Easy Inflatable Hot Tub and Swimming Pool Setup

Add a fun and relaxing above ground pool and hot tub to your backyard in just a few hours with our Intex review and tips for an easy inflatable hot tub and swimming pool setup. 

The backyard was a big selling point in our current homes (yes, both of them!) and we especially like to enjoy it during the summer. Last year we purchased a great above ground swimming pool and inflatable hot tub combo. Watch how easy this inflatable pool setup is and subscribe to our channel to see more of our projects.

Easy Backyard Inflatable Pool Setup



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Why we chose an above ground pool vs in ground swimming pool

Living in Utah, we have about 3 months of really great pool weather most years. An in-ground pool is a big investment, especially while we’re still remodeling the interior of our homes, so an above ground pool gives us a chance to test it out on a budget. I’d love to build my own in ground pool someday, though!

Above Ground Inflatable Pool Setup With Hot Tub

Why we chose an inflatable hot tub and pool combo

We looked at some structured above ground pools as well, but we liked the easy setup and storage of the inflatable pools.

When we were looking at above ground pools for our family, there were a few things we liked about this Intex pool and spa model. And no, this isn’t sponsored, just a review of something we purchased and have really liked. The specific combo model we purchased last year isn’t currently available, but here’s a similar pool and hot tub.

Inflatable Pool Setup And Maintenance Tips #remodelaholic

Fast and easy setup and maintenance

As you can see in the video, it only takes a few hours to prepare the flat ground under the pool, inflate the pool, and fill the pool and hot tub with water from the hose. The included pump makes it so slick and really fast vs. structured backyard pools.

The setup is simple and easy, so we can get right to swimming and lounging. By covering the pool after use and following the instructions for treating the pool water and cleaning the filters, we can enjoy the pool and hot tub all summer long without having to drain and refill the pool multiple times.

Inflatable Hot Tub Setup And Controls #remodelaholic

Inflatable Pool and hot tub together

As a family with two adults and two kids (and counting!), we love having an inflatable pool and hot tub combo so we can all enjoy it at the same time without crowding each other.

Having a divided pool with two temperature zones also means that everyone can be comfortable, whether in the heated spa or in the regular pool.

Setting Up Cover For Inflatable Pool Setup #remodelaholic

Good sized for our backyard

This inflatable hot tub and swimming pool combo is a great size for our family of 4 to play and lounge comfortably, but not so big that it takes over our entire Eden-esque backyard. We still have plenty of room to run around and throw pies 😉

Side Support For Inflatable Pool Setup And Hot Tub #remodelaholic

Other pool features we’ve enjoyed

Now that we’ve enjoyed the swimming pool for an entire summer season, we’ve also really liked that this pool has

  • durable material — a must for a backyard above ground pool for kids!
  • yet still soft and cushy — a must for parents to enjoy the pool, too!
  • adjustable temperature — lets us decide how hot we want the hot tub

This is one of our favorite parts of summer, and it’s so easy to set up our hot tub and swimming pool!

More ways to make your backyard summer-ready:

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Inflatable Pool Setup And Hot Tub Maintenance

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  1. Hey! Love it. That’s what always troubled me about hot tubs. Kids just don’t enjoy them anywhere near as much as I do! Too hot to play in. This combo looks like a solution!

  2. Hi Cass,
    I’ve bought the exact same inflatable pool and it’s been awesome so far. Our family loves to hangout in the pool during weekends.

  3. You are AMAZING! Thank you thank you thank you so much for this. I was considering doing the same thing and you’ve just made the task a lot less daunting.

  4. I have this same pool. This is my second season. I’m having trouble with it and hoping you can help me out. After 2 weeks I discovered the hot tub water level was dropping while the pool side water level was rising. Any ideas why this is happening and how can I fix it ? I really love this pool.

  5. Thanks anyway Justin. I have been trying to contact support but they don’t answer the phone nor do they reply to emails. Turns out this product is discontinued so that’s probably why. Guess I’m going to need to get creative to try to save this pool. Going to try to cap the inlets and outlets on the pool side with the black covers that came with the pool. Think that would work?

    1. We bought it through intex but they dont have it anymore. You might just have to do some deep searching online. Such a bummer that its hard to find.

  6. Lorene, your guide on setting up inflatable hot tubs and pools is a lifesaver! Thanks for making the process seem so easy and stress-free. Can’t wait to try it out myself! Keep sharing your awesome tips!