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This may be a little off topic, but I just had to share.

Modest Barbie Swimming suits with Nail polish

A couple years ago while surfing around Pinterest, I saw this idea and though genius!  A mother, like myself who was sick of seeing unclad barbies lying around willy nillly, took a sharpie and well… here is the result.

modest barbies idea

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We only had one barbie at the time, and call me a prude if you must, but you better believe I got my sharpie out and drew on that cute little suit.  Well, I wasn’t totally happy with the results.  Mine had pen marks and when I tried to go over the same spot it lifted off the first layer instead of darkening it. So, while it was better than nothing I still didn’t love it.

Fast forward a year or so.  We now have more than one Barbie and I really wanted to fix the problem (which is my girls know how to take the clothes off, but not get them back on)… enter nail polish.  That is when it hit me, I could not only cover up these immodest dolls, I could make it SUPER cute and totally colorful!

Modest Barbie swimming suits with nail polish-14a

If you love this idea, please share it!!!

 And of course I am going to show you how I did it…. (just in time for Christmas… yes, I just said the “C” word before Halloween, I am a rebel like that!)  So I bought some brand new Disney princess dolls to demonstrate how easy this is.

Modest Barbie Swimming suits with Nail polish

Here they all are fresh out of the box, with their hair all pristine and their dresses still in place.  Live it up girls, that is the last time you will look this good!!!  (it only takes one tiny 2 year old to change that REALLY quickly!)

Modest Barbie Swimming suits with Nail polish

And about 3 minutes later…Modest Barbie Swimming suits with Nail polish

Goodness, I love this little mini girl!!!

Okay, so the process is really easy.  Just lift the doll’s arms out of the way and start with the top line.  I usually do a sweetheart neck line in front,  and carry the line diagonally down the side and joining it in the back, then just fill the body portion of the doll below.  Move the legs as necessary, just watch out, because sometimes when you move the leg it will hit the body.  You can do as many coats as you need, and you can re-coat as necessary.  Also, if you mess up at all you can remove the spot with some remover on a q-tip.

Modest Barbie Swimming suits with Nail polish Modest Barbie Swimming suits with Nail polish Modest Barbie Swimming suits with Nail polish

 Between coats, they can practice a little yoga in the sunlight as they dry out.

Modest Barbie Swimming suits with Nail polish

  Give them a good hour to cure, if you do more than one coat, you don’t want ugly smudges! The best part is all the color choices you have!  And this is what you get front and back:

Modest Barbie Swimming suits with Nail polish Modest Barbie Swimming suits with Nail polish

Hey everyone!  It looks like a MODEST pool party on the roof of the Barbie Dream house!

Modest Barbie Swimming suits with Nail polish

Modest Barbie Swimming suits with Nail polish

So what do you think?  So excited about having modest Barbies around in between outfit changes!  If you like this idea please share it!  Thanks guys!

 EDIT:  So apparently people are ticked that I painted nail polish bathing suits on my barbies… so here is my response.  I should explain that it is hard for me to express this without being passionate after the lash out that I have received in the last couple days.   So forgive me for my somewhat passionate and defensive response. 

I wrote the post more as just a fun way to not have naked Barbies lying around all over my house.   My children are young enough that they have a hard time putting the dresses they take off, back on.   
But I now know, that apparently people believe that the only way to teach a child to love their bodies is to show them naked dolls?  Are you kidding me?  This teaching approach  is careless and shows people’s lack of commitment to teach any sort of morals to their children.
I believe that bodies are of the upmost importance and are a sacred gift from God.  So, I talk to my daughters about the sacred importance and beauty of their bodies.  I tell them daily how beautiful they are, and I answer any questions they have straight forward and honestly.  Even if it might seem strange to explain to a four or two year old.  I don’t hide my naked body from them, if they see me naked, then that is fine.  If they ask me questions about my naked body, I answer them.  Also, I explain why I dress modestly to them, and I teach them about what modesty in dress is.
I asked my daughter this morning what she thought about her body and she told me “It is so special”. 
Just because I painted a swimming suit on my daughters dolls does NOT mean I am a prude, that is afraid to answer questions about important topics.   It is quite the opposite, I talk to them daily about the important things.   I don’t expect a naked doll to do the teaching in my house, I take care of that myself, one on one with my children.


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  1. Great post! As I child it bothered me when my barbies were naked. I wish my mom had thought to do this. I have a baby boy but if we ever have dolls around you can bet I’ll be doing this. I am extremely modest myself. I don’t think naked barbies would have made me more comfortable in my skin and teaching your kids to respect their own bodies has nothing to do with dolls. Keep up the good work.

  2. I love this. We see enough provocative things enough as it is, if I can eliminate some of it in the slightest bit especially in my own home then yay! Let’s instill in our children that our bodies are sacred & special & not to be exsposed for everybody to see.

