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Family vacations are the best and it’s so fun to watch your little ones experience the excitement of traveling and making new memories, but sometimes it’s easy to get bogged down in all the details of planning your trip. How much should we budget for the trip and for what? What was that flight number again? Is that tour you scheduled on Thursday or Friday? And are you heading down to the concierge to ask for a toothbrush even though you KNOW you told every child individually to pack theirs?

Make your family trip or family reunion even better with this FREE family vacation printable pack. Includes trip planners, a travel countdown, and 11 printable shirt designs to customize and iron-on for your crew to have matching shirts.


This month we’ve partnered with Canon to create this free family vacation printable pack and help ease some of the planning stress and help everyone get into the appropriate mood for vacation day — prepared and not stressed! The printable vacation pack includes planning sheets, a countdown, and customizable family vacation shirt designs to print and iron on. We printed our vacation pack using the compact but quality PIXMA TS9020 printer because it prints so well on a variety of materials

Family Vacation Printable Pack Planner Shirts And Countdown @remodelaholic (2)

Family Vacation Printable Pack Planner Shirts And Countdown @remodelaholic (3)

The first four pages of the pack are the planning pages. These include places for budgeting, travel details, event lists, days at-a-glance, a simple packing list, and plenty of space for notes, reminders and to-dos. You can print these pages and put them in a folder or binder for easy access to all those travel details.

Family Vacation Printable Pack Planner Shirts And Countdown @remodelaholic (4)

The next two pages of the pack feature a fun vacation countdown, because you know you want to count down the days as much as the kids do. There are three road sections and 30 days worth of printable mini mile-marker style flags, so you can savor the days leading up to your trip.  To assemble: simply print, cut, and glue each flag onto a popsicle stick. 

Family Vacation Printable Pack Planner Shirts And Countdown @remodelaholic (8)

The last three pages of the pack are for your family vacation shirts!  Not only are shirts a great souvenir from your trip, but the matching shirts make it easy to tell quickly if your group is all there and staying together. Each of these shirt designs have editable fields in them so you can customize your shirts for your family or each family member! and there are ELEVEN different styles to choose from and customize. 

Family Vacation Printable Pack Planner Shirts And Countdown @remodelaholic (1)


Depending on which design you choose, the customizable field could say “Smith Family Vacation 2017” or “2017” or you could even put each family member’s name on their own shirt or leave it blank. 

Get the printable family vacation planner + t-shirt designs

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**Remember when using our customizable printables, you must first download the file from the email and then make sure to open it from your computer’s files and not from your browser’s download bar. This will make sure that the embedded fonts behave properly.

After customizing your shirt design, you will print onto a sheet of iron-on transfer paper like Canon’s T-Shirt Transfer Paper (CST-6178-000), trim, and iron onto your t-shirts. Now this part gets slightly tricky, so read closely! Because of the nature of iron-on transfers, you will need to mirror the shirt design BEFORE printing on the transfer paper.

Family Vacation Printable Pack Planner Shirts And Countdown @remodelaholic (5)
This is pictured before the design is ironed on to the shirt — you’ll place the printed side against the shirt and iron it to have it show correctly on the finished shirt.

To customize and print these family vacation shirt printables:

  1. Open the saved file from the files on your computer (not the downloads bar in your browser)
  2. Choose the t-shirt design you would like to customize and fill in the fields
  3. Go to File – Print
  4. Change the printer at the top to “Adobe PDF”
  5. Click “Properties”
  6. Select the “Layout” tab from along the top
  7. Select the “Advanced” button from near the bottom
  8. You will see a list of settings in tree form, the LAST setting listed is “PostScript Options.” Click the “+” sign to the left of it
  9. The LAST option listed will be “Mirrored Output.” Select the underlined “No” and change it to “Yes
  10. Click “OK” for the Adobe PDF Converter Advanced Options box
  11. Click “OK” for the Adobe PDF Document Properties
  12. Click “Print”
  13. You will be prompted to save a new file. Add “mirrored” or something to the file name and pay attention to where it was saved. Adobe will often open the new file for you, but if not you will need to open the mirrored file. Now you can print the mirrored design with any printer
  14. Note: You will need to save a new mirrored document from the original for each design that you customize (i.e. if you plan to put each individual’s name on their shirt you will need a mirrored file for each of their names)

Once you’ve printed your mirrored designs onto the transfer paper, you can follow the instructions on the box and iron each design onto its own shirt. Nowhere does it say that all of your shirts have to be the same generic tee in the same color, so be creative! Mix and match patterns and colors so that your shirts still match but don’t have to be exactly identical and can fit each family member’s personality. Or if you prefer, truly identical shirts are always fun. 

Family Vacation Printable Pack Planner Shirts And Countdown @remodelaholic (6)

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We are so happy to be partering with Canon to show you fun and easy print-at-home projects.  Please help us share the word about these fabulous projects!  And if you’re looking for a great home printer, be sure to check out the new TS series — these printers are powerful but compact, plus they’ll look great in your home office!

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