Beyond Jack-O-Lanterns: 6 Simple Pumpkin Carving Ideas

We’ve seen them on our neighbors’ porches – those stunning works of art immortalized in the amber roundness of a pumpkin and glowing for all to see. Pirate ships on a bubbling sea, witches soaring across a full moon, haunted houses with bats in the belfry, and all other elaborately carved Halloween magic. But if you’re developing anxiety just thinking about the costumes you’ve got to throw together, the mega-bag of candy you forgot to buy, and how you should probably replace the light bulb on the front porch before All Hallow’s Eve arrives – an intricately carved pumpkin is probably the last thing on your list. If that’s the case, these straightforward simple pumpkin carving ideas will put your mind at ease while giving your porch a pumpkin punch!

6 Simple Ideas for Carving Pumpkins via Tipsaholic

1. Shape up (slide 1)

If you’re tired of trying to create the same old toothy Jack-o-lantern or spending time on intricate patterns, try something like this! A simple, repeating pattern of shapes turns out a unique kind of pumpkin that will certainly shed light on your visitors. A fall leaf shape is a great way to make a decoration that can stay on the porch even beyond Halloween. See the Simple Leaf Pumpkins.

2. Drill team (slide 2)

If you like easy, sophisticated, and luminescent, this idea is for you. Use a drill to punch holes in your gourds and pumpkins and light up the night! See the Drilled “Celestial” Pumpkins.

3. Hole in one (slide 3)

Creativity can take time, but your trick-or-treaters won’t be able to tell how quick this design came together! Cut the holes yourself, or use a couple of ½- and 1- inch drill bits to make it even easier. See the “Mouse House” Pumpkin.

4. Gutless (slide 4)

there’s a lot of mess that goes along with gutting a pumpkin, not to mention the amount of time it takes. So why not forego the gutting altogether with a few linoleum cutting tools and a little trick like this? No cutting, just carving. And – bonus – this one will last longer than a traditionally carved squash. See the Surface Carved Pumpkin.

5. Leave your mark (slide 5)

A monogram letter is a great way to add a touch of class to the front walk. Keep it simple using the first letter of your last name or go crazy and spell it all out! If you’re in the mood for something more complex, spell out a Halloween word or two, such as “spooky” or “boo!” Just print a template from the computer in the font of your choice, cut it out, and get carving. See the Monogram Pumpkins.

6. Creative cuts (slide 6)

A Jack-o-lantern face or a carving pattern from a kit can be found among anyone’s décor. Go a step beyond your former, lack-luster pumpkin boundaries by cutting some basic squares and adding a touch of paint. See the Haunted House Pumpkins.

Or try the same technique with a few of these spooky lanterns (slide 7)! See the Spooky Lantern Pumpkins (and get Country Living’s FREE templates).

 Carving pumpkins doesn’t have to be difficult. You don’t have to resort to the same old-same old or spend hours attempting a masterpiece. Your porch can become a work of art without all the fuss this year by trying out a few of these simple, unique carving ideas. And if you’re looking for more Halloween inspiration, head on over to Remodelaholic for some spooktacular ideas!

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