7 Steps to an Organized Nursery

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Babies.  They’re adorable.  They’re cuddly.  They’re tiny.  And they come with A LOT of STUFF.  Who knew that adding one miniature person to your family would create such havoc?  The diapers, wipes, ointments, lotions, powders, clothes, toys, books, binkies, blankies, burpies, BOTTLES!!  The list is nearly endless and, doubtless, the space in your home is NOT.  Here are seven tips that’ll get your nursery organized and in tip-top shape in no time.


1. Be a Basket Case. 

Baskets and bins are go-to storage solutions.  You can find them at nearly any store in nearly any size and style.  Look for bright colors and fun prints to add interest to your baby’s space.

You can also make your own boxes and bins with simple supplies.  Try spray painting inexpensive buckets, as seen at Southern Lovely.  Or utilize those large diaper boxes once empty and cover them with fabric.  Here’s a step by step tutorial from Positively Splendid.


2. Play Hide-N-Seek. 

Hidden spaces are great for storage – especially for things you’d like kept out of sight.  Not everything needs to be within easy reach or instantly visible.

Under the crib is a perfect spot to add a plastic tote bin of extra essentials.  A Lovely Lark shows how a crib skirt perfectly conceals the items.

You can keep things hidden away behind doors as well.  Try an over the door canvas pocket organizer, or you could simply use a shoe organizer that provides tons of pockets for small but often used items.


3. Divide and conquer. 

There might be a ton of stuff, but it’s all really small!  Using dividers is a simple trick that keeps things tidy.

Keep small items sorted, stored and easy to locate with drawer dividers.  Ikea sells the perfect drawer divider solution in a set of 6.  See it used at i heart organizing.  You could also divide drawers with small plastic bathroom caddies, or even shoe boxes.

You’ll likely be able to make great use of hanging closet space since baby clothing is so tiny.  Hanging clothing dividers separate clothes by size so with one glance you’ll be able to grab what you need.  My Sweet Nest uses decorated plastic rings.


4. Stay Open-minded.

Open storage solutions are a great example of form and function working together within a space and can create a beautiful aesthestic.

If clothing storage is minimal, consider hanging some baby clothing as decor.  It can be as elaborate (take this “open closet” from Tied With a Bouw) or as simple (this driftwood rod from The Sweetest Digs) as you’d like.

Open shelving is a great option as well.  The look is clean and airy, it keeps items easily accessible and it showcases specific colors, themes, or keepsakes.  Check out the metal baskets paired with the open shelves on Life as a Thrifter


5. Think Outside the Box.

Tons of great storage solutions don’t require shelves OR bins!  Thinking creatively about items you may not normally use in a nursery can add a ton of personality and may save you some cash!  Rolling crates, clear jars (out of baby’s reach!), open metal or wood cabinets are all good ideas.  Or how about mounting plastic buckets up on the wall?  See it in action at OhOh Blog.


6. It’s a Theme Thing. 

Your nursery probably has a theme.  Whether it’s traditional, whimsical or eclectic, your storage should match your overall scheme for the space.  You’ve gone all elegant and classic?  Try lidded boxes in coordinating colors, chests or storage ottomans.  Cutesy little animals?   3 Sprouts Animal Bins feature whimsical animal faces – like foxes, elephants, zebras, raccoons and more.  Plus, extra large collapsible fabric floor bins are perfect for larger items.  See how Newborn Mama used suitcases to bring in matching storage for her nursery theme. 


7. Get on the Green Team.

Recycle items found at thrift stores, rummage sales, or your own basement.  Our Dream Foreclosure shares several diaper storage ideas from unexpected sources (like a magazine rack!).  Don’t get hung up on what the item was originally created for.  Check out the farmer’s market epergne that Boots and Totty set up in her nursery.


Don’t forget, with a baby, the more storage, the better!  Use a combination of tips and tricks to make your space work for you.


Need more ideas?  Get a load of this perfect nursery space on Remodelaholic!


Kimberly Mueller is the “me” over at bugaboo, mini, mr & me, a blog that highlights her creative endeavors. She especially likes to share kid crafts, sewing attempts, recipes, upcycled projects, photography and free printable gift tags/cards. When she’s not enjoying being married to her best friend, chasing after the natives (AKA her three kids) and attempting to keep the house in one piece, you can find her with a glue gun in one hand and spray paint in the other. Aside from DIY pursuits, she also enjoys writing, reading, music, singing (mostly in the shower) and the color yellow. Kimberly recently published a craft book entitled Modern Mod Podge. You can also find her on FacebookPinterest,Bloglovin’ and Instagram. Email her at: bugabooblog(at)yahoo.com


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