Day 2: Teenage me.


Day 2 of my  31 Days series!  Okay, so I had a few awkward years (Middle School, Jr High)… I was embarrassingly boy crazy, and able to use a phone a little too well, think calling the 15 boys I like daily…  Enough said without embarrassing myself more than I need to.

middle school jr high collage


I went to high school.  I was really never “cool”, I was just too obnoxious to be cool.  But I did have 2 very good best friends and a lot of friends, and so I had I fun time.

Untitled-4 copy


I got my first real job at 15, the day after 9th grade got out for the summer.  I was a dish washer for a local restaurant.  And as unromantic as washing dishes sounds it was like a dream job for a 15 year old who liked boys A LOT.  Because the next town over was filled with really hot college boys and a good number of those hot boys worked at the restaurant I did.   It was me and about 10 hotties, within a month or so I moved up to being the cashier and hostess.

One little proud moment for me as a cashier: one REALLY busy night I went through over $2,000 cash and I was only 2 cents off in the til… counting it all in my head, since the til didn’t do it for us.  And technically I knew where those 2 pennies were -someone didn’t get the change from a quick trip to the store since we ran out of ice cream for shakes!  Not sure why that always stands out in my brain, but it does.


Untitled-3 copy

(Annual Family Christmas Morning picture)

I always had a job. I went from the restaurant, to a call center (which didn’t last long!) to a clothing store (I took home NO money) to a copy center, a bookstore(we got to borrow books which was awesome!) and a salon hair place. I even worked a summer job selling home security systems door to door. It was awful! I quit after a month, but I did learn a lot of the sneaky ways sales people try to sell you stuff… so now at least I don’t fall for those things.

Untitled-6 copy


Well… life went on.  I wasn’t allowed to date until I was 16 which was a good rule.  (And honestly my house rule is going to be no boyfriends until 18 – just group dates, my poor girls, but it is good for them!)  Once I was allowed to date, my life pretty much revolved around my crushes and boyfriends(apparently they were all dogs- see picture below,… not really, I dated some really good boys).



I was pretty involved in school my Junior year.  I was the Drug free Youth President, and the Junior class Treasurer and in a bunch of other random clubs.   Also I was part of the ZCMI fashion board, which was really exciting and fun.


ZCMI was basically a local Dillard’s type store (they are no longer around).  Each year they would select 100 girls from all over the state to do a big fashion show/performance.  I was one of a few of the girls that they used for magazines and random runway shows throughout the year.  And, I got to record a little solo on an album that they did for the year.  I also did other modeling with an agency… and I had a lot of fun doing it for a few years.  But I definitely didn’t fit the model mold. I am just too self conscious and modest-sort of a prude, so after a while I stopped.

modeling copy

I did a hair ad once, and this is what I looked like after, but I feel more comfortable as a a blonde so the color didn’t last long.  I usually had short hair in high school, cutting your hair is addicting!

Untitled-8 copy


I got good grades, but I will admit I missed a lot of school- a bad habit that KILLED my first year of college GPA.  I graduated from high school a year early.  Looking back I just should have taken all the free college classes that they offered, but I really just wanted to go flirt with college guys, so you couldn’t stop me.  (See I tell you I was BOY CRAZY, innocent but boy crazy, just FYI!)  Senior Picture:

Untitled-2 copy

I was in a few community plays over the years, no big parts but I always LOVED being a part of a performance.  (My favorite was Into the Woods, I was Lucinda, one of the ugly step sisters!)



I moved into an apartment with my best friend from high school… and that turned out to be a REALLY bad decision.   I should have moved in with strangers.  It would have been a better experience.  But we did have a lot of fun in high school/college dressing up in my collection of 60’s and 70’s clothes and going out on the town, and unfortunately this wasn’t Halloween…  We just really loved to dress up and be obnoxious. ( but holy cow, I still LOVE that dress!).. Oh and we are still friends, just never roommates!



The best thing that came out of that experience was that I met my husband at the ripe age of 19….


So I guess it is time for Justin to introduce himself!  Stay tuned for tomorrow.   Check out the 31 Days tag for all the rest of the posts!

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    1. Oh goodness, that is the hardest part about this project- finding pictures. Darn scrapbooks! I should have just stuck all the pictures in little slot binders, but I guess I had fun making them, but if I have doubles (which I doubt!) i don’t know where they are, so scrapbook pages it is.

  1. See I came back for another chapter. I have to say you were about as opposite to me as you can get in high school. I was quiet and studious and not involved in any clubs and just biding my time until I could graduate. I had friends, but really didn’t like all the typical high school stuff. Interesting reading about your experience though.

    1. Ugh, ya know high school is just such an awkward place. Either you love it and live the rest of your life wishing you were still there (think Napoleon Dynamite!) or you get through it waiting to get out and your life blossoms afterward. I like the afterward idea better anyway, but sometimes, it makes for painfully awkward moments. But happily most of us made it through, and can go on with our lives!

    1. Yes you were the best gift I ever got, dolling you up and just running around after you was my favorite things to do. And not only are you grown, but you are a really wonderful niece! Love ya Liza!