New Bathroom Faucet and First Reveal….

I showed you the first part of our bathroom remodel here, if you haven’t seen it check it out.

One of the most exciting things about a bathroom remodel is picking out hardware!!  Magical!

Our old faucets matched the vanity lights- chrome with yellow gold accents (and it was not the cool new, brushed gold look, mind you!)  The biggest frustration was they are so short you can’t fill anything up in the space.  Also for you to fit your hand under the faucet you had to stick your hands practically on the back wall of the sink, which kind of grosses me out.  Finally, they were SO hard to keep clean!!  All the nooks and crannies around the handles and spout made for hard clean up with our hard Utah water.


I want something that is built to last, and can stand up to my whole family using this bathroom, but I wanted to also go with ultra-contemporary styling.  Simple, and modern.SLS3610_detail


I chose the Symmons Duro Single Handle Lavatory Faucet.  I LOVE this faucet!!  It is stunningly beautiful, yet so simple.

I love the square design of the faucet and it is a dream to clean since it is only one single hole mount.

These Symmons‘ faucets are built strong!  Seriously, when we got these out of the box, I was amazed by how solid and heavy they are, this is hard to really get across without actually holding them, but they are some of the strongest faucets we’ve ever used!  This isn’t plastic painted to look like chrome- no, these are solid metal and solid construction.  I was very impressed!!

Also I love how the sink plug thing (to get technical) is hidden from the eye behind the handle.  It just makes for a clean beautiful look!  And you can get a set for the whole bathroom, in the same product line too!

They were really simple to install!  Just place the faucet in the hole and connect it to the water lines.  Install the drain and the rod according to the instructions.  (We recorded a video, we will try to get made up for you guys soon!)

Thankfully, with the change in faucets it facilitated the need to get rid of the old lights.  Ah,… the old lights… in all of their chrome, gold, and frosty-flowery, carved glass, glory… you have your place – just not in my bathroom.

Symmons Faucet Bathroom Remodel (15 of 30)

We decided to go with super functional simple LED recessed lights.  Three on the ceiling above the mirror (and we have one additional above the tub)  The space is really bright!  We love all the light.  We also added a dimmer for good measure to be able to dim the brightness at night, which is a feature I LOVE, and use daily.

Now we had to decide what to do with the mirrors.  In and of themselves, they are not bad.  And my mother loves them, so we will end up using them in her house.  The frustration with keeping them was that my kids can’t see themselves unless they are on the stool.  This causes fights!  I am a BIG fan of avoiding unnecessary fights!  So, we ordered a LARGE 50″ by 80″ by 1/4″thick mirror from a local glass cutting company.  You cannot believe how much bigger the space feels with this mammoth mirror, literally 3 times bigger and so much brighter!

Symmons Faucet Bathroom Remodel (16 of 30)

The cost including delivery was about $350.  Which was not a bad deal.  I had previously searched for other cool mirrors, but the price was actually better buying this gigantor,  than a set of 2 framed mirrors.  So I am supper happy with the results.

Ultimately we plan on framing the mirror with white washed oak to match the refinished vanity and our hardwood floors, but I am still debating on tiling the wall behind the frame, so I am holding off on that for now.

Next, we had quite a bit of plaster repair to do.  It took about a week, sorry to my poor husband he did all that hard work!  Slap on a few coats of bright white, satin paint. and BAM!

2015-09-26 Cass Cell Phone 006

Lastly, we decided to decorate with some natural elements so that it would feel spa like…

Check  it out:

Symmons Faucet Bathroom Remodel (2 of 12)

Symmons Faucet Bathroom Remodel (3 of 12)

Symmons Faucet Bathroom Remodel (8 of 12)

Symmons Faucet Bathroom Remodel (9 of 12)
Symmons Faucet Bathroom Remodel (10 of 12)

Symmons Faucet Bathroom Remodel (11 of 12)

Symmons Faucet Bathroom Remodel (4 of 12)
Symmons Faucet Bathroom Remodel (7 of 12)

*This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Symmons. The opinions and text are all mine.  And thankfully so is the bathroom!  WAHOO!


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