Bathroom Redo; Party Highlight

Paige from The Price Family linked this up to the last party, it looked so nice and clean, I had to share it! 

Recently, I gave my guest bath a little makeover. 

I am trying to do away with patterns and multiple colors in my house…going for a more simple, clean, fresh look.

So, I decided it was time I got my hands on my guest bath….

Here it was before….

…and here is the after…
(The shower curtain was $12 at Target. I cut off the bottom, sewed on some burlap and a chocolate colored ribbon to match)





I put up the chair rail and shadow boxes myself. The shadow boxes are pre-made and were purchased at Lowe’s. This was VERY easy to do!!!

A plain $3 towel from Wal Mart…. I monogrammed it and sewed on chocolate ribbon on the bottom.
The color is Eddie Bauer’s “Limestone” purchased at Lowe’s.

I am learning that LESS is better when it comes to home decor….even in a bathroom….

What do you think??
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  1. >What a wonerful surprise to see that you have featured me on your awesome blog!!!!! I am honored, and speechless. Thank you so much for tkaing the time to look at my post. My husband is currently deployed, and I have thrown myself into home projects like this one to pass the time away! Thanks again for making my day!


  2. >LOVE the makeover. Just so clean and neat! I love the colors and it makes the small bathroom look much bigger then the previous shower curtain.

  3. >I love the addition of the chair rail! The bathroom looks so sleek and clean. Paige did an awesome job!

  4. >Looks great! The wall color is so peaceful. It looks very clean and fresh. Nice!

    And I think less is almost always more. It's easier to keep clean and tiny and in my case keeps things calm.

  5. >Love the guest bath redo. My favorite touches are the towels that are enhanced with ribbon and the dark iron touches you have on the walls. I have to admit that I liked the before bathroom too. I love the new look – sophisticated without being stuffy and very comfortable and stylish!

  6. >OH! I'm going to have to do some chairrail and "premade" shadowboxes myself if they truly are easy – how cool! love the classy finished look – just lovely!

  7. >I just repainted my bathroom as well. I definitely agree that less pattern is better! The shower curtain I found is very similar to yours. I love what you did with the towels and the ribbons – I might have to use that in finishing my makeover!

    Take Care

  8. >OH MY MERCY – I am totally copying this bathroom. Exactly copying it. Except my initial is "G" not P 🙂 I love it! I like that your shower curtain is hung so that the window shows through. I don't have a window, but I like the idea 🙂