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Kindra and her hubby at At Home with K made a great kids bed from an 
old waterbed frame found at a garage sale.


I hope you all had a great weekend! It always goes by so fast and now we are catching up on laundry, dishes and such. Fun, huh?!

We did manage to finish a big project this weekend. Son #1’s New Bed! We bought this old waterbed frame (and waterbed mattress and heater) at a garage sale in May for $20. The sellers originally wanted $35 so we passed it up the first time. I kept thinking about it all day and hubby went back at the end of the day and asked for $20. Always ask for lower price at the end of the day at garage sales! Sellers don’t want any leftovers!

This bed needed work but it had great bones. Plus it was a little big for the twin mattress we planned to use. This was built to fit a super single waterbed mattress. A father made this for his son several years ago. So we’re glad to bring this homemade piece back to life! 

First hubby cut down the width to match our twin mattress size. He said that was so easy to do, so take his word for it. 🙂  

The other dilemma was the bed was too long for our mattress. So hubby made the awesome headboard to fill in the gap! He made it out of the side boards that would of held the waterbed mattress in place. That was just extra wood for us! There was one thing that I learned during this process is that hubby is good with woodworking. I need to put him to work more! LOL

Here are a close up of the drawers that go underneath. The bed was nice and dirty. Was probably stored in the shed for several years.

And here it is in Son #1’s room today! First of all, he LOVES Blue!! Can’t get enough of it! I was trying to convince him for red or black but it is his room and I want Son #1 to enjoy it. We had tons of paint samples to look at and he chose Canyon Blue (Pittsburgh Paints). I was a little nervous with this color since it is only a couple shades darker than his walls. I tried to steer him to a darker blue but this is the color he stuck with.

The blue actually turned out great! I sanded the edges and added some antique glaze and it made it a little darker to give it some contrast against the blue walls.

Son #1 has more room now with clothes storage under his bed! There’s also extra space for toys/art supplies!

The headboard is my favorite part! It can also be removed and moved to the other end of the bed if we ever want to rearrange the room and move the bed to the other side of the room.

Hubby added some leftover paneling from our bathroom remodel to the back of it.

The knobs were an old brass color. Son #1 picked silver for the New and Improved color. I got a great spray paint color in pewter. And now the details really pop!

On both ends of the bed there is a small door for secret storage. Ssshhhh…

There’s dead space behind the drawers so might as well take advantage of it. 🙂 I spray painted the hinges pewter as well.

So for $20, some paint, a handy hubby and a little elbow grease…we have a super makeover! Son #1 is happy with it and that’s all that matters! And thanks dad for helping us move it upstairs. This thing was a bear!

Now onto Son #2’s new headboard/footboard makeover. Stay tuned for that! Have a super day!

What a great transformation!  Love the new look of the blue kids bed.  Comments?
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  1. >Wow! Thanks so much for posting my bed! I've been stalking your blog for months and thinking "wouldn't it be great to have one of my projects posted on this FAB blog?!!". Now the day has come! Keep up the great work with your blog!

  2. >What great transformation! Love it!!! You can't even tell the difference in what it looked like before! GREAT JOB!

  3. >Kindra and her hubby always do fantastic work with their house projects and makeovers. How fun to see her latest transformation featured here.

    LOVE your site … and all of the wonderful and varied inspiration!

  4. >That is an amazing bed! I love the blue and so much storage! I'm off to her blog to see what else Kindra has been up to!