10 Daily Habits to Start (and Stick With) For the New Year

With small changes in your daily routine, you can improve your health, your productivity, and your happiness. Adopt these 10 daily habits for the new year! via tipsaholic.com #newyear #resolutions #health #goals #weightloss #habits

10 Daily Habits to Start (and Stick With) For the New Year
It’s a whole new year and a new chance for a whole new you! With small changes in our daily routines, we can improve our health, our productivity, and our happiness. Make these 10 daily habits a part of your life this year and you’ll see big results.

You don’t have to start all of these habits all at once! Actually, doing so would only lead to failure. Try a goal of a new habit per week or per month. Choose the habits that you feel you need to work on and focus on these one at a time. Go at a pace that feels right to you. If you miss a day, that’s fine. Move on and do it the next day.


1. Drink more water. Our bodies are almost 70% water, so drinking enough water is so important to our health. If you’re not drinking enough water, try adding an extra cup to your day or toting around a bottle of water. Look for other sources of water as well, such as fruit and vegetables, to increase your daily water intake.


2. Eat breakfast. Start off your days with a healthy breakfast that fills you up and you’ll have energy that lasts all day long. Try these oatmeal recipes and these portable breakfast ideas for many great breakfast options.


3. Make lunch to take to work. Making your own lunch will save you money and whatever you make is most certainly going to be healthier and less calorie-laden than any take-out option around your workplace. Try these easy meals in tortillas!


4. Floss. Flossing and brushing your teeth is a great daily habit to have, since gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis can lead to health problems, such as cardiovascular disease. Aim to floss at least once a day and once you’ve got that habit down, do it two times a day for best results.


5. Go out for a short walk after dinner. This daily habit will achieve two things: help you to reconnect with nature and gives you an activity that moves your body at least once daily. Take the whole family with you if you can and make it a family tradition.


6. Stretch in the morning after you wake up. Doing a few simple stretches will wake you up and get your body ready for a long and productive day. Try these morning stretches or try an early yoga class.


7. Sleep more. Research after research shows that we’re at our best with 6 to 9 hours of sleep. Here are some tips to achieve just that.


8. Do something active. At least 20 minutes of activity every day will give you many health benefits. Go out for a bike ride, clean your living room, or pop in that exercise DVD you’ve been meaning to try. Make it a daily habit so you don’t have the handy excuse of “I’ll exercise tomorrow” that’s so convenient when you aim to exercise only three or four times a week.


9. Get up early to complete your most important task of the day. It could be an urgent form that you need to fill out, an appetizer you need to get ready for the party tonight, or a project that’s due that day. Whatever it is, get it done before everyone else wakes up. Then your day is already off to a great start!


10. Read something. Your reading material could be anything, but read something that’s not related to your work. A good book on the nightstand, a daily blog read, or an interesting article on a topic you’re learning about are all great options.


Here’s to a better year that’s filled with healthy daily habits that make you feel and look great! Which daily habit will you strive for first?

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