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Hi Remodelaholics, it’s Cyndy from The Creativity Exchange, back with another paint color palette for you.

Last month on Remodelaholic, I talked about tips and tricks for how to choose bold and bright paint colors. I also shared a color palette of some of the most popular bold and bright paint colors.  Today, I wanted to talk about trends in cabinet paint colors and share a palette of some of the most popular cabinet colors that we are seeing today.

I always like to keep up with the trends in paint colors because if a color works well in a variety of lighting situations, we will see the color quickly become popular and a best seller. This is especially true when it comes to cabinet colors: cabinet colors are tricky because we are usually looking to paint bathroom or kitchen cabinets; rooms with poor natural lighting.

When it comes to choosing cabinet colors in my home or for my blog color palettes, I always look to see what the designers and home builders are using. These trends tells me that the color is safe and works well in any lighting situation otherwise the designers and home builders would not be using them over and over. This information is golden because it’s a great starting point for us as we sift through hundreds of potential colors and we can instantly go straight to the great colors.

So below is this month’s color palette and it is a collection of the most popular cabinets colors being used today by designers and home builders:

Best Colors to Paint Kitchen and Bath Cabinets | The Creativity Exchange for

So let’s jump right in to one of the most popular cabinet paint colors first. Fieldstone by Benjamin Moore has been super popular for several years now because it always looks beautiful in so many different lighting situations.  It’s a true gray with the slightest hint of warmth that keeps the color from looking too sterile:
Fieldstone by Benjamin Moore

Fieldstone by Benjamin Moore


Another one of the most popular colors for cabinets is Pigeon Gray by Benjamin Moore.  Pigeon Gray has become popular because it really compliments the dark gray veining in marble and quartzite countertops:

Pigeon Gray by Benjamin Moore

Pigeon Gray by Benjamin Moore

Snowfall White by Benjamin Moore is a color that has really become popular in the last few months for cabinets because of it’s warmth and versatility in poor lighting situations.  Snowfall White always looks crisp even with artificial lighting:

Snowfall White by Benjamin Moore

Snowfall White by Benjamin Moore

By the way, Snowfall White is quickly become a popular wall color as well. I think it’s because it has enough slight green undertone to balance out the warmth. It’s a light off white color that is not too warm/creamy:

Snowfall White by Benjamin Moore

Snowfall White by Benjamin Moore


Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore has been one of the most popular wall colors over the last couple of years and recently, I have started to see a trend with designers using Gray Owl on cabinets. I was excited to see this because I think it’s the perfect creamy lighter gray:

Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore

Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore

For a darker rich brown look, Dragons Breath by Benjamin Moore has become a staple trim, interior door and cabinet paint color because it works well in almost any kind of lighting.  Below is Dragons Breath used on all of the trim work and notice that the lighting in this space is all artificial and the color just pops:

Dragons Breath by Benjamin Moore

Dragons Breath by Benjamin Moore


Today’s collection of colors are your tried and true cabinet colors.  However, be sure and paint a large sample board first before diving into a color.  While these colors may work in a variety of lighting situations, it’s still best to test first.

If you are looking for more of the popular paint colors, you can look through more of my color palettes and room inspiration on my blog here.  You just click on the Color Palettes tab to see everything I have ever pulled together into a pretty paint color palette.  Also, if you haven’t had a chance to check out my “Pick a Paint Color” Board on Pinterest here, that has become a great source of inspiration when looking for the right color.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I’ll be back next month with another color palette.



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  1. Hello. I am having trouble choosing a paint color for my master bathroom walls.
    My floor and tile in my shower are Travertine stone. The floor is large 18″ square
    tiles and the walls in bathroom are 18 x 12 rectangle. I originally painted the walls a similar shade to the travertine. Which was basically light to medium beige. It blended to much with the stone. Any suggestions. I personally don’t like pastel colors. I have a rug I just bought which has reds and blues in it. It adds a pop to the room which I thought it needed. But now I am more confused than ever. Do you think I should go white? My shutters are 3″ white. I have two windows. The white walls might blend to much with the shutters. See my problem. Help! Thank you.

  2. Millstone Gray from the color swatches is my personal favorite! We are in the process of finalizing a paint color for the cabinet refinishing project we have coming up and Millstone Gray just got added to the list! I love how it has a slight green tone to it. Big fan!