12 DIY Projects for Cats and Their Owners

12 DIY Projects for Cats and Their Owners ~ Tipsaholic.com #cats #pets #cattoys


Cats are pretty independent, but they love a good snuggle and an exciting play session. Strike a balance in your home by providing your cat some entertainment, some scratching fun, and some space to relax by themselves, preferably from high above or snuggled into an alcove. Here are some DIY projects for cats that will make your home a dream home for your kitties.


1. Cat Scratch Pad

Cats need to scratch to maintain their claws, to mark their territory, and to stretch their bodies. Sometimes this can result in the destruction of your precious furniture, but you can prevent this by providing scratching surfaces for your cats. This nice-looking DIY cat scratch pad will work great if you don’t have space for a large scratching post.

scratch pad


2. Self Pet Station

Does your cat jump on your lap while you’re trying to work and beg you to pet them? Or maybe you work long hours away from home and you feel bad that there’s nobody there to pet them? Make this clever self pet station and your cats will love rubbing their bodies against it.

self pet station


3. Cat Tent

Cats love to curl up in a tiny and dark space to protect themselves from bigger predators and this instinct is present even in the tamest of house cats. Create this cute cat tent for your feline friend with an old t-shirt!

cat tent


4. Pet Bowl Stand

Making feeding time a tad more attractive by making this pet bowl stand for your cats. You’ll be able to remove the bowls for cleaning and your cat will appreciate not having to crouch down so much to eat their meals.

pet bowl stand


5. Cat Cardboard Castle

Cat owners everywhere know about cats’ obsessions with boxes. Encourage this obsession by crafting this cool cat cardboard castle for your cats! This could be a fun DIY cat project to do with the kids.

cat cardboard castle


6. Cat Hammock

Give your cat a spot to lounge without taking up any of your floor space by making this cool little cat hammock that you can mount on the wall.

cat hammock


7. Cat Outdoor Table

Cats don’t need a table, do they? Well, they just might want this one. This cat outdoor table comes with grass and other cat-friendly plants growing on one side and plenty of lounging space on the other side. If your cats like to hang out in your backyard, they’ll love this DIY cat project.

cat coffee table


8. Peek-A-Boo Box

Cats are intelligent animals and they like to be challenged, which explains why you probably have a lot of cat toys that they’re bored with. This crazy clever cat toy is definitely stimulating and exciting enough for the smartest of cats.

peek a boo box cat toy


9. Cat Climbing Pole

Cat trees provide cats with lots of climbing fun, but they can get expensive and can take up so much space. Instead, consider making this slim cat climbing pole that you can mount on the wall. Add a shelf at the very top for relaxing for bonus points with your cat.

cat climbing pole


10. Cat Window Perches

These sweet cat window perches are easy to make and your cats will love having a spot to slumber in the sun.

cat window perches


11. DIY Cat Wand Toy

There are many cat wand toys available at pet stores, but if you want to make one yourself so you can make all kinds of additions that you know your cat will love, try this tutorial.

cat wand toy


12 . Cat Shelves and Scratcher

Mount a couple of shelves on the wall and add soft cushions to provide your cats some jumping fun and relaxation. Make it even more cat-friendly by adding a sisal scratcher pad for them to climb up on to reach the shelves.

cat shelves


If you’re having trouble getting your pets to use these DIY projects for cats, sprinkling cat nip on your completed projects is always a good idea. What do you think of these DIY projects for cats? What other DIY projects have you done for your beloved pets?


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