Fun Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Looking for ideas to dress up as a group for a family Halloween costume? Here are our favorite fun family costumes for our family of 3, then 4, then 5, and now our family of 6!

Halloween is just a few weeks away! Eeep, time to kick the costume game in to full gear! I like to go all-out and have a family Halloween costume theme (and semi-homemade costumes, so much work but so fun!) — thankfully Justin is a good sport in this house of girls.

cheap & easy costume ideas:

6 Printable Group Costume Ideas

Need an easy last minute costume? for a group? Grab a couple basics from your closet and print these six easy and clever last-minute costumes!

Kid-Friendly Family Halloween Costumes

We are big fans of movies and Disney and also we had our first date on Halloween, so this holiday is always so much fun for our family!

We love Halloween, and we love themed group costumes! So much so that I have a whole Pinterest board JUST for costumes  and this year, I decided to put together one post with a history of our Halloweens. Because Halloween is just once a year, and there are SO many ideas…

For many of the costumes, I’ve included links to buy online — online shopping can make Halloween so much easier than hitting up all the stores in a 50-mile radius to find the “perfect” costume — so order now, and then just relax and wait for it to come in the mail!

Just be sure that you order soon so that you can take advantage of free or inexpensive flat-rate shipping offers — or if you’re in a pinch, Amazon Prime 2-day shipping or Walmart+ delivery is a lifesaver! Many online costume stores also have the option to order online to pick up in the store if you have a location near you.

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The Three Amigos Family Costumes

After 8 years of infertility, we were extra excited to celebrate Halloween with a family costume as a family of 3! And what says “party” and “trio” better than… the 3 Amigos!

Halloween costume idea for a family of 3 - the 3 amigos mariachi band, semi DIY homemade costumes

To make your own homemade 3 Amigos costumes (or mariachi band, if you’re not looking for a movie reference), hit up the thrift store for some black slacks and a blazer that can get the glitter treatment (using fabric paint), paired with a black sombrero.

Or you can purchase a full mariachi costume (for men, women, or kids!) and be good to go. Ole!

Find the perfect black sombrero at Amazon | BuyCostumes | HalloweenCostumes

Find a full mariachi costume on HalloweenCostumes | Amazon 

Star Trek Group Costumes

There are SO many ways to do Star Trek family costumes — but the classic and pretty simple way that we went for is uniforms — and there is just something so perfect about that little dress!

Star Trek Halloween Costumes for a Family of 3

To make our own costumes, we just picked up basics in the colors of our uniforms and added gold trim and made our own gold heat transfer communicators (or you can buy communicator badges/pins).

We also got a little creative with accessories and makeup (details here) to be different alien races…. and don’t forget your phaser and tricorder (or, in a pinch, we used a hand-crank flashlight, ha!)

Shop Star Trek uniforms at Amazon | HalloweenCostumes | BuyCostumes | Target | Walmart

Alice in Wonderland Group Costumes

This Alice in Wonderland theme was back before our girls were big enough to really have an opinion about Halloween! (And also before the latest Alice in Wonderland movie) So we went big and it was so fun. I made most of our costumes by hand, since I had the time and inclination at that point.

Alice in Wonderland Halloween Costumes

Alice in Wonderland is a great costume for a larger group, too, because you can go as big or as small as you need. Alice, of course, and then the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat — and then you can always branch out playing card guards (use the printable here!), the caterpillar, Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum or any other fun characters, too! And don’t forget the Drink Me necklace!

HalloweenCostumes has an amazing selection and variety of Alice in Wonderland costumes — here are some of our favorite from their site and others.

Alice in Wonderland Costumes for the Whole Family @Remodelaholic

baby costume: Disney Store
toddler costume: (pictured) HalloweenCostumes | Walmart | BuyCostumes | Amazon
child costume: HalloweenCostumes Walmart
adult costume: Amazon | Walmart | HalloweenCostumes

Mad Hatter
child costume: Walmart | Target | (girly version) BuyCostumes
adult costume: Amazon | Target | (womens) HalloweenCostumes | BuyCostumes (hat and wig)

Queen of Hearts
child costume: HalloweenCostumes
adult costume: (pictured) HalloweenCostumes | Amazon (or this one)

White Rabbit (don’t forget your clock!)
child costumes: (pictured) HalloweenCostumes
adult costumes: HalloweenCostumes | or just the hat from Target | BuyCostumes | Amazon

Cheshire Cat
baby costume: (pictured) Disney Store
toddler costume: HalloweenCostumes
child costume: HalloweenCostumes
adult costume: HalloweenCostumes | (pajama version) HalloweenCostumes
accessories pack: Amazon | HalloweenCostumes

Playing Cards
Queen of Hearts: Amazon | BuyCostumes
Ace of Clubs: (kids) HalloweenCostumes | (adults) HalloweenCostumes
King of Hearts: HalloweenCostumes | Amazon

baby costume: BuyCostumes
child costume: HalloweenCostumes
adult costume: HalloweenCostumes

Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum
child costume: HalloweenCostumes
adult costume: HalloweenCostumes


When you’ re looking for a cheap way to make your own Halloween costumes, we love to start with pre-made solid color basics, like sweaters and sweatpants. fleece sweatsuits keep the kids nice and warm in the chilly October nights here in Utah!

