Dresser Redo From Wood To White

Dresser Redo From Wood To White
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It’s finally finished!  Our $30 craigslist purchase made back in April for our son’s bedroom.  It took what seemed like forever for us to find matching hardware that we liked and that would fit the holes.  The problem was that the small drawers holes are 3 in. centers and the big drawers are 4 in. centers.  Most hardware only comes in one or the other, but we eventually found some online and are so pleased with the way they look.  I was a little nervous to order something like that without seeing it in person first, but it worked out and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product.  So, first we’ll take another look at the before pictures and then the reveal of the after!

Here is the dresser before sanding (my helpful hubby did all the sanding):

And don’t forget about the outdated hardware:
Here it is after the coat of oil based primer which is supposed to help keep the latex paint from bubbling up as much when you roll it on:

Grand Finale
And here is the finished dresser!!  We just love it!  Notice that we removed the decorative trim that was along the bottom.  It was a little too frilly for our son’s room and we wanted it to have more of a cleanlined look.  The paint I used was Fresh Aire semi gloss white paint and I applied it with a foam roller.  It took 4 thin coats.  Once the paint was dry, I applied one coat of the minwax  fast-drying polyurethane.
The new updated hardware

We even took the time to line the top drawers with a nice dark brown felt.  It makes the dresser seem more expensive.  Jeremy (my helpful hubby) really wanted to line the drawers after we took a trip to Nebraska Furniture Mart and all the pricey dressers had lined drawers.  He’s so fancy!

This project took longer than anticipated due to the problem finding hardware that would work and that we both liked, but now that it’s in the room, it was worth the wait.  This is my first big redo and I’m so proud of the way it turned out!  I hope you like it too!  I can’t wait for the next one!
Here is the cost break down:

Dresser  $30
Hardware  $38

Total Cost:  $68  I love a good deal!!

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  1. >Looks great. I love the hardware you found. Is the top of the dresser wood? It looks so shiny in the before picture. We have a dresser that we redid that has formica on top and ended up leaving the top alone.

  2. >We have two dressers just like this, and we are wondering, how did you get the straight legs? They look taller than the original! We have a pair from when my hub was a kid and would love to update them for our girls' room!

  3. >Pearl, the top of the dresser was veneer and was super shiny, but we just sanded it down really well with 200 grit sandpaper to get rid of the coating. It worked great.

    Stephany, the straight legs were just behind the decorative trim. However, once we removed the trim, the center did sag just a bit, so my husband attached a small block of wood to the bottom of the dresser and that did the trick!

  4. >Can you tell us WHERE you got that hardware and what it's called? I have TWO dressers like this and I want to change them both out to painted, and the pulls you picked are perfect!


  5. A Little late!!! But helpful post!…If you still out there…:
    How did the process of taking off the bottom trim go for you? I bet if I turn my dresser upside down I’d probably view a pretty easy answer…but just starting research now. I dislike the decorative bottom part on my dresser
    and it just like the “before” on your dresser.
    Thank you!