5 Steps to an Organized Playroom

5 Steps to an Organized Playroom - Tipsaholic

An organized playroom can encourage creative play, imagination, teamwork, cooperation, and of course, playfulness!  These are all great qualities we want in our kids.  If you don’t want your playroom to fall flat, you’ll need to focus on more than the toys.  Make your space fabulous and organized with these five simple steps!

5 steps to an organized playroom

1. A place for everything, and everything in its place.

The old adage rings especially true in spaces for children. Kids need to know there are designated spots for every toy and tool they use, so labeling is key. What you store things in is secondary to the kids being able to easily find what they need.  This will save you from headaches when you ask them to clean up, too! There are tons of ways to label. Try clear bins, so the kids can easily identify the toys inside.  Use pictures and words for little ones who can’t read yet. Try chalkboard labels so you can easily change them. If there are wire baskets or handles, use tags that can be tied on. If your bins are plastic, use vinyl cutouts:

2.  Organize top to bottom.

Think about organizing the space “top to bottom”. Consider items that might best be stored up higher, and those things you want within easy reach of toddlers and other kids. For instance, you might want art supplies or fragile toys up on a shelf, while books and puzzles could be in a bin or rack near the floor. Thinking top to bottom not only helps you to focus your attention on where best to place items for safety and ease of use, but it also forces you to utilize the entire space. Take advantage of all that vertical area. Don’t forget about corners, closets and doors, which can easily be fully utilized for storage.

3.  Go for double duty.

Let your storage be part of the design. Use bins or buckets that are artistic and work well with the decor scheme. Stick to storage that matches the color palette. Use toys as art.

4.  Keep it colorful. Keep it playful.

It is a playroom, after all. Kids love color and this is a space just for them, right? Colorful storage solutions begged to be played with. You don’t have to decorate in a rainbows, but sticking to a fun, colorful palette makes the space more kid-centered. This is a room that should be geared specifically toward fun–even your storage solutions can do that!

5.  Think outside the box.

The toy box, that is. There are so many interesting, fun and unique ways to store all the items that come along with childhood. Recycle old crates. Paint antique suitcases. Put wheels on old drawers. Try reusing items in unexpected ways, like rain gutters or spice racks for book storage.

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