5 Tips to Cover Gray Hair at Home

Covering gray hair can be tricky. With a little effort, and following these five tips, you can cover gray hair at home. 5 Tips to Cover Gray Hair at Home via @tipsaholic #grayhair #coloring #haircolor #haircoloring #graycoverage #greycoverage #greyhair

5 Tips to Cover Gray Hair at Home

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Gray hair can be tricky to cover. Since those strands often have different properties than regular hair, they can cause problems when applying hair color. But with just a little effort, it can be done. Here are five tips to cover gray hair at home.


  • Add moisture. Gray hair can become dry resulting in resistance to long lasting hair color. Prep your hair, by using a hydrating hair mask the day before you plan to color your hair at home.


  • Select the right product. Be sure to choose an at home hair color that is strong enough to counter act the resistance to color that gray hair can sometimes develop. A product that is a permanent application will better settle into the hair strands. Also, pick a hair color that is warmer with either red or golden tones since this will provide better coverage on gray strands. Stay within one to two tones of your natural hair color. Too dark a color, could make too much of a contrast with your natural skin tone.


  • Apply to hair. First be sure to read the package directions of the hair color you selected to see if any special steps need to be followed. Start by applying hair color to the grays first, this way they will have more time to absorb the color.



  • Touch up. About every six week give the gray roots a touch up with the hair color. The whole process can be repeated with the rest of the hair about every 12 weeks.


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