  3. Omg!! I am also in the no naked Barbie or any doll naked club. To me it’s just sad. It make me think of naked kids. Thank you for this post I am going to break out the nail polish and give them all bathing suits just in time for summer.

  4. What a great idea. I too was tired of my nieces leaving Barbies on the floor naked & exposed. When they left for vacation, Auntie dressed all 20+ & assembled together with all horses, animals…all holding protest signs made of pencils & paper, “We Demand Dignity & Respect”, “We Support Barbie”, “We Demand Respect” together as a protest & demonstration. The Mystery Machine was there with Signs posted. Horses wore banners, Betta fish bowls all had Post Its “We Support Dignity & Respect” & “We Support Barbie.” Toilet paper banners “We Demand Respect & Dignity!’, “Dignity & Respect = Self Respect” hung all over. Above on the White Boards, Barbies & Friends made a list of demands: “That our Private Parts are to be covered Top & Bottom at all times. After all, do you lay around naked? If we are left naked in an undignified, uncaring manner, with our private parts ‘Exposed,” we will leave for new caring playmates that will treat us with Dignity & Respect. Love, Barbie & Friends.” I hoped to have created a good “teaching moment.” I hoped my Sister explained to my nieces about “dignity,” “respect,”& “self respect” & also how it applied to them as well. As far as the negative posts, don’t sweat it Girl. You can post the most beautiful, cutest pic there is in the Universe and still have negative posts from people who are very unhappy, critical & closed minded about anything & everything. Auntie had to move so I am not sure if there were any more naked Barbies.

  5. I adore this idea!!! And not because I give a hoot about naked Barbie or not, but because it’s a great idea!! Bathing suits or undergarments in general are super hard for little ones to put on and this is great for them be able to pretend have pool parties, beach fun, and not have to fight with a suit! Or to just slip on a skirt or shorts and not have to fight with tops that can be hard too for little ones( and grandmas) to maneuver!! Do you use a special type of polish? I ask because I have painted Barbie feet ( also to keep shoes on) lol, and the polish didn’t react well with the rubbery feet. Paint wouldn’t dry and messed up the feet. Thanks for the awesome idea!!

  6. Oh my gosh I Love this idea! Super cute and a great way to not see a million naked barbies laying around the house. I want to go out and buy nail polish right now. I might even do a few bikini style.

  7. Screw people who have negative things to say about this. I think they should make Barbies that way. To me it teaches little girls about wearing undergarments. Plus it plooks so much better than just naked plastic. Love the idea.

  8. I love this idea, the barbies look really good with there coloured swimsuits. I have a little boy but will definitely share this with my friends with little girls. X

  9. Sorry that you got so many ignorant people lashing out at you.
    Remember it’s not you with the issue, it’s them.
    We need more moms like you to teach their daughters that it’s ok to love your bodies, but not ok to show the world.
    I love the “swim suits” and think we will do this for our naked friends this week.
    Keep on what you are doing. You do not need to answer to the negative.

  10. I love this idea!! I used to go around finding Barbie clothes that matched and dressed all the Barbies. I didn’t like that they were naked all the time. This is a great idea that I will use.

  11. I love love love love love love this! And I know my boys will too as they are adjusting to having a little sister and all the naked barbies!

  12. I love this idea!! I manage an after school program for elementary aged kids and we have two totes full of both male and female Barbies and this is a perfect idea! They always end up naked or the students lose the clothes lol! Thanks!!

  13. I love the idea. I teach preschool and I have had the boys laugh at a naked barbie. I also am a firm believer of modesty, so thank you for your post.

  14. The backlash is so silly. They’re just dolls. They will not have any impact on body image, feminism or inner beauty. They’re just dolls! And I love the idea!!

  15. Thank you SO much for this! I’m so tired of naked barbies! And really a Barbie to teach about the beauty of a woman’s body- Barbie nowhere near resembles a real woman only leading to unhealthy expectations! I’ll continue like you and do my own teaching and allow toys to be toys.

  16. Nail polish is a WAY better idea then sharpie, thank you! I put modest bathing suits on my little girl’s barbies because I too was tired of looking at all the naked all the time AND because my 10 year old nephew came over and giggled and acted like a silly boy about naked barbies. I felt bad that he was slightly uncomfortable at all the naked and decided to do something about it. Now I must go nail polish over the sharpie because it is wearing off!

  17. You are one FABULOUS Mom! Thank you for sharing such a great idea. I will do this on all the Barbie-type dolls going out in Shoebox ministry . In fact, I will add just a mm to the top line of the suit to make it a wee bit more modest! 😉
    Sorry about the flack from others. Shake it off. You did FAB!! I’m grateful.