7 Tips for an Organized Purse

A purse is an important thing to have and to keep organized. Yet it is so easy to let it get all cluttered and heavy. Rather than let it go crazy try these 7 tips for an organized purse via @tipsaholic #purse #purses #organization #tips


7 Tips for an Organized Purse

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The clutch, handbag, pocketbook, carryall…the purse goes by many different names, but this is definitely one item frequently used to carry around many things and serve many different purposes. In order to lighten the load (and spend less time searching for things), keeping your purse organized is essential. Get a handle on it with these easy tips.

1. First dump everything out and decide what you really need to carry. If you struggle with this, in a separate bag, put the things you are not sure about tossing. If after a month you did not need an item, then it can probably go in the trash.

2. Further lighten the load, by minimizing the items inside. Coins can often add a lot of weight to a purse. Get a bowl or jar and set it near the door. Then each day, you can take out the change and fill it up. You will be amaze at how quickly the coins add up, and then can be converted into lighter bills. Also, see if any makeup items or lotions can be converted to smaller amounts. Travel size bottles could be useful here.

3. Get a slim key chain wallet, to hold frequently used cards and IDs. Fill it with your driver’s license, one or two credit cards, debit cards, and some cash. (The rest can be store in a larger wallet, if needed.) To keep this key chain wallet from slipping into the black hole of the purse, attach a key chain clip to it and snap the clip onto your purse strap. This will keep all the important things handy when needed.

4. For small items, pick up a few zippered pouches. Either those made with mesh, so you can see the items inside, or a pretty bag normally used to store pencils works well here. Then, when you want a cosmetic item, for example, you can easily find it in a purse by pulling out the pouch containing makeup.

5. Designate a mini accordion organizer to corral all coupons, receipts, and other small papers. These things are often the biggest clutter causer in a purse. But having them all in one place, can keep it all tidy, until you are ready to deal with them.

6. Take advantage of any pockets in the purse to store the items that need to be readily found. This is the perfect spot to put keys and a cell phone to keep them from sinking to the bottom.

7. Once everything has its place, maintain it by designating one day a week to do a purse clean up. Take out any clutter that might have gotten in there despite the best of intentions, and evaluate if  there is anything that no longer needs to be carried in your purse. You can also check during this time to make sure there are no rips, tears, stains, and everything is in working order.

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