idea! I have two girls and I too am tired of naked dolls being everywhere… Especially when a guest comes by lol. I just wanted to add that I was quite shocked that someone would question your child rearing just for painting a bathing suit on a Barbie. It’s neurotic! Keep on blogging :)

  45. Rebecca H. says

    This is an amazing idea. I had issues of Barbie already being an unrealistic human body example for my girl and seeing them naked always made me feel uneasy. I was so excited to see a Barbie with an already painted body and just a skirt that comes on and off for my two year old. But with this idea, I can now feel better about buying a regular Barbie. Thank you

  46. Yadira says

    Thanks for this! I colored boxers onto a Ken with permanent marker, but it ran a little. I will be doing this with my daughter’s barbies. She is 5 and does not like when other girls come over and leave the dolls undressed. It really bothers her. Since I have sons and a daughter, I try to teach them to be modest. Great post!!!

  47. Charity says

    I love your post! I think your idea is smart and I would have never thought you would get backlash over this. (Some people!) Cute Barbie bathing suits and your daughters sound wonderful and well adjusted.

  48. Colleen says

    Ignore haters. I think it’s a very cute and harmless idea. When my daughter played with Barbie’s they too often were naked. It can be difficult to put clothes on the dolls, especially for little hands. This way they would only have to put a bottom on (skirt or pants) and they are ready to go! Great idea!! :-)

  49. Krystin says

    LOVE THIS! This will make my family so much happier!! I too love the idea of teaching my girls that even their dolls can be modest!!

  50. Kristina says

    When I read the blog title and saw the photo of the bathing barbies, I was sure it would be a blog post on how indecent they make barbies nowadays with skimpy little, shiny bathing suits (since I only have boys, I´m not updated when it comes to barbie). I totally supported the idea as I do react strongly to how for example fashion is made to be sexy, even for little girls. I was shocked to read that you had actually painted the dolls to look like that and doing so in the name of modesty. Honestly, they now look super sexy! A “naked” doll is just a doll without clothes, but these bathing beauties are really showing off their assets in a big way! And even in real life most people will agree that lingerie is sexy – naked is simply natural.

  51. Emily says

    I love this! Great idea and I’m definitely going to paint some swimsuits on all of our naked Barbies. Have you tried this for Ken dolls?

  52. Noreen says

    I absolutely, totally love this idea! It looks so easy to do and it appeals to a dolls’ modest side. I laughed out loud at all the dolls doing yoga poses!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  53. Jenn Slaymaker says

    I was actually searching for Barbie organizing tips when I found your post and after reading it I can’t believe anyone would give you a hard time. I have 3 daughters and TONS of barbies with not enough clothes…on. I totally agree with you about not wanting naked dolls all over the playroom. We are no prudes here either but I don’t feel comfortable flaunting nudity around small children that are incapable of fully understanding when it’s appropriate to not have clothes on. Great tutorial!

  54. Paige says

    I honestly, REALLY like this idea. I don’t mind naked Barbie dolls, but painting on “bathing suits” is a really neat tip. I just might have to do this!

  55. Lisa Valentine says

    I love your solution. I have been trying to find a way for my daughter to only need to pull a skirt or pants on as that is all she can figure out at this time. I agree that body beauty comes from conversations with our children, not naked dolls. We remain dressed in public and so should the dolls. If my daughter or son has questions about their bodies I answer the question, I am pretty sure a doll cannot answer my child’s question. Thanks for sharing!

  56. Debbie says

    somehow I am JUST NOW seeing this. and A) I LOVE THIS IDEA. I totally want to do this. B) Even if you are a “prude” you know how to talk to your daughters and they are YOUR kids and C) I too am sick of the perpetually naked barbie doll. Nail polish seems like a perfect solution!

  57. Kerum says

    I just love the response to the haters. Teaching our children instead of letting dolls do it? What a novel idea! LOL Keep up the awesome work…and I love the trick you showed on this post. Even if I do have all boys and clicked just to see the cute tutorial. :-) Figured my niece would benefit from this since she loves to have her Barbies naked. LOL

  58. maria says

    Well…in short I love this idea on so many levels. No naked dolls laying around and MODESTY ! !
    Need I say more…I dont feel it’s being prude in any way…..I feel it’s giving our young little impressional girls guidence in the proper directio, to grow up to become women of grace and integrity.

  59. Sheena says

    I can’t believe I never thought to do this…BRILLIANT! I always hate those naked Barbies, and think they are so awkward. Pronto…problem fixed. THANK YOU!

