Lovin’ Laundry

Etta is one week old!

I was just folding a load of laundry. And it was such a fun little discovery to find a tiny little onesie that my little daughter has worn recently. It made me smile, and now it is making me cry for happiness.

I am just so incredibly thankful to have this little bundle of joy. Who knew there was something that would make doing extra laundry so worth it?

We are having a great time figuring each other out. Now that I have some real food, and not just colostrum we are getting better sleep and figuring out a schedule. We are also learning about the joys of gas drops! And an hour is well spent just cooing and staring into her eyes.

It is also amazing how much more meaning there is to Daddy coming home from work. The reason I am here and the reason he is there is right before us, all cuddled up on my shoulder and reunions are so great! Thank you daddy for providing such a wonderful home and life for your family!

Just wanted to write down some thoughts. I may do this a little more often.

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  1. >congradulations on your new bundle of joy! she is beautiful! Etta is a very lucky girl to have such wonderful parents!

  2. >cassity and justin! i am so excited for you both! etta is one lucky gal to have scored you both as parents!

    have fun and enjoy the little moments!

  3. >Isn't it amazing how one little person can change your life so drastically? I love your thoughts on motherhood and laundry. I needed to read this today.

  4. >That is really what it is all about..all the little things…Just remember not to blink because too quickly you will be folding size 8's and counting down the days until 3rd grade and Baptism…Where in the heck does the time go!!! I bet those little baby girl clothes are so precious. She is going to be stylin' just like her Mommy!

  5. >Oh they grow so fast. It is amazing how quickly those little onsies will be too small… oh but what joy – even in laundry! Keep enjoying her and hanging in there!!


  6. >Isn't it the best? I never did so much laundry until Will was born, but it is oh so worth it, and I never get tired of folding and hanging up his tee tiny clothes. It always makes me think that the little body that fits in those clothes is actually our son. It's a great feeling and Ben and I are so elated that Etta is finally here! Words cannot express how happy we are for ya'll. Enjoy her because before you know it, she will be 4 months old (our little guy's 4 month b-day is actually today.)

    Once again Cassity, we are so excited for ya'll and wish you all the best! She is BEAUTIFUL!

  7. >I love your thoughts on motherhood. It makes me smile and want to go love on my babies. I can think of lots of time I've wasted doing other things, but I never regret the times spent playing with and enjoying my children.

  8. >Welcome Etta! I love the name her cute toes and that great hair. Enjoy ever precious moment and then go take a nap 🙂 Hope that you are doing great.

  9. >I had to tell you I looked under your "pretend friends" blog list and love "Fly through my window"! Maybe the 2 of you ladies could get together and do a show on HGTV together! I was watching their show "Next Design Star" or something like that and thought of you. You would totally win if you were on that show. Can't wait for more sweet baby pictures. Hope you are doing well…I know you are. It isn't it like a little piece of Heaven fell into your house in the form of a sweet, perfect wee one?