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Michelle Hinckley here, hopping over from my blog, 4men1lady, to share with you a fun and functional project.

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This is what we call an accidental project.  You see, I was actually trying to cut down a 4×4 to create an abstract, geometric planter for a small succulent.
I was hacking at it with my chop saw making all kinds of funky angles and it was just not turning out. Feeling defeated, I sat there on the floor of my garage trying to brainstorm how I could make it work.  Then I picked up one of the pieces I had chopped off and realized it was a perfect wedge…light bulb moment…DOORSTOP!
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call turning lemons in to lemonade.

I realize a doorstop is nothing super spectacular but seriously, I have been needing doorstops for every single one of my doors.  I prefer my windows open letting the fresh air blow through.  Eventually the heat of the summer wins and that’s the end of that…but until then, the wind is constantly blowing my interior doors shut.  These doorstops are inspired by the ones at School House Electric (so if you don’t want to DIY one then you can buy theirs).  The rope makes a great handle to pull out from under the door and when it’s not in use it hangs perfectly on the door knob.

Here’s how to do it:

DIY Doorstop Tutorial

diy doorstop 4men1lady for

Start with a 4×4 piece of wood.  Sometimes you can find these in the cull pile for really cheap at Home Depot or your local hardware store.

diy doorstop 4men1lady for

Use a chop saw and cut it at a 15 degree angle.  Be So, SO, SO, SO, SO careful where you place your fingers when cutting it down.

4men1lady for Remodelaholic.comYour blade may leave some really jagged edges.  Whatch those slivers…they hurt like a bugger.
To get it really smooth you’ll need to sand it down.  I have this little Mouse sander which does the job really quick.

diy doorstop 4men1lady for

Of course, I couldn’t leave the wood in it’s blah state without giving it a little sumthin, sumthin.  First, I used an old rag and wiped on some stain.

diy doorstop 4men1lady for

Once dry, I taped off some designs.  I then gave it a once over of white primer/paint in a spray can.

diy doorstop 4men1lady for

On the under side of the doorstop I shot three lines of hot glue with my glue gun.  When it dries, it gives the doorstop traction and a non-slip surface which you’ll really want.  It also provides a cushion and protection from scratching your floor.

diy doorstop 4men1lady for

To make the rope handle, use a drill bit that is about the same size of your rope and drill a hole all the way through the block.

diy doorstop 4men1lady for

The largest drill bit I had was about the size of one strand of rope.  I pulled the strands apart which left me with a curly-q piece of rope.  To straighten it I got it slightly wet and it straighted right out.

diy doorstop 4men1lady for

I didn’t want to have a knot in my handle so I shot some hot glue down the hole and stuffed my rope in each side.  Worked like a charm.
Tip: Tape the end of your rope before inserting because the rope has a tendency to fray.

diy doorstop 4men1lady for

No more doors slamming when the wind blows through your house.

diy doorstop 4men1lady for

Easy Schoolhouse-Inspired DIY Doorstop -- and it hangs on your door when you're not using it! 4men1lady for

When not in use it hangs on your door knob.

Now as far as ornery boys slamming the doors, I’m still working on a DIY fix  for that one. Might be a loosing battle.

To see more of my projects be sure and visit  4men1lady.
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  1. YOURS is better….the one in the link you could buy would hang awkwardly whereas yours hangs easily on door handle.