  60. Karen says

    For what it is worth my 8 year old daughter was looking at pinterest with me when we saw a pin for this. She loves the idea and so do I. We will be doing this with her Barbies soon. Hold your ground and your convictions and well done for teaching them to your little one. Some people are not happy unless they have something negative to say. I thought your comments in your edit where dead on and very true. ~Blessings~

  61. Candace says

    Ok, I have just found this post, and I LOVE your idea of painting the naked Barbies! I cannot believe you had such horrible feedback on this! We have two sons, ages 9 and 6. Our 4 year old daughter is extremely into Barbies, but every time I look around, there is a naked Barbie somewhere. I am trying so hard to teach my children that their bodies are special and that there are things we just don’t “show” to anyone else. I don’t want my sons to learn about the female body from a Barbie; goodness knows real women do not look like Barbie!! Thank you, again, for such a wonderful idea! Love, love, love your blog, as we are in the middle of a major remodel project ourselves!! What craziness!!

  62. says

    I wasn’t allowed to play with Barbies until I was 8, because my mom wasn’t ready for me to be exposed to their “mature” bodies. I got mononucleosis when I was 7, right around the holidays, which was horrible because I had to be away from the rest of the family as they celebrated. My parents were divorced since I was a toddler, and my dad brought me a Barbie when I was sick, not knowing about my mom’s 8+ rule. She let me play with it just while I was sick, then it had to be put back away. (Because I would forget Barbie had breasts for the next 6 months???)

    Anyway, when I was eventually allowed to play with Barbies on a regular basis, they were required to be dressed at all times. If my mom found one in any state of undress, Barbie got taken away. Your nail polish bathing suit trick is mighty clever! I love the yoga poses as they dried, too!

  63. Amy says

    I just stopped by to give you a fist bump!!! Its hard to keep barbie modest… my girls just got their first barbies because I really have been fighting tooth and nail against it. I love your idea! And the idea of modest any kind of doll, sorry about the lashing you got , but remember if you’re getting beat up you must be doing something right 😉 keep it up momma!!!

  64. Jenn says

    Love it! They’re so cute! Sorry for the mean things that people said, people get really worked up on the internet over the silliest things sometimes. Keep being awesome :)

  65. Iris says

    I believe you have every right to do what you think is best for you and your children in your own home. I love the idea of painting swimsuits on my daughters dolls. Especially because I have little boys in the house. Also, they look pretty and if she wants to take him to the bathtub they already have swimsuits on! Who cares if people think you’re a “prude”! THEY aren’t the ones that are there daily for your children, teaching them what they need to know! Love your idea and keep on thinking creatively :) Good Luck!

  66. Holly says

    Love this post! I’m sick of my house looking like a Barbie crime scene with lifeless, naked bodies lurking around every corner. Bathing suits are going on now!

  67. says

    I loved your idea & I did it to my daughter’s dolls (Rapunzel, Merida, a horsewoman Barbie, and Jessie from Toy Story. I didn’t make mine bathing suits specifically. I did matching bra & briefs/boy shorts (looks like a modest two-piece as well) on most of the girls. Jessie has a younger body type, so she got a one-piece. I also matched their original clothes. I also did the Flynn Ryder (Eugene) doll. He got permanent marker boxers/swim trunks covered with a layer of nail polish. My daughter is 4 and she helped me pick out the colors for their suits. While I painted & she chose colors we talked about how bodies aren’t meant for everyone to see naked.

    Let the haters hate. I think those of us who loved the idea make far more sense than the haters!

    • says

      Erika! I love hearing this! I love how you involved your daughter and talked about the importance of bodies! That is exactly what I am talking about!!!

  68. Faye Sanders says

    Thank you for sharing this. I am sorry that you received such negative feedback regarding having bathing suits on a Barbie. I also agree that this is a good solution to having naked barbies around. I will be doing this to the barbies in our house.

  69. Jackie Thomas says

    Loving this!!! I am a no bikini , modest clotges , value your body momma. I bought a few barbies that actually came with a printed on swim or lingerie. I love those two dolls. The rest of the little women my son does the annoying huhuhu giggle because its NAKED gasp. I will pit a glitter coat overe these. Thinking it wont scratch off as quickly

  70. Libby says

    I like it. It’s a permanent shirt! Pull on an home made skirt and Mom no longer has to dress dolls either. Win-win.

  71. Tina Matteson says

    I love this idea and am going to go upstairs and get the Barbies and paint them right now!!! It will be a great surprise for my little girl when she gets home from school. Thanks so much!

