5 Alternative Ways to Spend Super Bowl Sunday

Not a football fan? I’m not either. I don’t understand the rules, and I certainly don’t have a favorite team. If you’re like me and Super Bowl Sunday is just another Sunday to you, you’re in luck — here are five great ways to spend the day while everyone else is eating way too many greasy nachos.

5 Alternatives to Super Bowl Sunday

5 alternatives to super bowl sunday

1. Start a new series on Netflix streaming.

Watched House of Cards yet? Wondering what all the fuss is over Orange Is the New Black? Find out by spending the day in front of the television just like everyone else – minus the football.

2. Go to a movie.

Even for a newly released movie – like Labor Day with Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet (in theaters on January 31) – you likely won’t have to arrive early at the theater to get tickets. Hurray for no lines!

3. Book a dinner reservation.

You know that popular new restaurant that you’ve been dying to go? Chances are that, as long as it’s not a sports pub, on Super Bowl Sunday it will be easy to get a reservation.

4. Shop ’til you drop.

Crowds at the mall will be much smaller than usual. Take advantage of emptier stores and those coveted parking spaces right near the door.

5. Read a good book.

Fire up your Kindle and download one of the latest New York Times‘ best sellers, or check out some of Tipsaholic’s other page-turner recommendations. Enjoy the peace and quiet.

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