8 Ideas for No-Cook Camping Breakfasts

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Cooking while camping – some love it, and some just don’t. If you tend to be on the “don’t” side of things or are just looking for some simple early-morning meals, these no-cook camping breakfasts are perfect for your next adventure in the woods. Simplify your camping trip by leaving the eggs and frying pans at home for Sunday brunch. If cooking anything but hot dogs over an open fire makes you cringe, take these 8 great ideas and get your breakfast on!


1. Yogurt parfait bar

A container of yogurt and some sliced fruit are all you need for this light and healthy camping breakfast. Layer your favorite yogurt with your favorite fruits – try peaches, strawberries, or blueberries for starters – and top it with granola for a bit of crunch.


2. Fruit and make-ahead dips

It doesn’t get much simpler than fruit for breakfast. It’s light, healthy, satisfying, and you can always choose your favorites. If plain fruit doesn’t appeal, try making this easy cherry fruit dip to go with it or this even easier two-ingredient “Strawberry Fluff” dip from Oh, Sweet Basil.


3. Cereal and milk

You heard me. Throw a box of your cereal of choice in the camper and a carton of milk in the cooler and call it good. Or, if you’ve got a crowd, try the miniature boxes in a variety pack like this  that carries a little something for everyone! Oh, and don’t forget the spoons!


4. PB&J or other simple sandwiches

It might sound like more of a mid-day meal, but nothing beats the simplicity of a sandwich. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich can easily replace toast and jam on a campout, particularly where the kids are concerned. Even your favorite sliced meats and cheeses go great with fruit.


5. Make-ahead refrigerator oatmeal

Oatmeal doesn’t have to be cooked with this great idea! Whip up a batch of refrigerator oatmeal breakfasts with this recipe from Happy Go Lucky and pack the jars in the cooler. If your group of campers enjoys trying new meals together, you might consider simply bringing the ingredients and jars along and letting everyone mix up their own the night before.


6. Tortilla roll-ups

Grab a package of flour tortillas on your way out of town and give this simple breakfast a try! Spread a tortilla with peanut butter, hazelnut spread, or cream cheese, then add bananas, strawberries, or other fruits you like.


7. Bagels, donuts, or muffins

A store-bought breakfast should never be underestimated. When the campers are hungry and anxious to start the day, you can bet they’ll be ready for anything. Bagels and cream cheese, donuts, muffins with butter, and other quick breakfast options will be welcome in the campsite. Add in a side of yogurt or fruit to round out the meal.


8. Breakfast cookies

If you’ve got the time, a couple dozen of these breakfast cookies from Sally’s Baking Addiction can be made ahead and used for a quick meal while enjoying the great outdoors.  These compact finger foods are also great for hikers!


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Featured image via Sally’s Baking Addiction.


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