Tips and Tricks for Choosing Bathroom Paint Colors

Tips and Tricks for Choosing Bathroom Paint Colors on #paintpalette #colors

Hi Remodelaholics, it’s Cyndy from The Creativity Exchange back with this month’s paint color palette.

Last month, I shared a palette of some of my favorite trends in paint colors for cabinets and this month I thought I would share some of my favorite colors for bathrooms.  All of the cabinet colors featured in last month’s palette would work beautifully with this month’s palette of wall colors in the bathroom.  By the way, all of the images featured today are in this month’s palette and have the name and brand directly below each image.

How to Choose Bathroom Paint Colors

Yarmouth Blue by Benjamin Moore

Yarmouth Blue by Benjamin Moore

Bathroom paint colors are so tricky because of the lack of natural light in the bathroom.  Nothing can alter a paint color faster than overhead artificial bathroom lighting.  When it comes to choosing bathroom paint colors, it is crucial to look at paint cards and samples in the bathroom itself with the lighting.  What looks like a safe and neutral warm gray can go peach or mauve instantly under bathroom artificial lighting.

Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore

Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore


If you’re unsure of what color you would like in your bathroom, the best place to get started is your bathroom flooring.  By choosing wall colors that compliment and blend with your flooring, the room will be pulled together and the colors will make sense and the undertones will work (and not fight) with each other once the wall is painted.

Imperial Grey by Benjamin Moore

Imperial Gray by Benjamin Moore


Another great trick for finding the best bathroom colors is to look closely at popular bathroom colors because if the colors are popular with home builders, designers and architects in bathrooms, it’s because these colors work well under artificial light.  The best place to find these colors are on Houzz by searching bathrooms because as you look through, you we begin to see certain colors used frequently.  Often times the paint color is tagged on the image or is found in the question section.  You can also search your favorite paint brand within the bathroom category to find some of the popular colors.

Dovetail by Sherwin-Williams

Dovetail by Sherwin Williams


As you narrow down your paint color chooses in the bathroom, it’s best to paint a large poster board with your sample color and and tape it to the wall to see if you like it or if any crazy hues jump out.

Snowfall by Benjamin Moore

Snowfall by Benjamin Moore (cabinets and wall)


The poster board trick also can help you better pinpoint the shade of the color that you want or need in that space and if your sample color is too dark or too light, but the undertone is perfect I always recommend sticking with the same paint card and just going one shade up or one shade down.

Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore

Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore


Bathrooms are also a fun room to have a little fun with color and balancing with white trim.  I just love this rich beautiful color called Blue Heron by Benjamin Moore:

Blue Heron by Benjamin Moore

Blue Heron by Benjamin Moore


Bathroom paint colors can be so very tricky and dangerous to choose and whatever you decide, your safest choice is to always choose your colors in the space with the lighting.

If you would like to see more bathroom paint color palettes and inspiration, you can check out this bathroom and cabinet color palette that I shared a couple months ago on my blog here. Also, I have a “Pick a Paint Color” board on Pinterest here with more than 400 rooms with paint color names and brands listed.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I’ll be back next month with another paint color palette!  As always, thank you so much Cassity for giving me the opportunity to share with your readers each month!



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  1. I started fixing the ceiling and decided to redo the bathroom. I think I’ll go with imperial gray.
    Thx for the idea. Will let u know how it turns out. 🙂

  2. Moving into a new home this week. It has boring almond sink, shower and toilet. It has glass shower doors on the shower. I hate them. What colors should I use for painting and what ideas do you have to conceal the shower doors. Thanks.

  3. Looking at painting my master bathroom. Here is the issue, the shower stall, toilet, soak-er bathtub and platform tiles are all medium gray – need some assistance on what colors would be recommended in there. The room is very bright with a large window and white ceramic tiles on the floor