  72. Rachel says

    Why is anyone over reacting about you painting some dolls. Holly Cow! I have two little girls, and I have taken time (like most mothers) to make sure I talk with them about their bodies and how special and private they are. It’s not for EVERYONE to see. Too bad you can’t paint some nail polish over the way some of these teenagers dress now-a-days. There is nothing at all wrong with tthe human body, and I totally get that you are NOT saying there is. I think the people jumping on you about it either have no daughters, or have nothing better to do. We have dolls, and my girls love to change the clothes around and sometime the dolls get left naked and laying around. It does get old. If I had a penny for every pair of doll boobs I have seen in my life time, I would be crazy rich. Painting a suit on the dolls so that they wont be left lying around naked is a cute and fun idea. As a matter of fact, my five year old would get a kick out of it if I gave her a bottle of nail polish and told her she could paint the doll. Plus, since you can remove the polish with remover, what’s to stop to kids from getting to change the dolls “swim suit” every once in a while.

  73. Lauren says

    My daughter is only 5 months old, so I will be needing this in a year or so! I love this idea! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE your response to your haters. Thank you for standing up for modesty and for showing that just because you are modest, that doesn’t mean you are a prude, but rather that your body is special enough not to show to the world.

  74. Lindsay says

    I normally wouldn’t leave a comment, just read it, pin it, and move on, but seriously!? People, if you don’t like the idea, just close out the window and move on. This is a fun idea, the dolls are looking great after their little makeover, and I think it’s really unfortunate that so many people are so hell bent on getting offended. Get a life.

  75. Tina says

    I couldn’t agree with you more! Besides, it isn’t a doll’s responsibility to teach our kids about body image… it is the parent’s job! Good for you standing up for good moral values and modesty!!!!! MORE parents should do so and we wouldn’t have so many misguided children looking to the media and their friends to find out what is right and wrong.

  76. says

    I am 100% behind you on this idea. We do not need naked barbies – the girls love them in their “swimming suits”. Modesty is a great thing to teach our girls. They are beautiful covered.

  77. Janet says

    You know i have seen barbies with painted under ware on them but for some reason they never painted on bras when i was little. I always thought that was strange lol I thank you so much for this and completely agree with you 110%.

  78. tammy woodcock says

    LOL, this is great. I run a daycare and the boys laugh all the time at seeing the naked barbies and pick on the girls. This will put a stop to this, I hope. Great idea. Tammy

  79. says

    Seriously ignore the comments that are negative. I think this is a great idea. What is wrong with people that they think your opinion on how you raise your daughters to be modest, is really any of their business. If they want their daughters to have naked barbies then let them. If you want your daughter’s barbies to be dressed then that great!!

  80. Jeanette says

    I love this idea!! My 4 yr olds barbies are getting a new swimsuit in the morning! I also love your edited addition!! Very well said! Great job Mom!!

  81. Yadira says

    My daughter is 5. To be honest, SHE does not like her dolls going around “naked.” She hates when her friends come over and leave her dolls undressed. She has a hard time putting most of their clothes back on. I will be doing this to her dolls and even let her pick out the colors. I know this will make her feel better. (Don’t listen to all the “haters.” They are always around and more than happy to spread their hate.)

  82. Zack says

    Way to go. We need more quality folks concerned with modesty in this world. Thanks for your refreshing perspective.

    My son and I colored his Star Wars action figure to cover padmay’s bare midriff.

    He pointed it out to me that it wasn’t modest.

  83. says

    I’ve always disliked nudie Barbies laying around. They look so ick. Anyone who thinks their bland little stick bodies are great ways to teach positive self-image to little girls just confounds me. I’d much rather see cute little colorful swimsuits on them. I love this idea and I’ve got five new (totally naked, thanks to our two-year-old) Barbies to paint this afternoon. Thanks for posting this tutorial!

  84. Bethany says

    I’m glad you explain things with your girls so forwardly, even though they’re young. My mom was the same with me. However I don’t agree with covering up the dolls body. I’m a child of the early 90s, the time barbies were beginning to be manufactured without the printed underwear, and growing up playing with them I never noticed that they were naked until I was in my teens because it wasn’t important to me yet. Children are innocent and making a big deal about it is kind of what brings on the insecurities. I discussed the naked Barbie issue after I read your post with some girls my age in my bible study group at college and we all agreed that toys and dolls aren’t what made us insecure over the years. It was pressure from boys, our parents, the clothing choices we’re stuck with in stores lately, and the way women and high school girls are depicted on TV. I am not a parent, and in no position to tell you how to raise your children, but my point is to please just be careful about what you make a ‘deal’ over around your little ones. A naked doll never mattered to us when we were two and it shouldn’t to anyone else either :) Thanks for sharing and giving us something really engaging to discuss in our group!

  85. Rene says

    Thank you so much for this DIY. I can not believe you received negative feedback from this idea.
    I see the barbies without clothes on and think that’s just one more thing I have to do before guests come over for a vist. Now I don’t have to rush to pick them up and put them away or put their clothes back on.
    Again thanks!!!!

