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Keeping your home organized can be a real challenge. It can be overwhelming to know where to start. Here are 10 simple home organization tips that you can put to use today.

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1. Vertical Bakeware Organizer in Kitchen Cupboards

Stacking your kitchen pans with the help of a vertical bakeware organizer will make it easier for you to access them and keep your cupboards tidy. The Container Store’s 4-Sort Dividers are a fantastic, inexpensive option that will instantly upgrade your kitchen storage.

Vertical Bakeware Organizer



2. Alternative Uses for a Shoe Organizer

You can use a shoe organizer for so many other things beside shoes. Karen from Sew Many Ways had the clever idea to use a shoe organizer in her broom closet to hold paper towels. You could also use a shoe organizer in your closet to hold undergarments and accessories like scarves, hats, and tights.

shoe organizer



3. Bookcase as a Child’s Closet

Is your child’s room short on closet space or is your baby’s nursery in a room without a closet? A tall bookcase makes for an exceptional closet alternative. Remove the top shelves and attach double rods to maximize clothes hanging capacity. Use the remaining shelves to house baskets to keep smaller items like socks and shoes organized.

Bookcase Closet


4. Matching Bedsheets in a Pillowcase

The linen closet is one area of the home that often seems destined to be a disaster. Not only are bedsheets difficult to fold, storing them can prove challenging. An easy way to fix this problem is to store matching sheet sets in one of the pillowcases.

bedsheets storage


5. Dry Erase Marker List on Washing Machine

Sarah Khandjian from Sarah Hearts shared a genius idea to help stay organized while doing laundry. To make sure you or your family members don’t put line-dry items in the dryer, use a dry erase marker to make a list directly on top of the washing machine. Say goodbye to shrunken or pilly clothes!

dryer list



6. Color Coded Binders to Store Documents

Using color coded binders to store important documents such as user manuals, medical statements, and insurance information. As an added storage bonus, one-inch binders fit perfectly in a bakeware rack and dish organizer. Check out A Bowl Full of Lemons for more home organization tips!

colored binders



7. IKEA Spice Racks in the Bathroom

Follow Rachel from Suit Revival’s example and use IKEA spice racks to wrangle your bathroom products. Bottles of hairspray, mouthwash and other toiletries fit perfectly and at only $3.99 each, you can afford to buy several spice racks to mount on your bathroom wall.

IKEA Spice Racks


8. Menu Board for Meal Planning

Creating a menu board to list your family’s weekly meals will not only help keep you organized, it should cut down on you hearing the incessant question of ‘What’s for dinner?’. Cover an artist’s canvas with fabric and use card stock and clothespins to create days-of-the-week markers. Your family will thank you for making this fun DIY project.

menu board



9. Family Charging Station

Create a family charging station like Kris from Driven by Decor to corral everyone’s mobile devices into one place and say goodbye to an endless sea of cords. It’s also simple to change a traditional electrical outlet into a 4-port USB charger to give you even more charging capacity. Check out these easy steps on Kris’ blog.

family charging station



10. Magazine Holder in the Kitchen

Not only are magazine holders inexpensive, they offer a wide variety of storage options. Use a magazine holder in the kitchen to store items like plastic bags, foil, saran wrap etc. to free-up valuable drawer space.

magazine rack


Feature image via Martha Stewart

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