5 Things You Should Buy on Craigslist

Not sure what to look for in Craigslist? You could save a lot of money shopping on Craigslist. Find out about 5 things you should buy from Craigslist! 5 Things You Should Buy on Craigslist via @tipsaholic #craigslist #onlineshopping #thrift #thrifting

5 Things You Should Buy on Craigslist
Chances are, you’ve looked through Craigslist or maybe you’ve used it a few times. But you’re not sure what to search for and sometimes it’s just easier to go to a store to buy something new. However, you could save a lot of money shopping on Craigslist if you know what to look for. Here are the 5 things you should buy on Craigslist!


1. Recreation Equipment

Boats, RVs, bikes, kayaks, and other recreational toys are expensive and they can go down in value fast. Consider looking for them on Craigslist, since those who are selling their recreation equipment might not have used them very much. You can find a great deal this way!


2. Exercise Gear and Sporting Equipment

Everybody wants to exercise more, but not many actually do. Some people give up on their exercise equipment, such as treadmills, weights, stationery bikes, and more, and decide to sell them on Craigslist. You can find some great exercise gear that are like new and much cheaper than they would cost new.


3. Furniture

Brand new furniture can cost an arm and leg, but why buy new when Craigslist is chock-full of gently used furniture at low prices? You could save up to 50 percent buying used furniture. Look for moving sales for the most savings, since transporting furniture is expensive and many people would prefer to sell fast than go through the hassle of moving everything they own. If you live in a college town, look for great deals on furniture during the spring time when college campuses close up for the summer.


4. Baby Clothes and Gear

Babies need a LOT of stuff… and they use them for such a short time. Look for baby clothes, shoes, toys, nursery furniture, strollers, carriers, and more on Craigslist. Since they are used for a short time, they are usually in great condition and will save you a lot of money. However, avoid car seats and cribs for safety reasons and make sure to check product recalls.


5. Tools

Many people buy or receive tools as gifts and use them only a couple of times. Take advantage of this and look for a power tool that you need on Craigslist before heading to the nearest home improvement store. Just be sure to test out the equipment before you buy and you might walk away with a new tool for your next DIY project at a great price.


If you’re not too sure about buying things on Craigslist, check out 4 Tips for Shopping on Craigslist. These tips are great for beginners!

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