  86. Tina says

    Posts like this make me feel bad. Because, seriously, it’s not rocket science. In fact, it should be pretty obvious. And yet, even though I have nekkid barbies all over my house and it makes me nuts, I never would have thought of this! LOL All million and one barbies are getting new bathing suits this weekend!

  87. Cathrina Andrus says

    I can’t believe how much crap people have given you about this! I think it’s brilliant! Keep it up!

  88. says

    I came across Mattell’s (retired) “Palm Beach” Barbies on eBay recently. These fab “always dressed” Barbies sport adorable, modest, PAINTED-ON, Lilly Pulitzer-inspired) 2-pieces… I Was Bowled Over!!! The “Nekid” Barbie problem was solved!!! I scooped up 4 of those girls!

    My husband & I have never loved having little plastic naked ladies lying around our home. In the bathtub, nudity’s great. In the living room with company, not so much. (Especially when said company is a couple of preeten friends of our son).

    Eager to bless our daughter’s others Barbies (& Ken dolls) with under garments, I just Googled how to do it & was led to your great Pinterest post! The metallic nail polish is genius & your dolls look great in their new suits!!!

    Thank you for sharing this charming, creative solution to the propriety issue (as well as the swimwear for 20 dolls issue)! (:

  89. Sherrill says

    Brilliant!!! Thank you. I have many naked dolls all over out house and am thrilled to have found this post. You are an amazingly responsible and loving mother to care about modesty on behalf of your family. Kudos to a great woman with courage and love for goodness!!! I have raised 4 and am raising 2 more children and this kind of love is love that is treasured by our families and helps them to make healthy decisions for their families. We as women need to remember that being empowered is being careful and loving towards ourselves as well as others.

  90. JenniT says

    Love, love, LOVE this!!!! Fabulous idea!! Wish I’d have thought of this 20 years ago! My daughter would have loved it, too!

  91. Candice says

    I think this is a wonderful idea! I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on modesty. Our barbies are getting nail polish swim suits today!:) Thank you for sharing this great idea in spite of the ugly comments.

  92. terri says

    You have my support on this one. I cant believe people feel the need to judge and make you feel the need to defend your post. bunch of bullies. If they don’t want to paint theirs, then fine, but this is a post about how to do it if you so desire to have Barbie dressed– it says nothing about your ability to parent or what kind of relationship you have with your daughter.. People are so quick to make everything into a social issue. Rock on and keep painting those cute swimming suits.. I think they are adorable.

  93. Lara says

    So you’re teaching your daughter that skin tight clothing and stuff that looks like latex, often used for S&M purposes, is what she should wear? Or that she should be a never nude (ala Tobias Funke)?

    These dolls don’t have nipples or vaginas. Seriously, who cares?

    <–feels sorry for your children.

  94. Paulina says

    This is just brilliant. We have lots and lots of Barbies. I love this idea. You know there is always going to be someone that doesn’t share the same opinion as you and can hide themselves through the internet. They will say something, that they would never dare say to your face. I believe in modesty and teach that to my daughter also. Modesty doesn’t mean you are ashamed of naked bodies at all. Great idea. Kudos to you again!

  95. Nicola says

    You rock! The naked barbie thing has often made me feel uncomfortable and I never thought of this clever idea. Thank you! And I agree with you about teaching modesty – it’s not barbie’s job, it’s ours.

  96. Ruth says

    I love this idea, my biggest problem with barbies and dolls is that they are left laying around naked. Naked dolls don’t teach kids anything, but you are teaching your girls something important. Some people just don’t get it, I do and I commend you for it and for sharing your brilliant idea with the rest of us! Thank you!

  97. tasha says

    Apparently this issue has come up before because Mattel started producing Barbies with underwear molded on.

  98. Nikki says

    Good grief! Talk about over thinking it, people! I’m not ashamed of my body, but…I still wear clothes around other people! I think even painting little bras and panties on them would be cute. That way when the barbies go to the store or to work, they can do so with a little clothes on!
    If our girls are curious about naked bodies they can look at their own, or ask about ours! I agree with you…we aren’t relying on dolls to teach them about themselves, any more than we would expect them to learn about animals solely from their stuffed animals.
    I’m sorry you got some heat from this, keep on keeping on!

  99. Melissa says

    I just found this on Pinterest and immediately pinned it. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! I have actually had a barbie foot stab me in the eye when I taking a wet bathing suit off it!
    As for the modesty issue I completely agree with you. Dolls are a teaching tool that help enhance what we teach our girls; if I don’t want my daughter to visit her friends naked, watch t.v. naked, or go to church naked then why should her dolls. :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  100. Jenn says

    I think this is a great idea. I get tired of naked barbies all over my house too. They look cute!

  101. Rosa says

    Been meaning to do this with the Barbie my daughter got for Christmas. Thanks for the encouragement!

