Got Cabin Fever?

 Boys Jungle theme adventure  room

Boys Jungle Adventure Room | Candy’s Dirt

 Girls House bunk bed

Bunk Bed House | Elle Decor

Loft BedAnother Great Loft Bed |  Morgenstern and Hertling

Apartment Therapy Real Life Narnia

Real Life Narnia | Apartment Therapy

dwelling by Desing Juliet Playhouse

Juliet Playhouse | Dwelling by Design

Modern Playhouse | Fe Fi Fo Famma

Incorporated NY, Bohemian

Bohemian Playhouse I (Treehouse) | Incorporated NY

Incorporated NY, Bohemian 2

Bohemian Playhouse II (Dollhouse) | Incorporated NY

Apartment Therapy Cedar Shake Attic playhouse

Cedar Shake Attic Playhouse | Apartment Therapy

good happenings green slide

Green Slide Playhouse | Good Happenings

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  1. Love the inspiration. Any thoughts on where I can get a slide like the one used in “Indoor Slide and Bed Nook”? Thanks

    1. Hi Jennifer — I’d imagine you could use the slide part from a regular swingset type slide and then build a base for it. But that’s just a guess as I haven’t ever tried it myself! Thanks for reading!