You can find plain solid-color basics in some stores, but we have great luck searching on Amazon and using for easy group costume foundations.

My Little Pony Family Costumes

We used the sweatsuit style for our My Little Pony outfits two years ago. We added fleece headbands with ears attached, plus a wigs like this for manes and tails, and some assorted duct tape and fabric paint to finish it off. So much fun!

My Little Pony Family Costumes @Remodelaholic

But if you’re not as crazy over Halloween as I am, then there are also some easier options to get the pony lovers (and Bronies!) the costumes they want — including easy and cute hoodies (more here)! 🙂

Shop the My Little Pony costumes at AmazonWalmart | BuyCostumes | HalloweenCostumes — and here are some of my favorite picks:

Cute and Easy My Little Pony Costumes @Remodelaholic

Costumes and accessories, left to right
Pinkie Pie Accessory Kit: Walmart
Twilight Sparkle Hoodie Hat: BuyCostumes | Amazon (also Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie)
Tween Rainbow Unicorn: HalloweenCostumes
Adult Rainbow Dash Suit: HalloweenCostumes
Rainbow Dash Wings: Amazon | HalloweenCostumes
Rainbow Wigs: Walmart | HalloweenCostumes | Amazon
Purple Star Song Deluxe Costume: Walmart | BuyCostumes | HalloweenCostumes
(also available in Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash)
Twilight Sparkle Face Hoodie (plus more options!): BuyCostumes

Care Bears Family Costumes

To make our family Care Bear costumes, I ordered full adult-sized onesie/footie pajamas to make our Care Bear costumes — because there isn’t a large selection of adult care bear costumes, imagine that! 🙂

Family Halloween Costumes - Care Bears, diy costumes

But you can just as easily (and less expensively, might I add…) take the same idea and use a colored hoodie and matching sweatpants. Just tack on ears (either sewn, with a safety pin, or glued on to a headband) and a belly badge, and you’re good to go. (And if you don’t attach it permanently, you’ve also got your workout/stay home gear for the winter, too!)

You can do sweatsuits for the whole family, or pick up Care Bear costumes for the kids and sweatsuits for the adults — or even grab the costumes for the kids and then dress up mom and dad as clouds or a rainbow!

Care Bear Costumes for Kids @Remodelaholic

Costumes, left to right
Blue Grumpy Bear Costume: Amazon
Pink Wonderheart Tutu Costume: AmazonWalmart
Deluxe Cheer Bear Costume: AmazonTarget | Walmart | BuyCostumes | HalloweenCostumes
Toddler Blue Champ Care Bear Costume: Amazon
Pink Tutu Cheer Bear Costume: BuyCostumes | Target
Pink Plush Wonderheart Costume: Amazon HalloweenCostumes

Star Wars / Mandalorian Group Costumes

Especially with the new Mandalorian series, Star Wars will always be a hit with the family, too! We did Star Wars with our family of 5 — yes, that’s a very unhappy baby Yoda in her dressed up carseat/stroller!

Family Costume Ideas Mandalorian Star Wars Remodelaholic

Dress up the whole family — literally, everyone, did you see the dog costumes?!? Remember your lightsabers, too!

Shop Star Wars costumes at The Disney StoreAmazon | Walmart | HalloweenCostumes | BuyCostumes 

Star Wars Family Halloween Costumes @Remodelaholic

Darth Vader | Luke Skywalker (pilot) | Ewok  | C3PO | Stormtrooper | Chewbacca

Yoda | R2D2 (treat bag) | Jedi (child) | Princess Leia Boba Fett

Toy Story Family Costumes

And then most recently, with our newest addition, we dressed as Toy Story characters!

We had Woody, Jessie, Bo Peep (and my baby sheep!) plus Buzz Lightyear and Barbie. These were mostly purchased online with a few basics from our closets, since we welcomed that darling baby sheep in an earlier and more dramatic fashion than anticipated 🙂

Family Halloween Costumes Toy Story Remodelaholic

Shop Toy Story costumes at The Disney StoreAmazon | Walmart | HalloweenCostumes | BuyCostumes 

Happy Halloween!

You can check out some cute couple Halloween costume ideas here.

Looking for some fun family Halloween costume ideas? Try these ideas that work for both large families or groups and small groups as well.
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  1. I am doing the three Amigos this year for my three littles, and that puffy paint is killing me! Not I just have to figure out the cummerbunds and ties. It’s so much work, but so fun too!

    1. I think that sums up every Halloween — so fun, so much work! Good luck and we’d love to see pics when you’re done!