  102. Shautel says

    Thank you for this. I hate naked dolls period, nothing about being prude it just gets on my nerves. I tried the sharpie & rubbed off. Never thought about bail polish yep on my to do list! Some people troll the internet just to be negative. You shouldn’t feel the need to justify why hou feel this way!

  103. says

    This idea is fantastic! I think it teaches modesty intead of shame! Good lawd….I’ve got so many dolls to paint!! Your response to the blog trolls is spot on. Thanks for sharing!

  104. elaine says

    We are so excited about this. My sons hate the naked Barbies and they are always scolding their sister for leaving them in the bathtub.

  105. Kathleen says

    What an awesomely cute idea! Thanks for posting it. I’m so sorry people had to leave nasty judgmental comments! There are people everywhere you like to make life unpleasant. We just have to smile and love them anyway!

  106. Grace says

    Love this! Kids are going to be kids, no matter what we talk to them about. The little fairy dolls come with painted on bodices, but our current problem is the girls scratching off the paint to see if there are nipples underneath… and yes. We’ve talked to them about it. Looks like this will be perfect to paint their modesty back on. Haha!

  107. Lori says

    I think this is the most awesome thing I’ve seen in years. I grew up with lots of Barbie dolls and baby dolls, and although mine weren’t always “nekkid” (LOL), they had their fare share of nail polish painted on them, abstractly. LOL I’ve had this pinned on my Pinterest board for a while, but I’m sharing with my FB page. :-) Great article!!!

  108. says

    I have no idea why everyone was getting bent out of shape over this. I am a super feminist, borderline nudist, who doesn’t believe in abstinence before marriage and has no intention of teaching it my children… and you know what, I’m still ridiculously tired of all the naked Barbies laying all over my house.

    These suits are adorable and are happening to each of ours this afternoon. Thank you.

  109. says

    I think this is a super smart idea. If the kids can’t get the clothes back on then there you have it…. a swim suit. This isn’t a new topic at all as when I was growing up Some barbie or barbie like doll (90210 or Pocahontas dolls maybe? not sure) had a strapless bra and panties painted on them already. My mom loved it. To me as a kid it made no difference to me if she has the swimsuit or not. It was just a doll. I do love the idea of using it as a tool to teach children about modesty. Anyone who has an issue about it needs to think twice. FIrst off this is a blog where you can openly express your ideas and thoughts. It is one thing to ask questions and pose an appropriate opposing response but don’t jump out on a limb things. if you don’t like it then move on to somewhere else. I personally love when people share things like this. Its something that I would never have thought to do and it works so well!

  110. Monica says

    This is a great idea! I was floored that anyone would get upset by nail polish-painted dolls! People read waaaaaay too much into things and need to chill. The yoga poses made me laugh out loud. Keep up the creativity my remodeling friend!

  111. Alyssa says

    I love this idea!!! Pure genius :) I was wondering though, how long does the nail polish stay on? I worry about it chipping soon after painting it.

  112. Tami Madsen says

    I just wanted you to know that there are so very many people that are doing the same as you! Showing/teaching our children to be modest is the very best thing we can do as parents! Please don’t let those others tear you down. Teaching our girls to be modest shows them that we love our bodies. It shows them that our bodies are special and they are not for others to use and abuse.
    GOOD PARENTING! Just remember that you are not alone! Keep up the good fight :)

  113. Paula says

    Thank you for the tutorial! I love this idea and look forward to doing this with my girls’ dolls. It disturbs me to have so many naked dolls around the house, but my 2 year old loves undressing her sister’s dolls. She’s just to small to dress them again. Question: is there a better nail polish to use? Does the nail polish chip off? I would love to see another post on how the polish has held up over time.

  114. Jordan says

    I’m a childcare worker and we always have this problem. I love your solution and plan to share it with co-workers. Do you ever find the polish to peal?

    • says

      It hasn’t peeled at all. There are a few that have scratched from wear, but you can just add another coat if needed. I did this well over a year ago and haven’t had to fix any so far.

  115. Tara says

    Looks to me like there are more supportive comments than negative ones.
    Comments can be hurtful but keep your head up and stand firm. Barbie dolls should wear underpants… there is a miniature version of everything else for a Barbie so why not underwear??
    I know a few Barbies who will be getting ‘suited’ real soon in my house.
    Cheers for the great idea! Tara

  116. Sandyg says

    Love, love, love you idea. I have 30+ Barbie dolls that I clean, style their hair, and make clothing for them if needed and I give them away at Christmas for kids. The idea of making 30 pair of panties was something I was not looking forward to. Looks great!

