10 Patriotic BBQ Ideas For Your Next July 4th Party

10 patriotic bbq ideas

patriotic party ideas


Show your pride for America through the food, decor and more at your next July 4th BBQ party. Here are 10 fun patriotic BBQ ideas for you to try!


1. Put up a patriotic banner.

Banners are a hot item in parties these days, so why not hang up a patriotic banner at your BBQ? I love this American flag burlap banner. If you prefer something a bit more traditional, you might like this patriotic bunting.


2. Serve cherry pie with a star on top.

You can’t get more American than cherry pie, right? Well, except for apple pie maybe, but cherry pie’s red coloring brings an extra dose of patriotism. Try this easy mini cherry pie recipe that will delight everyone!

cherry pie patriotic bbq ideas


3. Give your kids patriotic hairstyles.

If you have daughter(s) with long hair, have fun with it and give them patriotic hairdos! You can find many cute ideas here.

july 4th hairstyle patriotic bbq ideas


4. Dress up your nails in red, white, and blue.

You could always simply paint your nails in a patriotic color, but why not jazz them up with glitter? Or try another one of these 5 patriotic manicure ideas.

patriotic manicure july 4th bbq ideas


5. Paint mason jars in patriotic colors.

Mason jars are a staple for parties, so hop on the bandwagon and paint yours in red, blue, and white. Here is a great tutorial to turn a trio of mason jars into a cheerful American flag! Then you could use these jars to serve non-food items, such as plastic utensils, drinking straws, napkins, flowers, and unlit sparklers.

mason jar flag patriotic ideas


6. Light up the party with patriotic lanterns.

If you don’t want to paint your mason jars, you could decoupage them with tissue paper and put in candles to create fun lanterns for your party! This can be done with just about any glass container you’ve got laying around the house.

patriotic lanterns patriotic bbq ideas


7. Turn fruit into patriotic displays.

Fruit is the perfect refreshing food for the hot weather of July, but why not turn the BBQ staple into something that’s fun and patriotic? Try these delightful patriotic fruit skewers that include marshmallows for added sweetness. Or turn a fruit pie into a beautiful American flag! Follow these step-by-step instructions to create a patriotic fruit pie that everyone will ooh and ahh over before eating.

fruit pie patriotic bbq ideas


8. Make American art with pallets and paint.

Have a pallet laying around? Chop it up and create this amazing American pallet art! You can use a scroll saw, a band saw, or a jigsaw for this project.  Hang your finished creation on the front door to welcome your guests to your party or hang a row of three on your fence. Charming and free patriotic BBQ ideas are always best!

american pallet art diy patriotic bbq ideas


9. Set up a patriotic hot dog station.

Hot dogs are as American as baseball, so how fun would it be to set up a hot dog station for your guests to make their own gourmet hot dogs? This great hot dog station also includes four suggested hot dog recipes that hail from four different spots in our country, which is so cool!

hot dog station patriotic bbq ideas


10. Get a patriotic tattoo!

Don’t worry, I don’t mean a permanent tattoo. Pass out these glittery temporary patriotic tattoos to your guests, your friends, and your family to spread the patriotism. And there are so many other ways to use the temporary tattoos other than putting them on your skin! You could put them on balloons, plastic plates and cups, plastic servingware, windows, or anything that’s plastic or glass.


What do you think of these patriotic BBQ ideas? Will you use them for your next party? What other patriotic BBQ ideas do you love? Share away!

featured image via Frankly Entertaining.

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