Cover me lovely.

Are you ready for fabric overload??

Here are some of the fabric samples I have found.  I went to Joann’s online and my new favorite fabric store online Warehouse Fabrics Inc.  (why new favorite? They both had a Robert Allen fabric that I like, Joann’s price $49.99 a yard, gulp, Warehouse $10.98 a yard!!!! Uh, SCORE!)

Me looking through fabrics is like a kid in a candy shop with no parents in sight!  Luckily it didn’t hurt my waistline, and hasn’t yet made it to the pocketbook.
I haven’t really begun to narrow them down.  Sorry there are so many, but it is fun to look anyway, right?
Joann’s fabrics:
a b c
d e f
Warehouse Fabrics Inc.
g. h.
i. j.
k. l.
m. n.
o. p.
q. r.
s. t.
u. v.
Okay, so I know there are a million. 
But if there are any that speak to you in particular, let me know!  Thanks
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  1. >Somewhat surprisingly, for these chairs I like the more understated, classic look – my vote is for no bright polka dots. (:

    I particularly like c,r and t of the fabric swatches, and a of the actual chairs (more the color combination than the actual print – and I LOVE the darker edging on it).

  2. >b,c,j,q,n! Love all of those… If I had to pick, cheaper is always better..n and q are speaking to me.. I can't decide between the two.. Thanks for sharing I will have to check out warehouse fabrics!

  3. >Warehouse Fabrics Inc. is awesome! I just got the very lucky opportunity to start blogging for them. We're still getting the blog formatted properly, but there are a few posts. On Sunday, I'll be posting a jacket I made with the letter "I" fabric above (the green one). Check in sometime!

  4. >So, I collect fabric like some people collect stamps. I would say it might even be an addiction, but a healthy one, I think, though not always easy on the pocketbook. I inherited the addiction from my mother. Good heavens, I promise you've never seen anything like her sewing room. Sometimes, I don't even really have to be making anything with it. I'll just go sit in the middle of my stash and sigh at all the loveliness. Loved your choices too!

  5. >Oops. I got confused about where I was commenting! I meant the wing CHAIR that is Q elicited the "wow". BTW, I thought I was the only one trolling Craigslist looking at ugly mauve wingchairs to recover! LOL
    Love all the fabrics and hadn't seen that warehouse website before. Off to check it out!

  6. >C, I, & V speak to me. I guess it depends where it's going and what it's going to cover. I have no worries you'll pick something perfect for your home.