DIY Stenciled Faux Wallpaper

DIY Stenciled Faux Wallpaper 
I love the look of wallpaper – but it can be sooo expensive!  When J and I bought our condo {almost exactly 3 years ago}, the first thing we did was wallpaper my office and our master bedroom.  I LOVE how it turned out and certainly don’t regret it.  But since then, I have come across some GREAT alternatives!
{I apologize for all the crummy iPhone pics!}
Anyway – here is my DIY painted wallpaper that I did in my entryway:
1.  I ran across this tutorial awhile back from Emily over at Jones Design Company, and I knew I wanted to try it!  I usedthis template that I liked and printed it out, traced it onto cardboard, and then cut that out.
2.  I traced the cardboard image with pencil in a repeating pattern on each wall of my entry.
3.  Then I just took a small paint brush {the width of how thick I wanted my lines to be} and started painting over all my pencil lines.
I wanted one shade lighter than my wall color {which is Creek Bend by Behr in eggshell} & in a high gloss finish.  But Creek Bend is the lightest shade on the color swatch, so I went online to see what one shade lighter is – which is porpoise {the color on the left}.  It was waaay too light for me, so I went back to Home Depot and had them darken it by 50%.  I took that home and it was STILL too light!  Back to the Depot I went, having them darken it again by 25%.  And waa-laa!  This is what I was looking for! (right)
The finished product:
I love how it turned out!  It does require some patience and time – but I think it is worth it.  And I especially love the gloss; it creates more interest and provides a great sheen in the evening when we turn on the lamps!
Now I’m hooked and looking forward to my next project!  🙂

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  1. >Now my plans for my hallway are getting bigger just by seeing this! Wow, this is great. How long did it take you to do?

    Love it.


  2. >I LOVE THIS!

    After helping an aunt UNwall paper basically her whole house, I have not been a fan of wall papper but I do love the look of the patterns. This is a perfect way to add the interest yet not destroy the wall!

    Really love the look & the colors of that room. Nice work.

  3. >Beautiful! I love paint/stencil as an alternative to wallpaper (too much scraping history). Your design is gorgeous!

    (Hi Cassity!)

    Have a wonderful day, ladies!


  4. >Love, love, love this! I did a similar thing in my other home but I used clear glaze as I wanted a subtle tone on tone look to my wall. Now, I want to do it again in my new home! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. >Wow, the walls look awesome! Love the look of the glossy pattern against the wall colour. I'm sure it took a lot of time & patience, but definitely worth the effort 🙂