Brass Chandelier Painted White

Brass Chandelier Painted White
contributed by I Heart Nap Time

So a couple months ago I had a VERY good day at goodwill. The only time I like to go to goodwill is when I’m in Mesa, and when it’s 50% off Saturday. Usually by the time I get there, everything is picked over. However this day I found a this chandelier and 2 shutters for less then 10 bucks because it was all half off! SCORE! The chandelier was broken, dirty, and quite ugly…however I knew with a few coats of spray paint and gems it would glam it right up!

I also found this window a few weeks before at the D.I. I have it all taped ready to be spray painted.

I spray painted the window blue and and the shutters white.

Well here they are just looking quite pretty in my bathroom…

Now onto the chandelier…
So originally I was planning on buying crystals, but when I found out the price I decided to go for something cheap. My mother-in law had some garland (found in the HL Christmas section for about 3 bucks) left over that I decided to use. I didn’t even use a whole pack. Of course REAL crystal would have looked better, I think it looks great! I couldn’t imagine spending 50 bucks on crystals when I only spent 4 dollars on the chandelier in the first place. I did however by the gems that are hanging down from HL, which I think ended up costing me $10. I just ripped off the tops and hot glued them to the strands of beads.
Oh btw the chandelier does not work. It is strictly decoration… I mean c’mon for 4 dollars could you really expect it to work?
Ah much better then a brassy gold finish!!

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  1. >I have that same chandelier !!! I was thinking of getting it OUT!! But now that I see you can paint it white…..hmm I cannot wait to get started on mine, I love the beads too!! looks like crystals to me!

  2. >I have to say I am not crazy about the window and the shutters. I think it is a good idea but the shutters seem too big compared to the window.

  3. >These colors are so cute, clean, and cottage! I love the mirrored window and the chandelier so much I don't think you even need the shutters. Very cute project!


  4. >That looks wonderful you can't tell the difference ! I did a post on cheep crystals google "freedom crystals" They are the cheapest anywhere. They are very reasonable and I have always had great luck with them. The lamp looks wonderful, but should you ever get another great GW deal?