Colorful Bathroom with DIY Reclaimed Wood and Pipe Shelves


Hey Remodelaholics! I am so happy to be back today with a super simple DIY for some really great reclaimed wood and pipe shelves. Using pipes in home decor is a bit of a trend these days, and one that is easy to incorporate into your own home. Chances are you’ve seen a similar look floating around on Pinterest, Instagram, or in popular design stores, and today I am going to break down the simple steps for creating your own industrial inspired decor.


I am pretty much addicted to DIY- and share all about my projects over at This Mamas Dance. This bathroom had it’s fair share of DIY projects, including the painted vanity and custom built vintage style step stool. I think these shelves are probably my favorite part though! My husband and I built every square inch of this bathroom as part of a DIY 1100 sf addition onto our house! Yep, we have pretty much done it all, and are still alive to tell the tale. We are planning on tackling the kitchen next, but needed to take a breather 😉


I recently finished up this 2 piece powder room which is a part of my boys shared bedroom. It has a bit of a rustic, coastal look going on, and I wanted to carry that same feel into the bathroom. We live by a lake so it is a style that suits our home. I also wanted to bring in some bold colors, as the rest of our home is a little more muted.


Enough chit chat, let’s get building! Each bracket (which consists of 1 flange, pipe and cap) cost me under $6-and that was in Canadian $$, so this is a pretty inexpensive project.


DIY Industrial Reclaimed Wood and Pipe Shelves

Materials Needed

  • 5/4″x6″ Cedar Deck Board
  • 3/4″x6″ Black Threaded Pipe (4)
  • 3/4″ Mounting Flange (4)
  • 3/4″ Black Pipe Cap (4)
  • 1/2″ Steel Strapping 
  • 3/4″ Wood Screws
  • Optional: Drywall Anchors

Tools Needed:

  • Drill
  • Saw for cutting Cedar Boards
  • Tin Snips for Cutting Strapping
  • Level

I couldn’t find black flanges at my local store, so I purchased galvanized steel and just gave them a quick coat of matte black spray paint. I also sprayed the strapping. This is an optional step depending on what is available to you.


Step 1: Assemble the Brackets

It’s very easy to assemble the brackets, but you may want to wipe each part down with a paper towel first, as they are generally a bit greasy and can leave traces of grease on your hands and wall. Threading the pieces together is simple.

Step 2: Prep and Cut Shelves

For the shelves, I simply used a new cedar deck board that I banged up with a hammer, screws, and anything else that would make it look “rustic.” I then applied one coat of Danish Oil in Dark Walnut, and a coat of “Sunbleached” Oil Stain. This gave the boards the look of weathered wood, without having to go find an old barn. My shelves are 22″ long, but your measurements may be different depending on your space. Be sure to stain all end cuts.



Step 3: Mount Brackets

Mount your brackets to the wall using appropriate screws. If you can not mount into studs, you will need to use drywall anchors and long screws. Be sure to check for level as you go.

time-lapsediy-industrial-reclaimed-wood-shelves-with-pipe-brackets-1 time-lapsediy-industrial-reclaimed-wood-shelves-with-pipe-brackets-3diy-industrial-reclaimed-wood-shelves-with-pipe-brackets-4 diy-industrial-reclaimed-wood-shelves-with-pipe-brackets-5 time-lapsediy-industrial-reclaimed-wood-shelves-with-pipe-brackets-7 diy-industrial-reclaimed-wood-and-pipe-shelves

Step 4: Attach Shelves to Brackets

Once your brackets are securely attached to the wall you will need to place your shelves. You can adjust the cap so that the boards sit flat on the pipes. Measure and cut strapping with tin snips, then fold the steel strapping around the pipe and attach with 3/4″ wood screws on the underside of the shelf.


If you would like you can give the screw heads and pipe threads a touch of black paint to make them blend in with the brackets.

Step 5: Style

This is the fun part! I like to add a mix of pretty and practical items, with a variety of height, texture and some type of greenery, real or faux.





I used the same style of bracket to hang the mirror, which added a nice repeating element. While I know it is not everyone’s style, I personally like to mix finishes. In this room alone there is matte black, chrome and copper all in one space. The variety makes things feel co-ordinated but not too matchy matchy.

With a few inexpensive changes like painting the vanity, adding DIY Shelves and hanging thrifted art, this little powder room is now complete!

2-piece-powder-room-before-1     reclaimed wood and pipe shelves

I am always looking for simple projects to personalize our home. I hope you found a little inspiration here today! If you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Find us on facebook or use #imaremodelaholic to be featured over on instagram.

-Miss Ash

These easy DIY reclaimed wood and pipe shelves are the perfect touch of industrial and rustic style for any space! Great for a bathroom, dining room, kitchen, living room -- anywhere! Tutorial from This Mama's Dance on @Remodelaholic

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    1. Thank you Megan- it was a fun project to complete! When you make your shelves, we’d love to see a picture of the finished product! Good luck.