  117. Carrie says

    I love this! My daughter leaves her Barbie dolls all over the playroom and I end up with little boys (1-6 years old) playing with naked barbies! If it was just my little guy I wouldn’t care, but since I have 2 daycare boys and all the neighbourhood kids end up at my house to play that can get a little weird sometimes, especially since some parents are more conservative than others. In the end, it’s a personal preference. If you don’t care about naked dolls then ignore the post. But for those of us who want an alternative, this is a great option :)

  118. Marilyn says

    When I see the way some teenage girls dress these days………….I wish their moms had painted their barbie dolls to. GREAT IDEA.

  119. Jessica says

    I’m so happy to have found another mother like myself. If our children aren’t properly ashamed of plastic then how can they be with their own bodies?

  120. Ms.Random says

    My daughter is 6 and is just now getting into Barbies. I have a 9 year old boy too. I despise seeing these dolls lying around naked. I love this idea! All of our dolls will be getting bathing suits this week! Thanks for sharing!

  121. KB says

    I came across this page via Pinterest, where I had been thinking about doing the same thing with my 8 year old’s dolls. Glad to know that it’s doable!

    Barbies have often been the staple of childhood. As it involves imaginative play, I don’t tend to think that kids are obsessing and over-sexualizing Barbie’s body. I think they are mainly playing with them in the sense of “Barbie is babysitting her sisters and they are going to have a slumber party”. You know? And personally, I am not jealous over Barbie– especially with her fried hair after a year or two of being played with! I think it’s the parents and psychologists who have spent too much time over-analyzing their own body image issues and have therefore deemed it as something a young child feels as well.

    I can remember getting a fashion pack from JC Penneys for Christmas as a little girl, and being so happy when they included bra and panties in it. It meant that the dolls could be more ‘realistic’ to me. And with my own daughter saying things like “I wish Ken’s underpants were painted, because they look see-through” with the way they are now, I get it.

    It’s more of following the social mainstream with fashion that causes the need for these things. And with Barbie already being a fashion icon of sorts, it’s up the person how they want to dress her. I say, if you want to do it– great. If you don’t want to, then don’t. It’s just an idea– nothing to shake up the youth of the world with, lol!

  122. AJ says

    I love this idea! My daughters know that the Lord has made there bodies, and that they are beautiful and special just the way they are. But they also know that God has made parts of the body that are sacred and not to be seen or touched by others. And before you flip out they are still very little and have not been told yet about the beauty of marriage. I would like to ask what you have used to paint these dolls. My daughter loves to bathe her Barbies and I’m sure paint probably wont last very long. :)

  123. Krissy says

    Thanks so much for the idea, I love their nail polish suits they are cute. I love nail art, so I will add some little nail polish bows and things to mine. I don’t understand all the negative comments saying you need to teach your girls to love their bodies. Here is the thing, we don’t look like barbies. We aren’t an anatomically incorrect one colored lump. I don’t think it’s the fact they are naked that bothers me but the fact they are boring not colorful lumps of plastic. Thanks again for the idea :)

  124. Niki Davis says

    This is genius!!!!! My 3 year old is into barbie now and it was a bit of a Frozen/Sophia the 1st/Barbie Christmas…..They are all naked and I try to teach her how to put the clothes on them…..really b/c I hate picking them up:) I am sooooo going to get out my nail polish and paint some suits on the girls:)

  125. Melisa says

    Thank you so much for this genius idea!!! My daughters loved it! We have always bought the Barbies with modest clothing, but they never have modest swimsuits. We painted their dolls & they look awesome! :)

  126. Susan says

    I THINK IT IS A WONDERFUL IDEA THANK YOU, I do not care for Barbie running around nude either.
    also, I can not stand how children today have to have less and less on to think good about themselves showing all their parts in the process. I have 2 teenage girls and a 5 yr old girl it is a nightmare shopping with them all because they are always wanting the tiny clothes everyone else has. I wonder why though because even barbie when she is dressed barely has clothes on depending on the outfit the children need to love their bodies yes but they also need to be taught that they can look beautiful with it covered as well and not show all the boys their stuff or where it cause the other girls do to. YOU CAN LOOK BEAUTIFUL EVEN IF YOUR COVERED!!!

  127. Jodi Lynch says

    I just found your idea…I LOVE YOU, YOUR MY HERO! I’m a Mom of 3 girls and 2 boys, now grown with children of their own. I have seen more than my fair share of naked Barbies, Ken, G.I.Joe. Soon as I finish telling you how WONDERFUL you are, I’m getting out the nail polish and having a swimsuit, yoga party. Thanks, your the BEST!

  128. Christi says

    What is crazy cool about this post is that I won’t have to stick those little hands through those tiny sleeves! They will be fully dressed and without clothes! Awesome.

