Cottage Style Kitchen…Entirely from Home Depot

Hello! This is Kristin from Postbox Designs, back again to share a Mood Board that is as pretty as it is budget friendly! I am a huge fan of Home Depot (you can often find me distracted by all of the eye candy in the tile aisle), and since I’m dreaming of my own kitchen renovation, I set out to design a lovely kitchen ENTIRELY FROM HOME DEPOT. Talk about one stop shopping! So check out this cottage inspired kitchen beauty and get some ideas for your own place!


A cottage style kitchen is bright and homey -- and in your budget with these great picks from The Home Depot -- yes, THAT big box store!


So when I think of a cottage style kitchen, there are a few features that pop into my head: white cabinets (if you can have stacked cabinets all the better!), apron front sink, polished nickel, rustic wood, open shelving, marble, and lot’s of sunshine streaming in! So can you find all of this and more from Home Depot? You bet! (The sunshine part is up to you though)

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This space is designed by Hayburn & Co. 

So let’s break down this Mood Board to see why each item works for a cottage style kitchen. Simply click on the number below to go right to the source, and keep reading to find out more. Each number corresponds to the same numbered item on the Mood Board. And because a gorgeous kitchen is one of my favorite things to gaze upon, let’s take a look at some cottage kitchen inspiration at the same time. Just look how charming these kitchens are, kinda makes you want to move in doesn’t it?

Cottage Kitchen from Home Depot Mood Board, Postbox Designs

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Creating a Cottage Style

1. White Cabinets

If you haven’t been into a Home Depot recently, you might be shocked with their cabinetry selection-it is almost overwhelming! You can pick from in-stock cabinets to custom, based on your budget and timeline. I selected these white Shaker style cabinets because they will never go out of style. I always tell my clients to go with long lasting looks for the big ticket items such as cabinets and countertops. These are more difficult and expensive items to change in the years to come. Go trendy and fun with items like lighting, hardware, or even a backsplash. This kitchen below shows off the simplicity of these Shaker cabinets.

Fixer Upper: Midcentury "Asian Ranch" Goes French Country | HGTV's Fixer Upper With Chip and Joanna Gaines | HGTV:

Fixer Upper

2. Open Shelves

For a true cottage look, open shelves are a must have! This is the place to show off your collections or dishes. You can DIY your own rustic shelves straight from the lumber department for less than the cost of lunch out with the girls. Check out this tutorial for a rustic floating shelf to make your own: Remodelaholic Wood Shelves DIY  To make this open shelving area look high end, I would put several of these bronze sconces over them, right below ceiling level. And even though they look high end, you can buy THREE of these sconces for the price of one fixture at a regular lighting store. Check out this photo below for the perfect cottage shelving:


From Melissa at The Inspired Room

wood open shelves, white kitchen:

Pop Sugar

3. and 4. Mixed Metal Hardware

Mixing and matching of metals is a big thumbs up in your kitchen, if you do it right. This polished nickel hardware works well with the dark lighting fixtures. I chose two different styles of hardware for the drawer pulls and door latch, but kept them in the same finish family to keep the look cohesive.

5. Warm Wood Flooring

We have a lot of white in this kitchen, so to keep it from looking sterile, I suggest trying out a warm wood floor. It balances out all of the light colors and is much easier on your feet than tile. Still worried about wood in the kitchen? Home Depot has some gorgeous woodgrain laminate and vinyl flooring that I had to actually touch to confirm it wasn’t the real deal! This beautiful kitchen below is the perfect example of this.

Elegant all white kitchen:


6. Backsplash

I’m a huge fan of these octagonal marble tiles. On a recent trip to Home Depot I spied these, and it was the inspiration for this entire Mood Board. And at less than $10/SF you can afford this high end look. For a different look, you can also substitute in subway tile here: it is a classic for a reason.

7. and 10. The Kitchen Sink (and faucet)

Everyone knows you cannot have a cottage style kitchen without one of these…the apron front sink (#10). This marvelous kitchen below boasts a beautiful version. Home Depot had a great selection of different styles, but I went with one that comes up above the countertop to really make the sink a focal point. I am in LOVE with the oil rubbed bronze vintage style faucet (#7). I had sticker shock in the best possible way when I saw it was only $146!

cottage, all white kitchen, glass fronts, rustic farmhouse:


8. Details

One of my favorite DIY tricks to dress up cabinets is off-the-shelf trim. I did this in my own home to jazz up some boring white cabinets. Add crown molding, under cabinet molding, corbels (shown), arched toe kicks, and bun feet to dress up your cabinetry. Find them unfinished off the shelf and then paint to match your cabinets. You will spend a fraction of what a custom cabinetry company will charge for these upgrades.

9.  Lighting

Cage lights are a trend now (remember how I said lighting was a great place to try out a trend you love?), but can be rather pricey. Home Depot didn’t disappoint when I started my search, and found this gorgeous bronze beauty. I would put two of these over an island (if your island is 4’ or smaller, just stick with one)…just like this beautiful kitchen below. Also, take note of the gray countertops in this kitchen (see #12).

White cabinets, grey walls, neutral backslash, dark island--design by Carolina Design Associates. DIY Network.:

Carolina Design Associates


11.  Beadboard

When I think of the “Cottage” style the first thing that pops to mind is beadboard! Beadboard is actually a fantastic trick because it is super inexpensive, and can be used anywhere in your kitchen. You can install it on the sides of your cabinets, the back of an island, as a backsplash, or install it up to the ceiling behind some open shelves. If you are using it for a backsplash, I would suggest painting it a high gloss finish so it is easy to wipe up.

12. Countertops

To keep with the neutral, classic theme, I really like soft gray quartz countertops. Quartz is like the cactus of the countertop world: little maintenance needed yet you still get to enjoy it’s beauty! In my kitchen Mood Board, the tile backsplash is the star of the show, and these countertops are a neutral backdrop for it.

13. Art

Whenever I design a kitchen, I ALWAYS add in some artwork, this is a place where you can have some fun with foodie art. Since Home Depot doesn’t technically sell art, I did cheat and used an Etsy find. (Shhh!)


Want to see what this Home Depot Mood Board would look like as a kitchen? Here is a rendering I made from these gorgeous Home Depot selections:

Cottage Kitchen from Home Depot rendering, Postbox Designs


You CAN have a kitchen that is gorgeous but still gives you money left over to put your kids through college. I do it every day for my clients over at Postbox Designs, come over and say hello! Or you can follow me on Pinterest and Facebook as well. As always, it is an honor to be invited to contribute by the Remodelaholic team-they are the best! I have found myself checking out their Facebook page after lights out more than once!


‘Til next time,

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  1. Hi–The pendant lights above the island in the 7th photo down (Under section 9, Lighting) are not the same as the one the article links to. Any idea how to find those lights? They are great. Thanks!

    1. HI Sarah, You’re right! The link takes you to the light fixture I put on the Mood Board. Those beautiful bronze pendants are just an inspirational photo. I did track down the photo and went to the site and while the designer didn’t have any sources for that kitchen, if you are interested you could contact her and see if she would give you the source! They ARE beautiful!I hope that helps!