4 Tips for Using Binder Clips

4 uses for binder clips @Tipsaholic

4 Ways to Use Binder Clips via Tipsaholic

Binder clips are normally only thought of as things to hold paper together. But they are great for organizing in other areas outside of an office. Once, you stop thinking of them only as utilitarian things, there becomes so many possibilities for their use. Also, for added style, move beyond the typical black binder clip. Now they can be found in all sorts of decorative patterns and colors. Here are four tips for using binder clips.

1. Clip it closed

Use the binder clips to hold close opened bags of food. Use a different color every few days, to color code the expiration date of food, so it can easily be seen how long the food has been opened.

2. Hold the bag

Put the binder clips on the sides of trash cans to keep the bag from slipping down whenever something is put inside. This can help preventing a big mess if the bag falls down into the trash can and the disposed items fall out of the bag.

3. Stand it up

They can be used as a makeshift stand. Using binder clips with a pattern that matches the celebration, place them on the bottom of any card or envelope to display those received for special occasions. It also prevents the cards and envelopes from easily falling over.

4. Find it fast

One of the best uses is to group things that need to be kept together, by using the binder clips. It also makes them easy to find later. For example, clip together the various items for children’s outfits including the pants, shirt, and socks…one binder clip per child by assigning a certain color or pattern. This makes it so easy to find the dry change of clothes, in a normally chaotic pool bag, after a day spent swimming.


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