  129. Michele says

    Though I have decided to ban Barbie from my house (Naked Barbie being one of many reasons), I think you have posted a great idea. I found this blog while searching for modest dolls for my daughter. This can be applied to any type of doll. Thank you for sharing, I’ll have to stock up on the nail polish! :)

  130. Nik says

    I think your Barbie hack is a great idea. Forget the Barbie being nude and what that means to other people. It is simply cute and fun. I love the idea and I’m going to do this with my daughters Barbie’s. Sometimes a mom doesn’t want to dress a Barbie for the 45th time in an hour. Maybe mom wants to tell their daughter “let your Barbie go swimming right now”.

  131. Holly says

    It’s not that their bodies are offensive,
    It’s just kind of offensive to see them sprawled naked all over the place and as someone else said – those Barbies don’t teach anything about real bodies to children. It’s your attitude to your own body that teaches your children. Do you respect it, keep it healthy etc. I painted underwear on my Barbies too. I just got so sick of seeing them spread eagled in the nude.

  132. Grandma Susan says

    I just came from my 5 year old twin grandkids house, and there were a ton of nekked Barbies and a few unclothed Kens, too. I tried to tell them that we ought to put some clothes on those poor dolls because they looked cold, but it sure is hard to dress them. I came home and turned to Pinterest for doll clothes patterns and came across your wonderful idea. Nail polish swimsuits it is. Of course Grandma will be making some little outfits too!

  133. Sammy says

    This is a really super good idea. I’ve been looking on how to customize a barbie body for a full-body tribal-paint design and this seems so much easier than some of the ideas I’ve seen.

    So questions:
    How long does it last? Have you had trouble with chipping or fading? What sort of polish did you use or was it just any old polish?

    • Cass says

      I don’t remember the brand, but I don’t recall it as being anything special. I’ve had one that rubbed off a little bit in spots, but I just recoated and it has been fine. The glittery polishes have held up beautifully!

  134. Sarah says

    What a wonderful idea! I just stumbled upon this while poking around on pinterest. Thank you for sharing.

  135. Jay says

    I took the time to repaint the dolls at my child care site and was very pleased, but for those who are less inclined I just saw some at walmart called Water Play Barbie and she has a cute one piece bathing suit already painted on.

  136. Rochelle says

    I was glad to come across this as the nude Barbies bother me too. I didn’t read through everything to see what the whole controversy was with hiding nakedness but although I too try to be careful not to make children feel ashamed of their bodies or destroy their self image and all that, I also teach my kids that their bodies are sacred and private and it is important for them to understand that there are parts that are not shown publicly and they need to cover up and be guarded (because those parts are special). Saying a Barbie laying naked in the middle of the house is inappropriate does not seem like the wrong message to me. I teach preschool and naked Barbies in the middle of the room with a bunch of little boys is not my favorite thing. But I’m probably a prude too but my house will feel a lot safer and I think when people feel their body is important enough to keep some things private they actually love themselves and their bodies more. Showing off everything to everyone and talking about it with anybody does not create respect for one’s body.

  137. T.K. Wilson says

    I’m 24 and a former Barbie collector and current Barbie clothing maker. I was always uncomfortable leaving them “nude” either! This is a great idea, I may take some of my models and do this to them for when I go to craft shows!

  138. Erin Hill says

    Brilliant idea! My 7 year old has a ton of barbies, all naked as she takes off the clothes and then either cant get them on properly or has lost them. She had a barbie swimming pool for Christmas and this idea is perfect as they don’t have any swimsuits. I’m surprised by some of the comments that have been posted, but I guess people need to moan about something. Thank you for the tutorial :)

  139. Jennifer says

    I realize this is an old post but I am very happy to have found it because I have three daughters (ages 6, 7, and 8) so I have about 1000 Barbies. We just spent a day getting all the tangles out of their hair with a recipe I found on Pinterest also and when I saw this post I thought it would be something else fun to do with the girls that they would enjoy and would also make the insane amount of Barbies we have look better while lying around. It has nothing to do with body image or feminism just as fixing the problem of the ugly matted hair had nothing to do with vanity. First off, people are putting WAAAYYYY too much thought into a simple activity that I am sure started out as nothing more than something fun to do. Not everything has to be dissected. There is not always some hidden meaning. I am sure the naked bodies of the Barbies didn’t “offend” you it is just that naked Barbies laying around with a mess of hair are not only unattractive to us (and anyone who says that is beauty is lying) but they are to the girls as well. By fixing their hair and painting some colorful bathing suits on them I would bet this week’s paycheck that the girls will spend more time paying with them since they will look “new” again. Secondly, I have recently commented to my husband several times that regardless of what the post is about it seems people just can’t keep things pleasant. If you don’t like the suits….don’t paint them on the anatomically incorrect Barbies in your home. If you don’t like a furniture piece someone made over don’t do it and don’t buy it. But WHY do people feel the need to comment negative stuff? “If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.” And thirdly, I have also been getting more and more tired of watching mothers attack one another. we don’t support each other. It’s all judgment all the time and it seems that too many moms think they have it all figured out when the truth is none of us do, we are all doing the best we can with what we have. If bathing suits on Barbies would make your child ashamed of their body then don’t do it but I know my girls would never even consider such a thing and if I’m being honest I would worry about a child who did correlate the two…..but that isn’t my place to say since everyone parents their own children their own way and it’s not my place to judge JUST as it isn’t theirs to judge how I or anyone else choose to parent. This nonsense makes people afraid to open up and share their lives with the world and when we set that type of climate we are all losing out. I have been a parent for a decade now and I see brand new mommies with infants talking about how a mom with a toddler throwing a fit in a grocery store should act. Guess what? They don’t know because they haven’t been there yet. It’s just enough ya’ll. And to the mom who had the NERVE to say that they “feel sorry” for Cassity’s kids well that is such a reprehensible thing to say to ANY mother but especially for no other reason than she painted a bathing suit on a Barbie you should be ashamed of yourself. All I can say is I hope you practice perfection in your parenting to be able to live with yourself for saying such a thing. That said I will be doing this with my girls this weekend and having FUN. I’ll send everyone a check for $1000 the day they enter therapy as an adult because of this weekend’s activity. Lord. Cassity I love your blog. I love the idea and appreciate you sharing it and clearly you are a great mom who looks to have a very happy little girl. Feel free not to post this in the comments if you choose not to. More than anything I just wanted to share my thoughts with you because I was so offended by the negativity. Please don’t let it get to you because so many of us are inspired by what you share.

  140. LaTonya says

    I totally enjoyed see this! I am tired of seeing my girls naked girl and boy dolls. How can someone have a problem with that? You raise your kids your way and they can raise their kids their way. Momma, you did what was right for you! Thanks for sharing! By the way, is there a particular type of nail polish that is better to use??

  141. Florencia says

    Best idea ever! I hate seeing naked barbies, don’t know why, but I have to dress them and not always have the time. I might as well paint bikinis so that mermaids can keep on showing their belly buttom.
    Also, I know it’s almost two years late, but I can’t understand why people with such a strong opinions even bother to read a post on barbies. Could it be they have nothing better to do???

  142. Rebecca says

    I love your idea! It’s sad that people have to lash out because they have different views on life. They are just Barbies! I personally love modest barbies, they have always been my favorite toys and their body shape and clothes do not effect me or my 3 daughters. You are awesome and thank you for posting!

  143. Kristen Marcum says

    I cannot believe you were criticized over this. I think this is probably the best idea I’ve seen on Pinterest yet! Not only do I have a little girl who likes playing with her Barbie’s, but I also have a little boy too. And I feel akward when there are naked Barbies laying around. And although he does not think anything about them yet, I don’t want him to ever feel akward or uncomfortable because of them. And about the whole ‘what your children learn’ thing…since thats obviously how some people feel about children playing. I don’t feel its acceptable to teach little girls that its ok to run around naked. Sheesh…I’m getting all worked up now. Lol. Anyway…you’re idea was wonderful and thanks so much for sharing. Its just sad that some people take everything way too serious. And I believe body image is extremely important, and painting swimsuits on my daughters Barbies will help her (as well as my son) understand that bodies (unclothed) are important, and personal and not meant for others to see. You better believe I’ll be going straight for my nail polish! I’ve already got tye colors picked out :)

  144. says

    My mom used to give my Barbies a sharpie suit! Wish we would have done the nail polish… Much more stylish :) Thanks for sharing, even thoe the comments must be exhausting by now.

  145. bree says

    I hate naked dolls – they are creepy! LOL – Thanks! I already do this – glad to see I’m not the only one 😉

  146. Heidi says

    Wonderful idea!!!! I don’t like to see naked Barbies either…Also, it’s nice because the painted on bathing suits can act as underwear too! People wear underwear under their clothes and so should Barbie…It’s hard to find panties and a bra for Barbie…they do make them,but they get lost easily…Good idea!

  147. Heather says

    I pinned this forever ago, and just hadn’t gotten to it (my daughter’s 9 now, and can dress them quite well). But now, she and her 4 little brothers want to take them all out to the kiddie pool everyday, so swimsuits are happening (who wants to deal with those stupid barbie suits wet, plus I only have a few.) Thanks so much, and ignore the trolls, they can have their own choices to raise their kids.

  148. says

    i love this idea and I’m about to dress a few barbies that belong to my three year old quads in new suits. I’m sorry you got nasty grams over such a cute idea. People easily forget the rule “if you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything” when they are online.

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